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Monday, July 6th, 2015

Hey everyone, So first of All Moves Call: I will be Training, I will go to Scotland on Wednesday morning by flight and pick up my new missionary there, Then all day Thursday we will travel back to our area. It should be fun, I am excited to have this opportunity to train, I just hope I can do a good job with it. Training is so important and I am afraid I ll mess up, but something I have continuously had brought to my remembrance is the fact that " Whom the Lord Calls, he qualifies" I know he has a plan for me I am not sure what that plan is quite yet, but I will continue to move forward in Faith to find it out. 

So this week was abit of a roller coaster as usual, We didn't get to teach too many people, with appointments falling through, People away and Lots of finding, it was an interesting week. So this week I will go through the week. As I have my planner in front of Me. 

So on Monday, I had the Opportunity to go the Chiropractor, and it was great I was told my Scoliosis can be cured within two years of visiting Bi-annually the chiropractor, plus I was able to find out the reason my knee keeps getting hurt, because of an accident when I was younger my body was offsided. So my body got realligned and my knee put back into place and I feel so much better, My legs are the same length again now so that's good. After that we went Tracting and found a man named Michael he was really cool, We look forward to seeing him again, he told us that he believes in God but not religion and I have found that that is said alot by alot of people. 

Tuesday Was a great day, We started with a very powerful district meeting and it was focused on asking inspired Questions and following the promptings of the Spirit to do so. We had a great role play, which was very spirit filled it was amazing. Later that day we were meeting with a potential named Regina and she had some concerns but through asking questions we were able to help her to find out alot of things she is desiring, As well as she said to call her this week as she wanted to ponder on what we talked about. She was awesome though.  Another part of the day was hard,  we had two appointments fall through and when we went finding we recieved quite abit of harassment, But on the positive side we found a potential that we are going to see today :) So we are excited.

Wednesday Was CANADA Day!!!!! it was awesome me and my district member Elder  Jamieson, sand O canada. :)
So we taught Larry again this week and in the lesson, it was interesting again, But we had the chance to share the first vision which was good. 
But we saw Lionell and that lesson was interesting to say the least. We taught about Daily Scripture study and Prayer and he kept taking it off subject, but in the end it was good we taught what he needed. We went to a member families house again, we are teaching their son, so we taught him the Plan of Salvation and it went well h is really embracing it well, I look forward to seeing him be baptised shortly. 

On Thursday, We saw Esther, Steven Adam and Hazel and it was Steven's birthday, we stopped by and shared abit with them and helped prepare for the party, we then met with our friend Agnese and she took us out to eat, We then went and saw another family in the ward. 

Friday was neat We met our new mission President, President Donaldson, I like him alot, he got right to work right away. So we all got there early and surrounded the cultural hall, then the Mission President came in met us and shook each of our hands individually, then we had a bit of a get to know them meeting, We focused largely on Consecration and relying on the Holy Spirit and that is what we will do in this mission, Become pure of Heart and Spiritually clean. Man it was so powerful of a lesson, I look forward to seeing what else happens the next few months, I will again see him Wednesday. 
We then came back and went to lunch with some members they are grand like, and we had several appointments and all of them fell through as well, and we went finding and had a good conversation with a nice man, and built more relationships with members. Finding :) You have to love going finding. There are souls everyone perishing in unbelief that need rescuing the trouble is is God knows who they are but we don't right away but we do find out. 

Saturday was Good, Loads of Finding. 

Sunday: Fast and Testimony meeting was great, I feel like since I have focused more on thinking of the sacrifice of the savior during this time and recording revelation that I am recieving much more out of it, it is so cool, A friend of mine related something Elder holland said " The sacrament is the only ordinance in the church that we perform many times for us" That showed alot to me and it is so great. We then went by potentials and set a few things this week, then went to have a goodbye dinner with some members for Elder Schmidt. Sunday we travelled down to Dublin and stayed in the Zone Leaders flat. And on the way down I recieved Moves call and got told I was called to train a new missionary, and recieved my travel plans today. I said goodbye to elder Schmidt and for the next 2 days I am serving with Elder Jamieson, That is right 2 Canadians together :) For a Limited time only. 

I want you all to know how much I know that these things that I right about and teach are true, I testify from the bottom of my heart that they will bless your lives more then anything in the world. 
I love you and God loves you too

Till the Work is Done. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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