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Monday July 13th, 2015

So This week Has been pretty insane, 
So as you know I was called to train a new missionary this past week, his name is Elder Peterson, he is a fire cracker, He has great determination and a desire to be out here, he isn't afraid to talk to anyone and isn't shy. It is so Awesome, So he is from Ririe, Idaho, Which is near Idaho Falls. He is 18 years old, so he just finished High School. 

So this week was crazy, Monday We drove back from Dublin, We then did a day of finding with not much results. But Tuesday when I was with Elder Jamieson, we went to Athlone and went finding and found some nice people , one of them was named Irene, and she was Greek Orthodox, We talked about the Prophets and She was interested, She was from the Ukraine, as We talked to her we set a return appointment for this week.  I will report the following week. We then were tracting some doors and Elder Jamieson felt prompted to talk to this lady getting out of her car, and she was interested and Gave us her phone number and told us next time we are in the area to come back. We talked to her about the blessings of the Gospel. Oh ya, and before we went to this area, we were told the area was very dangerous, so we knelt in prayer and the Lord told us to go, so we advanced and found some sweet people. Later we were meeting up with Agnes, but as we were waiting we were doing some finding and we met this guy named Moiyat, He was neat, he was interested in our message as well so we will be having appointments with all these people this week :)

Clement our investigator has gotten back from his holiday too so we will be able to hopefully teach him again.  He is a good lad. Michael has been in Bray for the whole week so we haven't seen him sadly, but he said he has been reading the Book of Mormon. 
So Tuesday we traveled down to Dublin, we were at Clondalkin flat and as we were I found out I printed the reciept of my ticket and not my Boarding pass for my flight so we hopped in the car and travelled to the church to print it off. It was a long day. 
The following day I was up at 3:45am, To get ready for the day, and had to be at the airport for 6am. I made sure to be able to still get some studies done, while everyone slept. I then woke up the other missionary travelling with me. We drove to the airport and got on the plane. So interesting thing happened as we were travelling out to our plane we had a lady call out to me and say Hi so I said hi back, turns out we say hi to her everyday, but we have never talked to her as she or we have been busy. So I got on the plane and a cute couple sat beside me , I talked to the boyfriend and he was a nice guy, he worked on maintenance of Airplanes, but him and his girlfriend were going to Edinburgh to go to his sister's graduation. We talked and had a good time. 

Then we had our training meeting and we Were Told  "You will need to be the best you have ever been" That stook with me alot, he also asked us " Have you climbed your mountain yet? So as a tradition we climb Arthur's seat and petition ourselves to the Lord, and that is what it was referencing. As all the missionaries got off the Bus, We greeted all of them, then headed to "Pratt's Hill" When travelling to Pratt's hill one of the missionaries taught the bus driver, and I helped and we invited him up the hill with us and he came and had an amazing time where he was brought to tears and said he knows he needs to do something about it, As we were climbing the hill I talked to many people, many were Canadians and french speakers. So I started talking and began teaching in French, me and my companion looked at each other and I responded I have no clue how I did that, my french is capout, so that was a neat experience, we then got to go before the Lord to account and set goals. LAter in the day we did roleplays with the missionaries, and we could tell the confidence in the gospel all of these 18 year olds had It's incredible to see the desire and faith of the youth in the church at this time. 
Later I found out who my companion was and as stated above his name is Elder Peterson. 
We then went into town and went finding, and returned back with talking to many people, he wasn't shy at all and just spoke, he is amazing. We met this lass on the streets and she was in College, and as we talked to her about the gospel she shared with us that she has a mormon friend and would love to learn more about us. So There was an experience where I again saw how important it is for us to live as lights in the world.  We talked with everyone, Oh there was this funny moment we had, We were walking down the street and We felt prompted to talk to these girls but we were on the other side of the road, so we just called out to them and they invited us over to come talk more about Christ with them :) it was neat.  We then came back to the Mission Home, and found out more about each other, The following day we went finding again, and we met this man He was awesome, his name was Iain, We talked to him and he told us he has no belief in God but then we talked about our unique message how God has reached out and called a Prophet in these days. He said If there is a prophet, that it would be able to bless him Immensely." We also met a man named Quincy and we invited him to attend church with us. It was so neat, We were talking to everyone and we talked with everyone. 
One scary moment that happened was we were gathered to eat lunch on a bench and we see this lady walk passed us, but she tripped on the sidewalk, and fell down before I could think I was standing beside her lifting her up and my trainee was by myside, The other 4 missionaries just sat there :P
On the way to Dublin we took a ferry over to Belfast, and on the Ferry we taught two guys the Restoration and Plan Of salvation, Not the whole thing but we did talk about these things, and one of them asked why God doesn't intercept when crazy people go and shoot many people. We related alma 14 to them and They understood it well. They even asked for the pamphlets. and We provided Book Of mormon to them. Elder Peterson is so fearless. On the trip to Dublin I talked to two Palestinian women on the Bus and they were amazing, We talked about everything, and as we departed they expressed how they were happy we talked and how when we first got on they thought oh No missionaries. As we asked questions they shared with us their beliefs and their beliefs were the same as the beliefs of the gospel. It was so cool to see how small the veil truly is. We then went finding in Mullingar. We were knocking houses and there was a barbecue going on and the man came and invited us to join with them, as we were there many of the guests asked us about the church and said we could come by at a later time to teach them. They were catholic and had some problems with the Catholic church. 
This week was insane. :) 
Things are happening, Open your mouth and it shall be filled with the words of the Savior

Love you all 
My group with Trainees.
Me and My trainee

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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