Sunday, 16 August 2015

Monday Aug 10th, 2015

So I don't have much to report this week, it was a good week but not in the mood to write. I'm feeling alot of mixed emotions recently with everything and It is difficult. But I know it is for a great purpose. 6 months until home and ALot of worries all of a sudden are coming to my mind, Living, Work, School. I am just worried, but I am working with the Lord to help me to stay focused and to get over that worry. 

This week was fairly good, I was on exchange with Elder Barton in Clonsilla, so after a year I was back in Dublin City working. It was great we taught a family of 6 who want to get baptised and what was cooler is that they were found by my friend Elder Bailey. So that was neat. 

The work is going well, We have a new friend this week his name is Jimmy and he was formerly meeting with missionaries 3 years back but he is super solid we should see him today. Our lesson was really good, but for some reason I can't figure out why some lessons are so spiritual and others aren't. 
It has been rough recently, I have been feeling alot of personal attack by the Adversary and It is hard, On the positive side though is Elder Peterson and I get on great and work well together. Well that is it for this week. I don't know why but recentally I have felt like I am alone, Why that is I have no Clue, I have heavenly father and his son Jesus Christ on my side and many friends that I know are my friends.  So this e-mail probably isn't the most uplifting but I like to express How I feel so all know that  missionary work isn't just roses, HOWEVER it is THE BEST thing EVER. We have funny moments everyday, have our testimonies of the savior strengthened and Recieve the refiner's Fire. I'll be back to my cheery self next week. 
Remember that Jesus is the Savior, and through him You can overcome all things. 

I was also sick this past week there was one day we stayed in and I slept from 2pm-6:30am. MAn I was so dead that day and even more dead the next day. But I think I am feeling better today. The work will go on.

Oh yeah, so I started studying Church History in the fulness of times, and man I can't put it down, it is so amazing, to learn more of the things that came forth because of the Savior and how he chose Joseph Smith to be his Prophet and not only how he chose Joseph but so MANY people. And the persecutions they experienced, all because They Were following Christ's true church. 
I know that when we follow God , we experience more opposition, Satan does not want us to follow Christ, he Really doesn't, So when we recieve terrible treatment and are persecuted, rejected and cast out then we suffer as Christ did, and I testify that these difficulties bring us closer to Christ not farther away. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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  1. Your problem is that you don't want to realize that your beloved church has admitted that it's been lying to people for a good long time. You have been doing so as well. Remember the 11th Article of Faith? Why do you violate it every day you're out in the field? You say you will respect the fact that other people believe differently, yet you'll go out and try to convince people that the only way to get into heaven is by apostatizing from their beliefs and accepting yours instead. What's worse, you violate the 13th Article of Faith as well. Just as ONE example, look at the breaking of agreements the church made with Jews promising never to baptize another dead Jew again, only to have it discovered that more dead Jews, including Daniel Pearl (who has no Mormon progreny or relatives), who was beheaded for being Jewish, yet the church accepted his necro-baptism and then lied about it.

    Let me bear my testimony to you: I KNOW for it to be the truth the the LDS Church is nothing more than a corporation masquerading as a church. It is a destructive cult. It is a testament to the lies spread forth by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, each of whom violated their own rules for their own sexually-based reasons. I know it to be true that Joseph Smith sent other women's husbands off then threatened the women he wanted to have sex with that they (or their husbands) would die unless they became spiritual wives and had sex with him. I know for it to be the truth that Joseph Smith was murdered after he arranged for the destruction of the printing press at the Nauvoo Expositor, which had printed the truth about him being a con artist, among other things. I know it be the truth that one of your leaders said, "When The Prophet has spoken, all thinking is done," in contravention to what someone earlier had said, "The glory of G-D is intelligence." I know it to be the truth that Mormons continue to lie about what they do, especially when they're caught doing it.

    I testify that it's the truth that while the corporate headquarters came out recently and announced that over a 25 year period, Mormons had contributed $1 billion to charity while, in the same 25 year period, Jews had contributed an average of $1 billion to charity PER YEAR over that same 25 year period. This translates to an average (for Mormons) of $2.67 cents per year to charity, while for the Jews that translates to an average $166.67 per year.

    I could go on and on, but you don't want to hear the truth. You want to go out and spout your beliefs, even if you know they're not true, and continue to hoodwink non-Mormons. Problem is, we non-Mormons are learning more about your belief system than you already know and we realize it's based on lies and falsehoods. Do yourself a favor: you're in a wonderful country in a wonderful city. Take the rest of your short time and tour the country. Learn about the history it has which predates your version of Jesus by at least a millennium or so. You might be surprised.


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