Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Monday February 24, 2015 - A rough but spiritual week!

Hey Everyone, 

So this week Was A ROLLERCOASTER :( So it was hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It Was So Hard, but amongst the hardships Lessons were Learned and we recieved Blessings. Recently It has been getting to me as in this Area as soon as the area begins to Build up and get rolling it Hits A wall this is the 4th or 5th Time this has happened. So It was able to get to me Abit. 

This week though Colin the man we were teaching told us he wanted to take a step back from the Gospel. We were devastated but Afterwards he  called us and said Come over, So we were confused why that was and as we were on the phone we expressed we would rather talk in person and at first he wasnt having it then he allowed us to come over and teach him and talk with Him. As we talked, we felt prompted to Read Enos with him and talked about wrestling with God in Mighty prayer and through repentance and In the end he said he believes the reason he needs to Take a step back is to Repent fully with God and then come with a humble heart, so that Was actually pretty cool. 

We also met this amazing lady named Danielle this past week, We were heading to a member's house for Supper and we showed up 15 minutes late as we ran into Danielle, We talked for a while and Invited her to learn she seemed Okay to learn at first, then On Sunday We went by to visit her and we were talking outside and she Began to get more and more Excited the More we talked. As we talked she asked how Do I get a book of Mormon, and my companion said well, " You stick out your right Hand" and she was like okay, And she was so excited she said she would read tons for our next visit with her, She is so excited she Also expressed to us how she had never been exciting for this kind of thing in the past but she is so Excited to learn right now. So that was cool. 

My studies this week were interesting the other day I was looking at Alma 37: 6-7 And they talked all about the Foolish things confounding the Wise, So I thought it was interesting and began to follow the treasure trail all around in the scriptures and Learnt about what the Weak things represented, I realized that the Weak Things are us, Those of us who are unlearned, or who are Despised, or cast out, All of these things constitute the weak but the Weak are most importantly TEACHABLE therefore the Weak( Who  are instructed from God) will be humble and listen to God which will allow them to be able to confound those who are wise in the Lwas of the world

It was a good week and much more to come, I Love all of you :)

Have a great Week, the Lord is preparing Souls to recieve even if EVERYTHING COMES AGAINST YOU THe Worth of Bringing one SOUL unto God is Great in his EYEs. And I have learnt that sometimes the Lord has specific things happen so that as you endure you appreciate the simple things more.

- Elder James Reece

Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday February 16, 2015 - HIS ONE YEAR MARK!

Hey Everyone, 
This Week has been grand, It has been one of the best weeks in this area, with Lessons and everything. We had recieved many miracles, and as always Had some roller coaster events as well, but Mostly Good things,  As we have been ENDURING well we are beginning to see the blessings from it all. 

From My last Area, I found out one of the men I was working with Entered into baptism and has a strong testimony of the gospel.  He was expressing how he came to Feel that learning about the church Began from Elder Patterson and myself, So that is really cool to hear these things and to see these miracles happening. 
On Top of that I have began to understand greater about recieving revelation.
As I was out this week my companion who is the District Leader asked me to prepare to give instruction to Give to the District  at District meeting, and my topic was How Do I recognize the Holy Ghost and how Do I allow it to take control. As I went throughout the week, I was constantly praying about and thinking about these questions and As I sat down to ask for the Lord's direction as I began to write the instruction it flowed out on what I needed to talk about. As I was out on Friday I began to recieve this knowledge from the Lord about recieving Revelation and I Came to find that It was revealed to me that revelation, is a still small voice" As I reflected on this I realized that as I am more calm and more Quiet and constantly reflecting on these questions the Lord reveals these things unto us, In the Past I would ask a question and not think about it at all until I asked again in my prayers but something I have found out is that If we truly desire these things then We need to truly PONDER upon and Treasure up these things in our Days. I will report on the instruction next week

So this week we taught a man named Thomas, that you have heard about in the past but as we taught him about the Plan Of Salvation and we were able to give him the Book Of Mormon on Cd, He has began to feel the spirit much stronger, and We actually invited him to baptism and He accepted that If he recieves a knowledge that these things are from God He will be baptised. He also was invited to Church and to the Ceilidh and he came to both, Many people were very friendly with him which was amazing as I was frightened about it, based on his background but The Lord Continues to prepare a way. His date is April 15th.

We also Taught Colin this week and it was a marvellous experience for us to teach him. As we Taught him about the Plan Of Salvation and shared with him our testimonies and the scriptures, he expressed to us that He learns more from us in one visit then he learnt in the past in like 2 months. It was so marvellous, he also expressed how He has never felt with any other church the desire to be baptised but With the things he is learning he wants to be baptised, and he asked if He could come to church. It was a day of Miracles with him and He is definately very sensitive and very close to the Spirit which is so cool to see. But Also with much Good comes opposition, and he came across stuff that was misunderstood on the internet, which distracted him abit and  he called me about these things and I helped him to know about the things and give some basis for the things and clear up things. It was definately a trying time for me , but when I reflected on it I remembered that my Focus that day was on learning to not hinder the Spirit, and as this came up I relied wholly on the Spirit for my knowledge was nothing. 
We Were able to go on many exchanges this week, which was fun and I learnt alot from each person, I think that is one of the most interesting things I have learnt on my mission, is the fact that you can learn from each person and you can always see Good in people. It was incredible. 
We have seen many miracles during finding as well, and with member work, and 2 weeks ago the Ward got together and Fasted for missionary work, and the Lord is blessing all of us for our efforts, as we are reaching out in love to all of his children. 

I know that this work is true, There is nothing that can cause me to doubt that, I know that the Lord is in control and that all things in this work are dictated by him, I know that we have struggles and difficulties for purposes and that we recieve blessings for purposes as well, The Lord is at the helm and he bades all of us to come unto him. I know that there is no greater work on the face of this earth that we can be involved in and I KNOW from the bottom of my heart, that This gospel WILL bring you more Joy than anything else ever can. It is the foundation of which to build your lives, and I am so greatful for the opportunity I have been given to share these things with all of you and to have my life being built upon this foundation. I know that the Savior Lives, I know that He Died for me, and I have recently began to understand more of that love that he has, and I know that we too must love EVERYONE as he Loves us, and As we do the things to help others and to love and support his children then we are doing these things for him as well. 

I Know this work is True, and I know I am a part of this great work, I am greatful for this PRIVILEDGE I have to serve out here, and I am Greatful that My savior is with me through all of these things. I say these things in the name of the Holy one of Israel , my Lord and My Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen. 

I love all of you, and I make mention of you always in my Prayers. This Life is the time for us to prepare to Meet God, We have Difficulties and trials and afflictions in it but The Lord has purpose for it all, I Know my trials have Risen me WAY WAY higher then I ever could have reached without them I know that they have been for my Good as illustrated in D&C 121, I love that Counsel.

WELL Last week all of you made mention that it was coming up to my 1 year Mark So Here It Is 

AS Of Friday February 20th I have been serving my mission for A Year, It really does go so fast and this time is a time of reflection, I can honestly testify to all of you that I do not know the man who Left 1 year ago, I have seen so much change, so much growth and not only have I seen it but many of you have shared that with me as well. I want to thank all of you for your love and support for me, and Most Importantly I want to thank my savior For the OPPORTUNITY I have to serve him and his brethren but also Thank him for the opportunity I have to be able to CHANGE, To Be able to have a clear FOCUS in life, and to be able to OVERCOME adversity. 

Words from a great man ring in my ears. Spencer W. Kimball One of the Prophets of the church says, " I am yet Strong, give me on more Mountain to climb" and If I have learnt anything, it would be the importance of OPPOSITION.  I love a song, It says
" Give me mountains to climb, give me rivers to cross, give me anything that is going to make me better then I was" It is so POWERFUL it shows forth the importance of difficulties in our lives and I can't imagine how weak I would be if I haven't had TRIALS..

Keep Trusting in The Lord, Keep Looking Forward and Reach for the Skies. 

Elder James Reece

- Elder James Reece

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Monday February 9, 2015

Hey Everyone

I am so happy to be able to communicate with all of you and greatful to recieve all of your e-mails they all brighten up my day everytime and Strengthen me. I want all of you to know I love you. You are all my brothers and sisters and I love all of you and LOVE to hear about your lives. Thank you for all your Prayers I can feel them all the time and I know that I am being lifted up because of them all. I am greatful to all of you who read my blog and this e-mail and Greatful for the Examples you all are to me. I am so greatful for everything you have all done for me and the love and support you gave/ and are continueing to give unto me as I am out here sharing this gospel with EVERYONE :) 
I love to speak and I love to Listen, I love hearing about both the Good times and the struggles, One thing I am very greatful for are MY TRIALS, It is through them I have grown SO SO SO MUCH, It is crazy how much you learn when you have difficulties in life. One thing I have tried to do more is Pray for more Mountains to climb, I know they will be hard but think about it if you have more mountains to climb you end up somewhere you have never been before. 
I just hope you all know how Much you mean to me, and How much all of you are a part of who I have become. 

This past week was Great!!! Unfortunately there were many appointments that didn't keep however we did all we could to ensure it We qualified them, invited members to come out with us, Tried by, so the fact that they didn't keep doesn't discourage me, Elder Boehme and Myself did everything in our Power for it, but Agency was used :P 
We have had some cool miracles happen this week as well just as every week, I love how true it is with "Count Your Blessings" that hymn speaks so much truth as you count your blessings You will see the Work that is done in the Lord's name and you will witness his hand in EVERYTHING!!!

There is one cool story, So we met this man on the bus, he was into drugs and stuff like that and we started talking to him about the Purpose of Life and set a return appointment with him, When we first went He had stated that he couldn't do it today and his wife was concerned with us coming in, but the spirit told us to persist, As we persisted we found out more about the situation and we were let in. Initially the first meeting it was just the man but during the meeting we found out that He had invited a man in who was homeless, gave him food, gave him drink and other things, then the man had robbed them, and When we first came in we were too young men in suits and I can see why his wife was hesitant, but as we talked with her to invite her to be a part of the Lessons, she asked what we wanted to do with her boyfriend and we Explained we want to help him, She responded can God help him with the drugs and everything and the injuries and we exclaimed to her that Yes God could help us to give up addictions, he can empower us and strengthen us against the temptations in mortality, then she looked at us and expressed how she wishes that she came in and Listened to the meeting because we seemed like really nice boys and she recognized we were there to help. That was a great experience and we will be teaching them some more this week, but all three of them together will be taking the Lessons. It is so neat to see the Lord's hand in all of this. 

We also met another man we were walking down the street and we called out to him, and as we talked we asked him if he has ever looked for purpose in Life and that was the exact thing he was looking for, He wanted to get off the drugs and change his life and it was absolutely amazing. We then proceeded to asking him if he knew of anyone who could use this message as well and he told us about one of his friends and said he would invite his friend over on Wednesday when we teach him so that is awesome as well. 

This week we had a neat experience which taught us something cool, We were thinking because we needed to do planning but we could either do it at home or at the Church so I turned to Elder Boehme and asked him where should we go and as we pondered on it he said " I think we should stay Here, but I feel we should go Home" So I asked him what should we do and we both said lets go home, As we traveled on the bus I ran into a friend I met about a month ago She was quite nice, and everything just fit into place, As we got to the bus station the bus began to pull away from the stand but he stopped and allowed us on then I was sitting behind her and tapped her shoulder and said Hello, Nathalie and she was like Woah that is weird, I was actually talking about you both today with one of my colleagues I was wondering where you had been, and we shared with her that experience and Testified that the Lord was aware of her and put us there for a reason, She was then still confused but made sense of it all but she still thought it was just coincidence, But we later found out where she lived and 2- 3 weeks ago Elder Parry and I were praying about where to go chapping in Dysart and we felt her street so, once she explained which street she lived on I started Laughing afterwards as I made the connection and I was like that is so funny. And recognized that the Lord is truly in control of all of this work. It was such a cool thing to see, 

As well as we ran into a former we were teaching she was being taught at her less active moms house and then her moms boyfriend didn't want to be apart of the lessons no more so she stopped being taught and I could not remember where she stayed and as we were going to a different appointment we met a man and went to visit his house to write down the address and as we walke3d by Her house came to my mind and I was like well, It came to my mind we might as well chap it to see. So we chapped it and it was the right house. I was amazed, We then were talking to her and she said hey you can come in, and she was in Pyjamas, She then called up her friend and said hey can you come by so the missionaries can teach me and 5 minutes later he showed up and we were able to come in and talk to them, and begin with expectations, they expressed how they both want to learn more, they weren't looking to join but they wanted to know more and were willing to read and Pray of the things we were sharing, As we were leaving we set another appointment with both of them they said they would feed us next week and that one of their friends who is Atheist will be coming to Learn as well. Which will be amazing.
This week as you can see has been full of miracles and the work is hastening. 
Oh ya, We were getting off the bus quite funny actually because we were supposed to catch the earlier bus but just missed it , so we got on this bus and as we got off the bus this lady pulled us towards her and said Hey, I am a member I am looking for the church , here is my address come by, So we will be seeing her this week as well, as as we were downtown we met a homeless lady and shared God's love for her, we later found out she had been a member  in the past but has made many mistakes in the past, 

So yeah this week has been miracle after miracle and that isn't even all of the miracles but that is what I will write, but I will write one more.

So we had an appointment with this man right, and Noone was home, We were supposed to have an appointment with his neighbour as well but he wasnt in as well, then as we were there a thought came to my head to visit one of our potentials that we had met a while ago but hadnt been able to see and so we knocked on his door and HE WAS HOME, he let us in and talked about the Gospel and about the dangers and corruption in the World, It was such a cool experience, 
Tip to everyone, If the Spirit gives you a suggestion to do something do it, Even if it is something small you will make someone's Day. 

I know that this work is true, I know that Jesus Christ leads forth this work, I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Lord's true church here on the earth, I know that this work is indeed his work and that the BOOK OF MORMON is a pure vehicle of the spirit, I invite all to read it and find the happiness and joy that I have found, I know my savior Jesus Christ and I know that GOD is Real, I know he loves Me and he Loves all of you, and I say all of these things in the sacred name of his beloved son, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love all of you and will always be here for all of you, I am greatful to know all of you. 

Keep shining forth your light and the Lord will bring forth others out of darkness and bring them to your light, so you may share the things you know to be true, Trust him, Love him and Follow him.

Have a great week, Happy Valentines Day. :)

- Elder James Reece

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Monday February 2, 2015

This area is booming right now it is so cool, there are so many people we have been meeting who need and show a desire to learn more of this word it is incredible.

I have already learnt so much from my new companion and I am very greatful to have the priviledge to serve with him, He is showing me to be myself but to be the best version of myself for the Lord called me here to serve these people, but he sent me here for Me ( characteristics and Attributes) and all. To be able to interact and relate to these people. 

I have lots to do today so I won't write much but I will tell you things I've learnt this week and a few other things.

This week  I learnt a few things, One was to be more bold in Proclaiming this gospel, and With that I have realized how scared I have been to preach the good word and Declare it, but I have decided to no longer be afraid, THIS IS THE GREATEST MESSAGE anyone could ever hear, I know how much it has blessed my life, so why not be persistent to people and Speak Boldly. 

I also Learned how we must trust the Lord with everything and be humble more in proclaiming the Gospel.
and third that if the Lord calls you to something he will back you up. 

Yesterday, I was asked with my companion to give instruction on how the members can help us in this work, Teach Gospel Principles. We had been together for 4 days and we were able to instruct apparently pretty well, and were able to take care of one another. This was my first time giving that specific kind of instruction and I was scared, but it went well, the Role Play went well and most importantly the SPIRIT was there. 

Well My brain is fried right now so next week I will be better for this week I will continue to share my miracles I witness but I can't think right now

- Elder James Reece