Sunday, 16 August 2015

June 29, 2015

`This week has been a bit of a slow week, but it was great.
My desire in reading the scriptures and Not falling asleep in studies has grown, and looking back I am not sure where it came from but I am all of a sudden getting so much more out of my studies. It's weird, but I know that the Book Of Mormon is the word of God and as we spend time in the Scriptures we truly will be able to find out deeper what the Lord wants us to know, especially when we follow his will. And pray to know what he wants us to know. I feel my testimony of the Book of Mormon and the scriptures has grown exponentially from the amount of time in it. I want to speak to those of you who may have a testimony but may be unsure about it, or those of you who are youth striving to gain a testimony. To gain a testimony/ Develop a testimony of the Book Of Mormon will depend on how much effort you put into the Book of Mormon. how much time you spend reading and pondering the things within it. I know that the Book of Mormon is the source of all truth and through it Your testimony will deepen and will be able to face all adversity. It liberates us from the temptations of Satan, and provides us with the spiritual resolve and determination to Repel the enticings of the Adversary. I want you all to remember that, as that has helped me. I didn't use to spend too much time in the book Of Mormon I focused on everything, but as I have been focusing on the Book of Mormon, My testimony of the Savior has grown, my desire to become more like him has deepened and I have felt a stronger desire to study, so I invite any of you who had the same feelings as I did to do the same thing. I love you, remember that. 

So we had another lesson with Larry, he agreed to read the Book of Mormon this week and invited us to read his book as well, so my companion took his book and read some of it, but it's interesting, we are visiting him one more time then deciding if We should keep teaching him as he isn't progressing. This week has been quite abit of finding as we didn't have the car this week, our area is big so on weeks we have the car we see alot of our friends but on weeks without the car not as much, but we are continually gaining new people in Mullingar each week so it is getting better and better. 

We had a wonderful lesson with Michael this week, He hadn't read from the scriptures, so We read with him , and he understood them so much and it was just so great, he also agreed to having follow up as he forgets and he is already seeing the blessings of follow up daily so that is amazing. We will be seeing him twice this week, and he is the most promising of our people in progressing. He is 17 and is great. He has a desire to be good too and knows he needs to start to focus on what he wants in life. Which is so nice to see here. 

We were able to do service for Esther this week, we painted the fences in her backyard and had a fun time doing it, we then taught her children again, the son who hadn't been taught the Plan of Salvation we taught this week and he had lots of questions which was amazing for us to help to be able to answer, but through service they really opened up to us and began to tell us things about their lives and feel more comfortable about these things. 

I also just found out from Elder Starr that over in Oban, when I was serving there me and elder starr began to play football with some High school lads each Saturday, we didn't see any fruit from it, however I just recieved word that last week the lads wanted to know more about the church, so they taught them all the restoration and one of the lads Cammy is now learning from them, So it's incredible to see the fruits of your labours, especially as for me I felt we worked hard in Oban but didn't see too much Results but also one lady Elder Starr and I found my last week is progressing well and being strengthened so it is amazing. 

The Lords ways are not our ways neither are his thoughts our thoughts. 

I love you all thank you for your encouragement and love. Talk to you soon. Moves call this week :) Stay tuned to find out the news I am definately going to have a new companion but who only the Lord knows. 

Before I Go It was brought to my remembrance our topic at church, which I enjoyed alot. SO we have been focusing alot on Sacrament strengthening. And we were taught more about keeping the Sabbath day Holy, and not only Church but the whole day, I just thought I'd reiterate how important the sabbath day is and there was a story Shared yesterday which I hope I can share. 
" So there was a man (he was a non member), he was a farmer and they found out there was a massive storm coming their way (this was Saturday night) and the other farmers called to everyone to go and collect the things on the Sunday, So he went to his wife and children and said you need to help me in rescuing my harvest, and she responded " We can't We are going to church and it's the Sabbath, after much discussion He decided to go to the church with them to keep order in the house, That night She said to her husband the Lord blesses those that keep the sabbath day. And he said to her If my crops are fine, I will join your church. The next morning his crops were the same as they were on the Saturday and he had gone out to harvest and found none were wrecked, his wife looked at him and said well remember what you said last night. He then knew the power of the Lord, and knew that Sabbath observance is Greatly important. "

I just want you all to ponder this story as it had profound meaning to me. 

I love you all and know that the Lord will watch over you all until I can once again be with you. 

Till the Work is Done. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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