Monday, 27 April 2015

Monday April 27, 2015 - The rest of James' mission - LDS missionary website

Monday April 27, 2015

The work here in the area is Picking up, The sun was out all week and Many people are coming to truly know us. It's pretty Neat.
Really weird because Monday was officially me being out on my mission for 14 months, It's scary how fast time goes by, From what others in my Group said is we will be going home February 3rd. So it's so scary I will have a week less then I thought. 

Well this week was quite interesting, and As usual was a rollercoaster of a week,
So remember our friend Robin, So we taught him a great lesson On Monday, He told us he read the Book of Mormon he loves it and that after we left he would read more of it, He had many questions and is definately interested and looking for actual answers which was amazing. So the lesson of the Plan of Salvation Went great, everything was all good, then randomly on Wednesday we got a text from him saying, " Your faith worries me , therefore I want nothing to do with your Ministry,I am too much of an individual to accept your beliefs. Sorry but it's true, Please do not contact me again. "
It was quite strange since we were supposed to see him on Thursday however this happened, but On Monday when we were there, He told us how much he admired our faith, The book of Mormon made sense and he loves reading it. We were so confused. But that's the life of a missionary. 

We also saw our friend Sofia, she is amazing, We went with her to the Miles home (the church) and taught about Faith, It was a good lesson as we determined to ourselves our desires. We used a four by four activity for us to show to ourselves what our desires were. She then shared a really cool experience with us that she had, The first time she was learning from the missionaries she was having trouble understanding the scriptures she read a chapter 6 times then prayed to understand and after that she understood the Chapter. It is really cool. 

We also saw Margaux, again this week, she has been so busy with work recently with her labs but now is writing a 20 page report for it, but we saw her Saturday, and taught her the Plan of Salvation, Elder starr and I have realized that our teaching has gotten slacked abit as we haven't taught many lessons yet together, so We will be working on increasing role plays in Companionship study. As we taught her about the Plan of Salvation it went really well as well, we were finally able to give her a book of mormon in French so that was amazing. Sadly she returns to france shortly but, All is well the Lord has a plan for her I know it. 

Throughout this week as well we had a cool P-day, We went all over the place with the senior couple that we have. If we bussed to the place here it would've been hard, but since we drove we could stop at the places along the way. I have lots of photos. The P-day was to go to the Eileen Donan castle which is part of Elder Starr's heritage. So we got to go to his family's castle which was super neat to see. we stopped in Loch Ness, Loch Lochy which was still, saw waterfalls and many other things. Saw Castle Stalker as well. It's incredible. 

On the Thursday I wasn't feeling very well, I have an issue with Waiting at times and when things don't go how I desire them too I sometimes over stress and allow my depression to get to me, So as I was relaxing on Thursday, I began making a summary book of my journal to see the different people I have helped and the things I have actually done on my mission, Sometimes when I get like this I forget the blessings, So I am making a rememberance book so I can always remember the blessings. The Lord has poured out many blessings, upon me, upon all of you and mostly my Family, and I need to always keep that in mind. 

It has been incredible. We met many new people this week as we were tracting we found a few amazing People all will cool experiences of their own, we look forward to going back to see them. Guess what, One of them was RUSSIAN, How cool would it be to teach a russian, he is absolutely amazing, his name is Vladimir, and he is so cool. We will be seeing him on Friday so we lookforward to seeing what happens, We met a nother guy named Christopher who has MS and is interested in having us come over, he said he would love to learn about these things and to know some of the reasons as to why things happen, so We look forward to seeing him as well, We had a friend named Natasha as well that we went by and she told us her and her friend would love to learn she just needs to set it up with her friend. :)

The work is going ladies and gentleman and It's about to Take off. 
We have a focus this transfer to try to bring in a family whether bring a family back into the church or a new family in, The branch is really small and needs priesthood and Excitement and it is so cool, We had the opportunity to fast as a companionship yesterday for this purpose and It is going well. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and all of your comments and words. I love all of you, and I am greatful to have all of you in my life. 
I would not be here without YOU. 

Thank you and have a great week. 

The Lord is in control, Trust in him, Determine his will and all will work out, I bear witness that the Savior lives, he is the means in which all mankind may be saved and may come to know deeper their true potential, it is through the atonement that we may change and we may truly BECOME Marvelous creatures of our God. I know these things to be true. I testify to this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday April 20, 2015

So as most of you probably know, Moves week was upon us. And we are staying together. Which means that this coming move I will be gone most likely because Edler starr has 2 transfers left and after this one He will have one left. 

There is alot of stuff happening in the mission, The whole Landscape is about to change And the change is beginning Now. There are 4 massive groups that had came out and the first just left, then next transfer Many more will leave will not enough coming in and so forth till the end of August. It is pretty crazy, Also our Mission President switches in July as well, as well as most of the mission Home people as well. So there will be alot of new breath in the mission and some areas being closed down due to not enough missionaries in the coming months, so STAY tuned. 

I had a good week this week, We were out in a place called Kinlochleven to contact a friend there and he was in and we made contact,  he told us we could come back another Time. His name is David. While we were there we met several others throughout the trip there including people all over Great Britain. 

The work is starting to pick up here, the challenge is finding new people which is the challenge all over the world. This area is heavy tourism population at this time of year so it is quite busy and we find many People just noone that we can actually teach because they don't Live here. 

We did get back in contact with a former named Sofia though, she is cool, she is almost 18 and has investigated in the past but she shows a desire to grow closer to her heavenly father so that is a blessing to see. She has had some struggles in her life but Is doing well now so that is exciting, 

We also met a man named Robin this week we chapped his door as we had found him near the beginning of the transfer but we chapped his door and he let us in, It was an interesting lesson because he was flip flopping between his thoughts but He was receptive, So we have no clue what is going on, We have recieved good texts from him thanking us for coming to see him and help him with learning but also recieving texts saying our doctrines are corrupt and tainted and that he hates us so We have no clue What to do,

We are seriously just trusting the Spirit on this one and being very careful, because We aren't sure what could happen, And that is a joy from a mission We don't know the people, but the Lord can heal anyone from anything. 

I am slow at typing recently and I apologize for that but Elder Starr and I have had a good week this week, As a companionship we are growing and strengthening one another and we have recently been able to generate stronger spirit led lessons but also conversations so when something is bothering us we can share about it there. 

My personal study recently I am in Helaman in the book of mormon, and Studying the preparations we need to make to be safe but also seeing the things that cause the destruction, and I have focused largely on the pride of the members individually. It is interesting, because that is what happens. Offense, or attack, or discrimination is shown at someone and it causes a not good reaction, 

In my personal progression I am starting to do a christlike attribute per month, and my first one that I NEED to work on is Patience so stay tuned, because when you pray for patience you get tested and I look forward to see the strength added to my own that I recieve in those instances. 

I love all of you, 

Look to God in all your thoughts, fear not doubt not. :)

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Monday April 13, 2015

As stated in previous weeks, The work is going quite Slow right now here in Oban,  Okay so I want to be real with you all, I have been struggling Quite abit recently, In my relationship With my companion, we are very similar in things we do, and it has caused some contentions, We are both working hard to overcome it, and recently the past few days seem like everything is getting better. I am learning alot from these things though and I am having to rely so heavily on the Lord, I definately know that the Lord is in control and when he feels is best he will try us to help us grow. I Have noticed that between Elder Starr and I, We are both very nit picky about stupid small things, and As I was studying this past week in both Book of Mormon but Also, Marriage and Family Relations Manual, I learnt the importance of not sweating the small things and I heard from a talk in that manual about  the man's wife had been reading a magazine and it said the way to a healthy marriage is to sit down with one another and say the things that bug you about one another, so she calls her husband over and begins listing 5 things then the husband said "honestly honey, there is nothing about you that I don't Love" That really helped me realize how important it is to only focus on the things that affect the work and the Relationship. 

This past Sunday, we got to watch the Sunday Afternoon Session of Conference it was incredible, So Clear so defined on the messages being shared. I loved all of conference, I can honestly say that conference once again has helped me alot. It is so great to hear the counsel we are given during conference and to have such a pure vehicle in which the spirit of God is so present.

In my studies as well I am in the war chapters in Alma and I think they are so important for us TODAY, they warn us of the dangers and tactics of Satan and Warn us and teach us how to Protect ourselves fully and be fortified.

Our friend Margaux hasn't been able to meet with us at all the past two weeks due to work, We have had many appointments when we do find people that fall through and been out doing finding alot. Chapping Doors, and street contacting. It's been pretty Crazy.
However we are looking to do lots of service in this area, as it is much different then any other area I have served in and the Mission President has suggested to get involved in the community.

So in this regards this week was great.
On Tuesday I was excited because I was given the opportunity to give some instruction in District Meeting, as you saw last week our district meeting is done over Skype so it was a different experience and For some reason I was super nervous. The instruction was on setting Goals, and why we have them. The meeting itself was really good. 

I really need to keep a little Notebook for what to write about in my e-mail, I have been so dead lately on e-mail day it's like my brain shuts off. 

But this week We found some ways to do service, 1. We were able to acquire some garbage picker upper things and bags so we can clear up the beach and coastal area, So that was fun and with it being shorts weather it was great to be in shorts and Mormon helping hands shirts cleaning it up, We also Began volunteering at this place called Hope. It is a soup kitchen but does so much more. It is so cool, They were so inviting and loving and when we talked to the manager lady she said they are always looking for Ideas on what they can Do to get more interaction. So we were thinking of seeing if we can get a group together and get more garbage things and clean up an Area all together. They also have a drop in Session so we have some fun ideas to help them interact with one another. Nothing beats Karaoke. I hope they have fun. 

As we were out we found several new friends to begin teaching we are waiting to find when they are free to meet but Fingers Crossed.

This e-mail isn't very long as I had to e-mail on Wednesday so not much has happened since that.

We did go on exchange though with Dumbarton on Wednesday which was nice, I learnt alot from Elder Taylor. He is a good missionary. 

Coming up this week is Moves Call, Me and Elder Starr both just got here so It'll be weird if we get a phone call.  I don't think we will, but it happens. 

One of my favourite scriptures is " trust in the Lord with all your might and lean not unto thine own understanding, and in all ways acknowledge him" That is paraphrased, but the message is the same. 

The Lord is in all times in the control of everything, Trust him, and do as the profits say PREPARE YE PREPARE YE. 

The Lord's time is coming, we must all be prepared. I know that it will come and if the prophet and his apostles are telling us to prepare I know that I must prepare. 


 Hearken to the words of the Prophets and believe in their words they are here to help us. I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, I know that the Apostles have all been called of God and I know the Lord would not warn us so vigorously unless we needed it. 

Take heed brethren. 

I love all of you.

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

April 8, 2015

So this week was grand, The weather was beautiful for some of it, But WE GOT BIKES. My Quads are sore now, but it will get better, this whole area is hills so biking is hard but FUN.

This week was general Conference and as always there were great messages. I loved how much emphasis the Lord is putting on Families Right now it is absolutely amazing. I know the Lord is showing all of us the importance of marriage and families to help to warn us against the destructions and calamities the World has.

I desire to hear from all of you your favourite talks. 
I really enjoyed the talk by Elder Christofferson who talked about how Being sealed in the temple was so important and is actually A CRUCIAL part of God's plan of happiness for all of us that just made my desire of being married in the temple to be so much more  Stronger and To DO all I can to work to be able to be apart of that great blessing. I love the messages from Conference , I really Enjoyed David A Bednar's talk - On Godly Fear, It was neat. We also heard a good talk by the area authority over this part of the world Elder Teixiera, Who i have actually had address us a few times and met a few times, But he focused on Being Engaged in the gospel and Not being on our phones and being caught up in the world. I really loved all of conference this sunday we will be watching the Last session of conference as we didn't get to on Sunday.

This week hasn't been to eventful. We have done alot of finding and Tracting, So It wasn't super exciting but we have met a few people this week. 
One person we actually met just yesterday was neat we were chapping doors and we lended up Meeting a man named Alan, He was neat we Talked to him at first about the Family and as we talked with him , he showed an interest of the Family proclamation, we then found out he is from the church of Scotland, and he doesn't really attend but he has a family, Him his wife and his wee daughter and his wife has no belief. However he has many questions about several things, and the way he looks at life is amazing, He had one of his toes amputated because of a bone disease and He sometimes said he would think why is this happening to him but then he would think to himself well everything happens for a reason, He then expressed the question as to why there were so many churches out there and why they all have different beliefs, He said like if there is only one God shouldn't there be only one Church which is his church. He left with him a restoration pamphlet and will be seeing him on Monday, which we look forward to seeing. He is a very humble man and He knows God is there.

Other than that our week hasn't been too eventful, When knocking yesterday it was funny because at this one door this girl came and looked at the door, didn't do anything but because she didn't answer the door, the man who was in the shower had to come answer the door, so it was kind of funny. 

Not too much to report, But For the past week and a half leading up to conference I was focused really strongly on studying about relationships and Communication and Unity within them, and began to Speak kindly at all times even when frustrated and it was weird to see how much it changed where in the past I would slag someone for something, switching it with a compliment changed the whole atmosphere of the conversation.
To Be honest throughout different times on my mission It has been hard for me, It feels like with some companions it is hard not to Have confrontation, it just seems to be over everything, but This study helped me see more that What needs to be the focus is On Ourselves and building them up. Stopping and thinking and responding Uplifting ALWAYS. 
I am actually reading the manual for Marriage relations and strangely enough it is giving some great knowledge to me about Relationships in general. 
I also love a great talk in the February 2014 Ensign for communication it talks about Validating, Superficial and personal Conversations and what is necessary for healthy conversation. 

I love all of you, and I want you to know I am not perfect, I have shortcomings, a mission isn't Easy and it's not just full of Great times where it's a piece of cake, it is HARD work, You are tried more then you think you can bare, you see miracles all the time, and you change ALOT, 
Jeffrey R Holland says it best: " How could it be easy for you when it was never ever easy for him" and he also says that we can't understand the Atonement without Feeling a token of the pain Christ Felt. And for us to come unto Christ and be perfected we need to access the Atonement and Through Trials and Building opportunities I promis you that we will all come to greater knowledge of the Atonement. 

I want to invite all of You to remember the savior and when you are next going through a hard time, to think about how these struggles and pains will bring you closer to your Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. Just think about that. 

I love you and thank all of you for Reading this message. God Bless 

Tune into youtube and watch BecauseHeLives. Or go to To see the video which shows us things that are capable for all of us because of Christ. 

I love you all .

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Monday March 30, 2015

This week has been Crazy, Since the Mission was doing Choir Concerts, My companion Elder Starr, was in it and We were not in Oban all week accept for 3 hours other then church. This Week has been full of interesting things. 

So 1. We had Zone Development, It was alot of fun, Both Zones got together and had a battle of the zones, With Glasgow Winning. WOO!!!  It was alot of fun I met some new Friends and as always I got annoyed with the fact we were playing sports and games instead of Teaching and Finding, but I am starting to realize how important Rest and relaxation can be sometimes. It was also weird to see how This is probably one of the last times I see alot of my friends. We had the Easter Choirs this week as well and I got to attend the one in Glasgow, and alot of my friends are in the Choir but most go home in the next 2/3 transfers and they are spread out all throughout the mission so the likelihood of seeing them all again is very Low, It is the weirdest being at this point in my mission for these people were all out when I got here and now they are ALL going home, It is going by way too fast. 

2. There was a baptism in Dumbarton for a girl named Lauren, she is so cool, Her and her husband got married on the Saturday then she got baptised on the Wednesday. We had the priviledge of helping them to move and got to serve them. It was funny, they thanked us for helping them, then I turned and said "No, thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you", and the Husband responded saying " Aren't you a Peter Priesthood", It was quite Funny, especially because that statement Helped me realize how much I have changed. It's miraculous to see.  

Oh for the Baptism as well, The BOILER didn't Work!!!!! So me and the two elders lended up Boiling pots of water on the stove using the kettles and using the hot water in the sink. It was a neat experience. The water lended up being lukewarm, but It wasn't FREEZING, and that's really good. 
The Baptism was a miraculous spiritual experience for all who attended and ever her mother came and felt the spirit strongly. Elder Taylor went up to her and asked Lauren how it feels to be perfect, and she responded saying, It's Emotional, ( without a tear in her Eye) It was an honour to be there. 

Through most of the rest of the Week my companions were sick, But as they were sick I was able to catch up on some much needed rest and Eventhough I was out of the Area we were able to keep contact with our friends, and On Sunday I was in Oban for church and there for 3 hours and Margaux again attended Church, The meeting really spoke to her and we had invited her to take the lessons and learn about God and she accepted. 

The Lesson with her was so powerful, The spirit brought Sensitive information to our knowledge and we were able to answer many of the questions she has had since she was young, We talked about Families and about the purpose of them and they spoke to her Quite strongly I am so greatful for these sacred experiences that The Lord provides to us as well as to those we help to come unto him. 

It was crazy this Morning in my studies I was able to have a spiritual experience and felt the spirit strongly. It was strange, the church has a movie called On the way Home, and since My companions are sick we have it to be able to watch, As I was watching it it is a story of a family who have come to know God, and it shows snips from Before this knowledge and after and It was miraculous how close the gospel brought them, It was so powerful for me. Then I was reading in the Ensign about a famile in West Korea mission, Who the children accepted the teachings very quick and then abit later the parents did, but The person returned to the area several years later and the family's son had died but because of the Knowledge they were taught and the Truths the spirit whispered unto them, they KNEW they would see their son again. It is incredible the Way the Lord puts us in people's lives, and at times causes certain things/ people to come into your life to help you get through the Hard things coming up. 

I know that we will all see our family members who have passed on, the reason I know this is because the Holy Spirit has witnessed these things to my soul, I know that God has a plan, and that That plan can only partially be understood, There is so much to it we can't comprehend yet but we will be able to, and I know that heavenly father LOVES us. 
I love you all, I know our Father in Heaven loves you all as well 

This gospel is the truth it brings families together and gives us an eternal perspective I love you. 
I miss you and I know the LORD takes care of all his children, IF we let him help us, so reach out and ask for his help and he will always help.

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

1.  My last 2 Companions in the Choir

2. There is another Elder Reece coming into the mission :O

3. Standing in front of the Walking clock in Glasgow.

4. A while back there was snow.

5. I thought this was a neat advertisement

6. Scottish Talk