Sunday, 16 August 2015

Monday Aug 10th, 2015

So I don't have much to report this week, it was a good week but not in the mood to write. I'm feeling alot of mixed emotions recently with everything and It is difficult. But I know it is for a great purpose. 6 months until home and ALot of worries all of a sudden are coming to my mind, Living, Work, School. I am just worried, but I am working with the Lord to help me to stay focused and to get over that worry. 

This week was fairly good, I was on exchange with Elder Barton in Clonsilla, so after a year I was back in Dublin City working. It was great we taught a family of 6 who want to get baptised and what was cooler is that they were found by my friend Elder Bailey. So that was neat. 

The work is going well, We have a new friend this week his name is Jimmy and he was formerly meeting with missionaries 3 years back but he is super solid we should see him today. Our lesson was really good, but for some reason I can't figure out why some lessons are so spiritual and others aren't. 
It has been rough recently, I have been feeling alot of personal attack by the Adversary and It is hard, On the positive side though is Elder Peterson and I get on great and work well together. Well that is it for this week. I don't know why but recentally I have felt like I am alone, Why that is I have no Clue, I have heavenly father and his son Jesus Christ on my side and many friends that I know are my friends.  So this e-mail probably isn't the most uplifting but I like to express How I feel so all know that  missionary work isn't just roses, HOWEVER it is THE BEST thing EVER. We have funny moments everyday, have our testimonies of the savior strengthened and Recieve the refiner's Fire. I'll be back to my cheery self next week. 
Remember that Jesus is the Savior, and through him You can overcome all things. 

I was also sick this past week there was one day we stayed in and I slept from 2pm-6:30am. MAn I was so dead that day and even more dead the next day. But I think I am feeling better today. The work will go on.

Oh yeah, so I started studying Church History in the fulness of times, and man I can't put it down, it is so amazing, to learn more of the things that came forth because of the Savior and how he chose Joseph Smith to be his Prophet and not only how he chose Joseph but so MANY people. And the persecutions they experienced, all because They Were following Christ's true church. 
I know that when we follow God , we experience more opposition, Satan does not want us to follow Christ, he Really doesn't, So when we recieve terrible treatment and are persecuted, rejected and cast out then we suffer as Christ did, and I testify that these difficulties bring us closer to Christ not farther away. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

Monday August 3rd, 2015

The work is beginning to hasten here in Mullingar, the field is white already to harvest. Many people coming out now are Being prepared, they believe that there is much corruption in many of the churches so when we share our beliefs they seem to correspond well with them. It is so incredible, I absolutely love it here, My companion Elder Peterson and I are rocking it, I am still learning how to be a senior companion. So That is fun, and Doing a 40 day Fast for purification again, and I feel amazing. This work is amazing. Recently it just feels like the Lord is pouring out answers upon me, and it's so neat to see. I have been listening with my heart and studying and Pondering upon my studies and I feel I am getting many answers,. and being able to recognize more the still small voice and listen to it. Oh My Goodness it is so neat.

So this week we had so many set appointments, unfortunately not too many held but that was okay, Our Commission is to invite all people to come unto Christ but everyone has their agency. 
But we did start teaching three people this week, The first is a man named Mich and we met him a few weeks back and when we met him he was the one that told us the things we taught were true. We went back to his and taught him parts of the Plan Of Salvation, and He enjoys when we are there and feels the spirit so much, it is incredible he is quite old though.  

Next is a lady named Clodaugh, she is a single mom, but she is amazing, she wants to try learning about God and told us she felt good while we were there we taught about the blessings of the Family and bore witness of the blessings the Gospel gives us. 

We also started teaching a man named Ray, He is looking to get his life back in order and so much more, but he Is catholic, eventhough he believes the catholic church is corrupt so that is interesting but I know how much this message will help him. 

I love this gospel, I have just met all of these people and I already Love them and care so much about them and feel I am a part of their life and it matters to me. 

Well got to go. Love you all, Just a short One this week but this next week should be longer, We are going to visit the City of Kells today, which is where the Book Of Kells was written. 


Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

Monday July 27th, 2015

This week has been crazy, We are working our butts off here, man it's crazy. Many appointments fall through but We are working hard and it is just the Agency of others. It seems recently that all the people we meet when they feel the Spirit and are talking to us agree to meet and want it, but then we depart and the spirit does too, and when we come back they say, I don't want to learn anymore, " I'm too old to change, I will stick to my beliefs" or I'm fine with my things I am doing already." But You know I feel like there is something else there. I feel when these answers are given that they still know they should learn but are not willing to make the changes.  As we were going by our friend she told us that she didn't want to change. And others on the same street told us that there were Other faiths knocking in the area this past week, Knowing that we went and spoke to people on the street. 
 In my Studies, I was preparing my instruction for Zone interview Trainings, and it was focused on talking with others and continuing conversation,  I practised a few times and when I got up I was so nervous. 
 We also had an appointment fall through when we had our friend Colin with us, but after we went and street contacted with him and it was a blast we met two people one guy's name was Dean, and he is looking for purpose.  the other was Ceradignum, looking for purpose in Life as well. 

We had a neat experience we felt Prompted to go to a place called Rochfortbridge, And directly to this one street, and as we got there we felt prompted to start at a certain home, we knocked on the Home and we met a great man, he had ran many Marathons and was 89 years old. He had two blown out knees and we shared with him about the Priesthood power and that that power is Restored in the Restored Church. He invited us in and shared with us many things about his life, and showed us his huge collection of Medals. He said we can come back and share more with him :)

We also went on exchanges this week but instead of exchange we Blitzed the area, it was great, we all went around teaching and finding people. We met this man who believed whe had lived in France and America in the 1800s, It was an interesting conversation, We also met a man named John, and went and taught him right there and then abit about the Restoration of the Gospel. That was neat. 
Later in the evening we were doing some tracting, and we saw this lady doing work she was putting away alot of Turf and we offered our assistance. We were able to help, and for an hour we moved turf into the Shed. It was hard work but rewarding. I am greatful she allowed us to serve her. We came away completely  filthy our white shirts but that was alright. 

On Thursday of this week, we Had zone Interview Training and learned great skills. One of the skills I want to share with you is the Holy Ghost Principle, It isn't anything new, but it Is teaching everyone the role of the holy ghost and pointing out it will be there and helping others feel when it is there. It is a miraculous principle we have already applied it and We are beginning to see much change in those we teach. 
I gave an instruction of Speaking with People, and focused on the chart in the february 2014 issue of the ensign. 50% of communication is Personal, 25% is Superficial and 25% is validating, and for a conversation to be a healthy conversation you need all aspects of this communication. 
Elder Peterson also Bore his testimony, so that was exciting to be there to see, and It's been 2 weeks but I have already seen him change dramatically. We aren't teaching people, but none the Less, He isn't discouraged. He is such a good example to me. 
We then later that night were walking down the street and talked to a man about the Book Of Mormon and he asked us how much it was and he asked if he could have one. We shared with him the importance of the Book and told him we would come by and give him one. 
It was a good week. We met another guy on a bench who was Pentecostal so we learnt about that faith abit more and he asked for a book of Mormon.

We were able to teach Lionell this week and lay it all down on the table he said he wants this more and would like the peace that comes through Christ, he felt the spirit and before this he wasn't very interested, but BOLD ness is key. 

It was a good week, We have alot of potential this week if Appointments Keep, We have had 2 fall through so far but that is okay because we are inviting and the Agency of others is a factor as well. 

Love you all, I know this Church is true and it will bless your LIVES. 

He Lives, I know It. 

Until the Work is Done.


Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

Monday July 20, 2015

This week has been Crazy. I have had some of the most Spiritual moments of my mission on Saturday, On Tuesday was wild we met a bunch of Other religious people in the Park, so Talked about Doctrines, then went away and ran into someone else, Was on Exchange with Elder Walters, Visited with Many of our families here, We went to a funeral, I got asked to give a training at Zone interview training this coming week and we have learnt alot. 

I don't have enough time to do this week justice in here. :( Sad face. 
But what I can say Is the LORD definately is aware of each of us and he KNOWS us. We were directed on Saturday to this street, I won't go into detail of all that happened but I will share abit. So we got to this street as we set an appointment with a lady when I was in Athlone on Tuesday, we were on exchanges so Elder Walters and I, met this lady named Martina and she wasn't too interested but we came anyways while there we were on the other end to the estate and we prayed about it and felt to go down the road, and go to a different location on that estate. We then chapped a series of 20 doors, and Spoke to MANY people, we got 6 return appointments and we were able to be there and bring the Spirit to help to comfort them. Two quotes we recieved were " You two have been sent from Heaven" and the other was a conversation. He: " You are very good at what you do." Us: We aren't doing anything we are just sharing what we KNOW to be True. He:  I know that these things are right, I believe it." The Spirit was so powerful and we could feel the Lord Work through us in reaching out to all of these people to strengthen them in these times of difficulty.  This isn't even a portion of what we felt but I don't have the words to explain it. 

On the Exchange though, we walked in a park and there was a big reach out there that we didn't know about and a couple of members of a different faith came up to us to talk, they wanted to know what our beliefs are as they heard about Mormons but didn't know the beliefs, they then proceeded to try and contradict each statement of our beliefs with referring to the Bible, We didn't know what to do So we testified of what we know to be true, The Book Of Mormon is TRUE. The thing that is the hardest for me to get is that so many people try and discredit the Book Of Mormon, but nothing in the Book Of Mormon contradicts, distorts or takes away from any of the teachings in the bible, The book of Mormon is here to reveal to us the PLAIN and PRECIOUS truths that have been removed and it is her to SOLIDIFY and CONFIRM the Words of The BIBLE.  But they don't even give it a chance. My Belief is that you can't discredit something until you have read it, For myself all of my Beliefs are Mine and they have come through earnest prayer to my father in Heaven as to what is true. 

I Know That this  Church is Christ's Church, I know It And NOTHING can change what I Know because it was given to me by the Holy Ghost, If it was given to me by any other force it could be altered and lose credibility but because I have felt the Spirit burn within me as I have witnessed about these things and each time I bear witness I feel the spirit I KNOW THE THINGS WHICH I HAVE SAID TO BE TRUE. 

I don't want anyone to doubt whether or not I know this to be true, I align myself with all representatives of Christ and bear solemn witness that Jesus is the Christ, that this is his church on the earth, and he is the cornerstone of all, I bear witness that He Lives and he works through a living Prophet on the Earth and that Thomas S. Monson is that Prophet. For All of you who have not yet investigated and read the glorious words of the Savior illustrated in the Book of Mormon I exhort you with every ounce of my being to do so, as I have read from the pages and pondered and Prayed I have come to know that Jesus Christ is my savior and I know what he has done for me and this has helped me to desire to be more like him. 

The Lord is in this work and as we clean the inner vessel we will feel the power of the Holy Ghost more powerfully in our lives, 

Oh yeah in district meeting this past week we learnt about awkward moments on our missions and how many things can be awkward but we were encouraged to go for it. :) 

I love all of you and I am greatful to have met each of you. The Lord is aware of you and loves you. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

Monday July 13th, 2015

So This week Has been pretty insane, 
So as you know I was called to train a new missionary this past week, his name is Elder Peterson, he is a fire cracker, He has great determination and a desire to be out here, he isn't afraid to talk to anyone and isn't shy. It is so Awesome, So he is from Ririe, Idaho, Which is near Idaho Falls. He is 18 years old, so he just finished High School. 

So this week was crazy, Monday We drove back from Dublin, We then did a day of finding with not much results. But Tuesday when I was with Elder Jamieson, we went to Athlone and went finding and found some nice people , one of them was named Irene, and she was Greek Orthodox, We talked about the Prophets and She was interested, She was from the Ukraine, as We talked to her we set a return appointment for this week.  I will report the following week. We then were tracting some doors and Elder Jamieson felt prompted to talk to this lady getting out of her car, and she was interested and Gave us her phone number and told us next time we are in the area to come back. We talked to her about the blessings of the Gospel. Oh ya, and before we went to this area, we were told the area was very dangerous, so we knelt in prayer and the Lord told us to go, so we advanced and found some sweet people. Later we were meeting up with Agnes, but as we were waiting we were doing some finding and we met this guy named Moiyat, He was neat, he was interested in our message as well so we will be having appointments with all these people this week :)

Clement our investigator has gotten back from his holiday too so we will be able to hopefully teach him again.  He is a good lad. Michael has been in Bray for the whole week so we haven't seen him sadly, but he said he has been reading the Book of Mormon. 
So Tuesday we traveled down to Dublin, we were at Clondalkin flat and as we were I found out I printed the reciept of my ticket and not my Boarding pass for my flight so we hopped in the car and travelled to the church to print it off. It was a long day. 
The following day I was up at 3:45am, To get ready for the day, and had to be at the airport for 6am. I made sure to be able to still get some studies done, while everyone slept. I then woke up the other missionary travelling with me. We drove to the airport and got on the plane. So interesting thing happened as we were travelling out to our plane we had a lady call out to me and say Hi so I said hi back, turns out we say hi to her everyday, but we have never talked to her as she or we have been busy. So I got on the plane and a cute couple sat beside me , I talked to the boyfriend and he was a nice guy, he worked on maintenance of Airplanes, but him and his girlfriend were going to Edinburgh to go to his sister's graduation. We talked and had a good time. 

Then we had our training meeting and we Were Told  "You will need to be the best you have ever been" That stook with me alot, he also asked us " Have you climbed your mountain yet? So as a tradition we climb Arthur's seat and petition ourselves to the Lord, and that is what it was referencing. As all the missionaries got off the Bus, We greeted all of them, then headed to "Pratt's Hill" When travelling to Pratt's hill one of the missionaries taught the bus driver, and I helped and we invited him up the hill with us and he came and had an amazing time where he was brought to tears and said he knows he needs to do something about it, As we were climbing the hill I talked to many people, many were Canadians and french speakers. So I started talking and began teaching in French, me and my companion looked at each other and I responded I have no clue how I did that, my french is capout, so that was a neat experience, we then got to go before the Lord to account and set goals. LAter in the day we did roleplays with the missionaries, and we could tell the confidence in the gospel all of these 18 year olds had It's incredible to see the desire and faith of the youth in the church at this time. 
Later I found out who my companion was and as stated above his name is Elder Peterson. 
We then went into town and went finding, and returned back with talking to many people, he wasn't shy at all and just spoke, he is amazing. We met this lass on the streets and she was in College, and as we talked to her about the gospel she shared with us that she has a mormon friend and would love to learn more about us. So There was an experience where I again saw how important it is for us to live as lights in the world.  We talked with everyone, Oh there was this funny moment we had, We were walking down the street and We felt prompted to talk to these girls but we were on the other side of the road, so we just called out to them and they invited us over to come talk more about Christ with them :) it was neat.  We then came back to the Mission Home, and found out more about each other, The following day we went finding again, and we met this man He was awesome, his name was Iain, We talked to him and he told us he has no belief in God but then we talked about our unique message how God has reached out and called a Prophet in these days. He said If there is a prophet, that it would be able to bless him Immensely." We also met a man named Quincy and we invited him to attend church with us. It was so neat, We were talking to everyone and we talked with everyone. 
One scary moment that happened was we were gathered to eat lunch on a bench and we see this lady walk passed us, but she tripped on the sidewalk, and fell down before I could think I was standing beside her lifting her up and my trainee was by myside, The other 4 missionaries just sat there :P
On the way to Dublin we took a ferry over to Belfast, and on the Ferry we taught two guys the Restoration and Plan Of salvation, Not the whole thing but we did talk about these things, and one of them asked why God doesn't intercept when crazy people go and shoot many people. We related alma 14 to them and They understood it well. They even asked for the pamphlets. and We provided Book Of mormon to them. Elder Peterson is so fearless. On the trip to Dublin I talked to two Palestinian women on the Bus and they were amazing, We talked about everything, and as we departed they expressed how they were happy we talked and how when we first got on they thought oh No missionaries. As we asked questions they shared with us their beliefs and their beliefs were the same as the beliefs of the gospel. It was so cool to see how small the veil truly is. We then went finding in Mullingar. We were knocking houses and there was a barbecue going on and the man came and invited us to join with them, as we were there many of the guests asked us about the church and said we could come by at a later time to teach them. They were catholic and had some problems with the Catholic church. 
This week was insane. :) 
Things are happening, Open your mouth and it shall be filled with the words of the Savior

Love you all 
My group with Trainees.
Me and My trainee

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Hey everyone, So first of All Moves Call: I will be Training, I will go to Scotland on Wednesday morning by flight and pick up my new missionary there, Then all day Thursday we will travel back to our area. It should be fun, I am excited to have this opportunity to train, I just hope I can do a good job with it. Training is so important and I am afraid I ll mess up, but something I have continuously had brought to my remembrance is the fact that " Whom the Lord Calls, he qualifies" I know he has a plan for me I am not sure what that plan is quite yet, but I will continue to move forward in Faith to find it out. 

So this week was abit of a roller coaster as usual, We didn't get to teach too many people, with appointments falling through, People away and Lots of finding, it was an interesting week. So this week I will go through the week. As I have my planner in front of Me. 

So on Monday, I had the Opportunity to go the Chiropractor, and it was great I was told my Scoliosis can be cured within two years of visiting Bi-annually the chiropractor, plus I was able to find out the reason my knee keeps getting hurt, because of an accident when I was younger my body was offsided. So my body got realligned and my knee put back into place and I feel so much better, My legs are the same length again now so that's good. After that we went Tracting and found a man named Michael he was really cool, We look forward to seeing him again, he told us that he believes in God but not religion and I have found that that is said alot by alot of people. 

Tuesday Was a great day, We started with a very powerful district meeting and it was focused on asking inspired Questions and following the promptings of the Spirit to do so. We had a great role play, which was very spirit filled it was amazing. Later that day we were meeting with a potential named Regina and she had some concerns but through asking questions we were able to help her to find out alot of things she is desiring, As well as she said to call her this week as she wanted to ponder on what we talked about. She was awesome though.  Another part of the day was hard,  we had two appointments fall through and when we went finding we recieved quite abit of harassment, But on the positive side we found a potential that we are going to see today :) So we are excited.

Wednesday Was CANADA Day!!!!! it was awesome me and my district member Elder  Jamieson, sand O canada. :)
So we taught Larry again this week and in the lesson, it was interesting again, But we had the chance to share the first vision which was good. 
But we saw Lionell and that lesson was interesting to say the least. We taught about Daily Scripture study and Prayer and he kept taking it off subject, but in the end it was good we taught what he needed. We went to a member families house again, we are teaching their son, so we taught him the Plan of Salvation and it went well h is really embracing it well, I look forward to seeing him be baptised shortly. 

On Thursday, We saw Esther, Steven Adam and Hazel and it was Steven's birthday, we stopped by and shared abit with them and helped prepare for the party, we then met with our friend Agnese and she took us out to eat, We then went and saw another family in the ward. 

Friday was neat We met our new mission President, President Donaldson, I like him alot, he got right to work right away. So we all got there early and surrounded the cultural hall, then the Mission President came in met us and shook each of our hands individually, then we had a bit of a get to know them meeting, We focused largely on Consecration and relying on the Holy Spirit and that is what we will do in this mission, Become pure of Heart and Spiritually clean. Man it was so powerful of a lesson, I look forward to seeing what else happens the next few months, I will again see him Wednesday. 
We then came back and went to lunch with some members they are grand like, and we had several appointments and all of them fell through as well, and we went finding and had a good conversation with a nice man, and built more relationships with members. Finding :) You have to love going finding. There are souls everyone perishing in unbelief that need rescuing the trouble is is God knows who they are but we don't right away but we do find out. 

Saturday was Good, Loads of Finding. 

Sunday: Fast and Testimony meeting was great, I feel like since I have focused more on thinking of the sacrifice of the savior during this time and recording revelation that I am recieving much more out of it, it is so cool, A friend of mine related something Elder holland said " The sacrament is the only ordinance in the church that we perform many times for us" That showed alot to me and it is so great. We then went by potentials and set a few things this week, then went to have a goodbye dinner with some members for Elder Schmidt. Sunday we travelled down to Dublin and stayed in the Zone Leaders flat. And on the way down I recieved Moves call and got told I was called to train a new missionary, and recieved my travel plans today. I said goodbye to elder Schmidt and for the next 2 days I am serving with Elder Jamieson, That is right 2 Canadians together :) For a Limited time only. 

I want you all to know how much I know that these things that I right about and teach are true, I testify from the bottom of my heart that they will bless your lives more then anything in the world. 
I love you and God loves you too

Till the Work is Done. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

June 29, 2015

`This week has been a bit of a slow week, but it was great.
My desire in reading the scriptures and Not falling asleep in studies has grown, and looking back I am not sure where it came from but I am all of a sudden getting so much more out of my studies. It's weird, but I know that the Book Of Mormon is the word of God and as we spend time in the Scriptures we truly will be able to find out deeper what the Lord wants us to know, especially when we follow his will. And pray to know what he wants us to know. I feel my testimony of the Book of Mormon and the scriptures has grown exponentially from the amount of time in it. I want to speak to those of you who may have a testimony but may be unsure about it, or those of you who are youth striving to gain a testimony. To gain a testimony/ Develop a testimony of the Book Of Mormon will depend on how much effort you put into the Book of Mormon. how much time you spend reading and pondering the things within it. I know that the Book of Mormon is the source of all truth and through it Your testimony will deepen and will be able to face all adversity. It liberates us from the temptations of Satan, and provides us with the spiritual resolve and determination to Repel the enticings of the Adversary. I want you all to remember that, as that has helped me. I didn't use to spend too much time in the book Of Mormon I focused on everything, but as I have been focusing on the Book of Mormon, My testimony of the Savior has grown, my desire to become more like him has deepened and I have felt a stronger desire to study, so I invite any of you who had the same feelings as I did to do the same thing. I love you, remember that. 

So we had another lesson with Larry, he agreed to read the Book of Mormon this week and invited us to read his book as well, so my companion took his book and read some of it, but it's interesting, we are visiting him one more time then deciding if We should keep teaching him as he isn't progressing. This week has been quite abit of finding as we didn't have the car this week, our area is big so on weeks we have the car we see alot of our friends but on weeks without the car not as much, but we are continually gaining new people in Mullingar each week so it is getting better and better. 

We had a wonderful lesson with Michael this week, He hadn't read from the scriptures, so We read with him , and he understood them so much and it was just so great, he also agreed to having follow up as he forgets and he is already seeing the blessings of follow up daily so that is amazing. We will be seeing him twice this week, and he is the most promising of our people in progressing. He is 17 and is great. He has a desire to be good too and knows he needs to start to focus on what he wants in life. Which is so nice to see here. 

We were able to do service for Esther this week, we painted the fences in her backyard and had a fun time doing it, we then taught her children again, the son who hadn't been taught the Plan of Salvation we taught this week and he had lots of questions which was amazing for us to help to be able to answer, but through service they really opened up to us and began to tell us things about their lives and feel more comfortable about these things. 

I also just found out from Elder Starr that over in Oban, when I was serving there me and elder starr began to play football with some High school lads each Saturday, we didn't see any fruit from it, however I just recieved word that last week the lads wanted to know more about the church, so they taught them all the restoration and one of the lads Cammy is now learning from them, So it's incredible to see the fruits of your labours, especially as for me I felt we worked hard in Oban but didn't see too much Results but also one lady Elder Starr and I found my last week is progressing well and being strengthened so it is amazing. 

The Lords ways are not our ways neither are his thoughts our thoughts. 

I love you all thank you for your encouragement and love. Talk to you soon. Moves call this week :) Stay tuned to find out the news I am definately going to have a new companion but who only the Lord knows. 

Before I Go It was brought to my remembrance our topic at church, which I enjoyed alot. SO we have been focusing alot on Sacrament strengthening. And we were taught more about keeping the Sabbath day Holy, and not only Church but the whole day, I just thought I'd reiterate how important the sabbath day is and there was a story Shared yesterday which I hope I can share. 
" So there was a man (he was a non member), he was a farmer and they found out there was a massive storm coming their way (this was Saturday night) and the other farmers called to everyone to go and collect the things on the Sunday, So he went to his wife and children and said you need to help me in rescuing my harvest, and she responded " We can't We are going to church and it's the Sabbath, after much discussion He decided to go to the church with them to keep order in the house, That night She said to her husband the Lord blesses those that keep the sabbath day. And he said to her If my crops are fine, I will join your church. The next morning his crops were the same as they were on the Saturday and he had gone out to harvest and found none were wrecked, his wife looked at him and said well remember what you said last night. He then knew the power of the Lord, and knew that Sabbath observance is Greatly important. "

I just want you all to ponder this story as it had profound meaning to me. 

I love you all and know that the Lord will watch over you all until I can once again be with you. 

Till the Work is Done. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission