Monday, 14 September 2015

September 14, 2015

This past week has been a good week, We have seen several miracles, Unfortunately I cant share too much of the experiences with you because they are sacred. However the work is pressing on. The week has been abit slower then past weeks but the work is moving forward none the less. 

So updates. 

Jimmy is progressing well this week, we taught him the Law of Tithing and it went very well, we had one of our friends there with us and she shared very good insights about it, and even some of her personal experiences. Jimmy understood it and agreed to follow it, so all is going well, at the moment he is just working on Word Of Wisdom so keep him in your prayers, but he has read up to 420 in the Book Of Mormon within 3 weeks, he expects to be completed it by Saturday this week, he says. So that is absolutely incredible so it is. 

Ray is doing great, He has committed to Live the Word of Wisdom, which is neat as a few weeks back he said he doesn't want to give up these things because he enjoys them, but as he is feeling these things are true, he is being changed by it. It's absolutely incredible. He told us that he has given up all of it all at once, and that from help from the sacrament, he feels a cleansing within him that protects him from those desires. He told us he knows the church is true and that "after 30 years of searching I think I have found the true church." When he told us about the Word of Wisdom he told us that it is hard to give up and withdrawals are difficult but that he has a very strong desire to be baptised as soon as possible. He also came to church this week and our friend also picked him up for us which was awesome. But Ray loved it. 

With David and Michelle we haven't heard from them all week as David's best friend had some things happen to him, which I can't discuss, so we haven't heard from Him this week. But he is in our prayers and I have felt like he is alright from the Spirit. 

Our Friend Lee, is doing very well, he has begun reading in the Book Of Mormon and has read 5 chapters, and he is retaining the things we share so that is incredible. He is doing very well and we will see him this week again. When we saw him last night we shared the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was so strong in the room. Everyone there said so. He felt something but he wasn't sure what it was, so the next time we will focus on recognizing the Holy Ghost and sharing the Holy Ghost principle. 

Damian and Lynn are progressing well, they both told us after the Restoration lesson that they know it's true, Which was both good and bad, becuase they said they don't need to ask God if it's true because they say they know it's true already, based on Joseph's experiences. So that was neat. 

We have had many others that are coming out of the wood work as well it is incredible and we have a few people we are seeingtonight, Both are families so Fingers crossed. That would be so incredible. 

The work is going well, all the members are feeling the spirit of the Lord and it is incredible.

I personally want to thank all of you for all of your contributions to the work and the Love that you have for all of the people and The love you have for me . It means alot to feel your prayers and to know that you are all safe

I want to share with you that I know this church is true. And I want to specifically testify about the Lord's plan this week. I have had experiences in the past week to show me how important it is to submit to his will for us, and I know that TRIALS are given to make us stronger, I know that the Lord has many trials for each of us which are designed to strengthen and empower us, and to Help us to come to him more fully. I know the Lord is with us in all that we do and that he loves us and all his work Is incredible. I know that I don't Like trials but I am very very very grateful for him loving me enough to give them to me as I have become who I am today because of them. I know heavenly Father knows Best and if you always give your will over to him, he will do what is best FOR you. Remember that. 
Mosiah 3:19 We must become as a little child willing to submit to all things which the father seeth fit to inflict upon us, even as a child doth submit to his father. 
That is the greatest thing the saviour did when he was living, he submitted fully to his Father and that's what allowed and enabled him to go through the pain of the Garden of Gethsemne and to die on the Cross. He knew the Father knew best and he was willing to always yield to him, Let us also always be willing to yield to the will of the father and to pray to recieve his guidance for us because as we align our will with his we achieve the true meaning of what prayer is for. 

I know that the things that I have written are true and this is my testimony to ALL. JESUS CHRIST and HEAVENLY FATHER LIVE!!!!!!!!!! They are there just waiting to bless us help us but we must be willing to submit to His will. 
I love all of you and pray that heavenly father will keep you safe and I know this will happen. 
And I say these things in his holy name, that of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

September 7th, 2015

So this week has been incredible. 

The best week so far in Mullingar for us and we are told by some people that the work is going the best then it has in years, So everything is doing well, Members, missionaries are all doing what they should :)
The Lord is beginning to trust us ( Mullingar Branch+ Missionaries) 

So First off this week started off being well, we saw our friend Kevin and went through a check for desire lesson, as we asked him what he desires to get from these meetings he Told us to grow closer to God, and he wishes he could make more time for it. So we went to see Kevin and guess what, His Girlfriend's brother was there his name is Gavin, and He was looking for God as well. He asked many questions and accepted a Book Of Mormon to learn more about the message. It was so cool. 

We also had exchanges this week so I was on exchange with Elder Jamieson, and we taught a lady named Andreea, Funny thing about this, I met her when I first began in Finglas ward. So she is amazing, She felt the spirit so strongly and it was amazing to see how the Lord has prepared her to hear this message at this time. It was powerful. 

Later I had a neat experience, We met a man who was a Heroine Addict, and I felt great Love to desire to help him change his life through Jesus Christ and his Atonement. If you remember back I had a similar experience several Months back And it was incredible and it was with a Heroine Addict as well. It's been weird. But also we were talking to people on the street and Elder Jamieson was talking to someone on the street and I went over to this girl sitting Alone, and Talked and she turned out to be interested in what we shared and gave us her number and said we could Come by and teach her. So that was neat. If you talk to everyone the Lord will guide you, "OPEN your Mouth and it shall be filled. " We then met a man named Theo, and we taught him the Restoration on the street, he said he would get back to us, he lives out of town, and he wanted to tell his wife and set a date that works for them. He was amazing also. 

We had a meeting this week. ALL-IRELAND CONFERENCE. I met a missionary I was told to find, after 19 months of being out :P. So that was cool. Conference was amazing, we focused on the DOCTRINE of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. Doctrine is the unchanging truths of the Gospel.  It was so amazing, and learnt more about the Holy Ghost Principle. Later we went to See Lee that night and talk to him about the Book Of Mormon. He has read bits of it and had questions. 

We met with David this week, and taught about Faith and it was so cool, because the scriptures we planned to use, didn't get used as the Spirit guided us to share other things, still about Faith. We also invited him to be baptized and he accepted  for the end of October, it is so cool to see his Faith growing and him progressing so much and coming to learn that God is there. So Cool. 

We had a lesson to meet this man named Peter ( He wasn't too solid), on our way to see Peter, we met a man coming out of the tunnel and he told us he is looking to strengthen his belief in God, so we shared about the Restoration, and he set a time and gave us his number and address to come by and teach him. Later in the week we called to confirm our appointment with him and he asked if he could bring his friend Andy, and we said yes, We then taught both of them on Saturday and it was absolutely Amazing experience, they have both been prepared over the past 2 years to recieve the message as well. 

Then We had church this week. Jimmy and Ray both came to church and Loved it. Ray told us it felt like having a warm shower :) Jimmy is doing very well. Both were well recieved by all the members, which was amazing. 

After Church We were chapping doors and not finding anyone, but we were departing after finishing the street, and this guy in a beautiful White BMW called out to us and asked what we do, ( by the way he parked in the middle of the Round about :P)  talked for 5 ish minutes, then waved him on to free up the round about so he took the Left into the petrol station and parked in the parking lot, and talked to us about how he had sinned alot and was looking to strengthen his relationship with God as well, We told him that Christ could take away and cleanse you of those feelings of Guilt, It was incredible, Man he is amazing. His name is Luke, And we will see him this week. 

I just want all of you to know that Miracles have not ceased, they are brought forth by Faith, and the Lord guides his Church here on the Earth. I know that if we relied on our own abilities we wouldn't have found any of these people, but since we rely on the Lord to guide us and on his spirit to give us what to say and we talk with EVERYONE, we have been blessed and so has this little branch. 

We are to be the instruments for the Lord and if we are to be tuned correctly and allow ourselves to be used that way then we will see miracles because this is HIS CHURCH. HIS WORK. It is true, I know it with every fiber of my soul, Through the Holy Spirit and the witness I have recieved of these truths, I KNOW THAT THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS is the Lord's kingdom once again on the Earth, that The prophet Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and that The priesthood power has been restored and the blessings of the Priesthood are upon all those that are Faithful in this great work. Christ is the Head, and he Leads all of us in battle against the adversary as we are united in Battle Satan has no power over us. It is such a a remarkable thing to me to know that If I follow Christ I am promised to be protected. I will DEFINATELY face Trials, but that is how the LORD REFINES US. I can honestly testify that in part I have been partly refined but I have a long way to go, I am not perfect, But I am ME and through the Loving Grace of my Saviour and through my own obedience to his commandments and becoming more like him through the Enabling power of his generous and infinite Atonement I can be Like HIM. 
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

This work is the greatest work that any individual can participate in as it is the work of Salvation, it is the work that assists the father in his greatest work , " To Bring to pass the immortality and Eternal Life of Man" 

I love being a missionary, I love being able to see people's lives change and to see the Holy Spirit wrought such a powerful change in their hearts and to see their nature become TRANSFORMED. 

I invite any of you who are wondering on if you should serve or not, that You definately serve, there is something about serving the Lord and giving this small sacrifice to him for all he has done that is so amazing, and not only will you see others change , but if you GIVE yourself to him, he will change you. I recommend that everyone who can to serve the Lord and lose yourself in his service. 

I love all of you, And You all are in my prayers every night, Thank you for the example you have been to me, I have learnt something from each of you and you are all in my heart. :)

Until the Work is Done. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

August 31st, 2015

So again I don't have much time, We are going to visit Birr Castle today and that should be quite exciting, The week was Great. 

First off, We were able to give Azaria, our friend a blessing, so that was a neat experience to see the faith she had in recieving a blessing and in knowing what the blessing said as well, That was neat, I won't share anything about it though as that is personal.  We then later had dinner at their home on thursday and again saw Lee, one of Azaria's friends. We shared the Mormon Message Hope Of God's Light. And it was great. At church they came up to us to tell us that Lee is reading the Book of Mormon so we will be going over to answer any of his Questions

Jimmy is doing grand like, He called us Monday to tell us he has decided to read the whole Book Of Mormon in a Month, and as of Yesterday afternoon he was at page 104, and he is absolutely loving it. The Lord is really working well with him , and he is seeing miracles happen in his life. He also offers the closing prayer in our meetings. 

David is doing great as well, he has began reading the Book Of Mormon and Loves it, It has been neat to see the changes happening within him. He told us he feels he wants to give up Alcohol and drinking and we haven't taught him about Word Of Wisdom yet, and he has also began to be comfortable with us. He said the closing prayer on Wednesday and it was amazing. Oh and Debbie and Azaria came to teach him with us. And it was a great lesson. 

Ray is doing well as well, He has read everything we invite him to read, and offered the closing prayer this week and it was incredibly powerful, such a neat experience. He told us he wants to come to church this coming week with us so that is exciting. 

The week has been great, we have done alot of finding as well and this coming week we have an ALL- Ireland Conference, so that will be nice to have on Wednesday and Exchanges tomorrow. I am excited. 

Oh and one funny moment, Elder Peterson hit me with the car :P 

Till the Work is done Love you

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

August 24th, 2015

I had alot to do So I apologize that I couldn't write much today. I want you to know the week has been great, so I will be taking snippits from Elder Petersons letter this week. 

This week has been the most successful week yet since I've been here and we didn't even have our car, which is crazy. We've had a lot of lessons. The biggest factor in that is the members who are willing to help out.

Tuesday we went out with Jimmy Nevin to work in the turf bogs. He has a bad back, so we offered to help him. It was so good to be able to wear jeans and a t-shirt for once. Plus there were no clouds and it was awesome. We would flip over the chunks of turf and stack them like a log house so they can dry. People here use it like firewood. 

Jimmy is doing great and he's really ready to be baptised. We taught the Word of Wisdom with President Holton. The only thing he needs to give up is tea, so that's good. We need to decide soon where to baptize him. We might end up doing it in a lake or else we would be asking the whole branch to travel to Dublin to support him. So I'm guessing it'll be in a lake. 

Azaria did come to church! As well as David Collins (one of our investigators)! He seemed to enjoy sacrament meeting. We taught him and his sister the other night. Michelle even said the closing prayer in the lesson! Which is a big step for her. They are coming along very well. 
Anyways, this week has been awesome. Those are just a few things that happened/ We have another good week ahead of us as well.

The work is going well love you all. 
I have much more to say but don't have time, this email would've been so short. But help from elder Peterson makes it decent length. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

August 17, 2015

MAn this week has been epic. :) WOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man Mullingar is on fire, the spirit is strong and The Lord is Great. 

This week has been epictacular, Man where do I begin. I have about half an hour so we will see where we get to. 

First off, We had an investigator at CHURCH, WOO!!!!!!! and what adds to our joy is he worked 8pm-8am and then came to church at 11 and stayed for the whole time, he is so dedicated, he is Jimmy who we talked about last week, Man he is so prepared and knows he will get an answer by the 20th of September. We also met twice with him this week, We taught the Restoration on Monday and Gospel of Jesus Christ on Saturday. We invited him for baptism on the 20th of September and he accepted as well. As we met with him we have helped him to recognize the way the Lord speaks to us, Oh what sick story. So we were talking to him and he told us he was reading in the new Testament, this was right before he met for our meeting for Saturday, He was reading in 2 Thessalonians 1: 6-8 and it talked about the laying on of hands and when we met we talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the Laying on of Hands as well. and he was like that was so cool I just opened up to a random scripture in the bible and it happened to coorelate with the Lesson. We were able to have our friend Gene at the Restoration lesson as well and her testimony was one of power and as we were talking to Jimmy she said " there will be many things that try to stop you in following Christ but as you do You won't regret it" and it was so amazing. Jimmy was awesome. 

Second, We met two new people David and Michelle, Man they are so PREPARED, They have been looking without knowing they have and they believe that them meeting the missionaries was intervention from God. They are so willing to act on the message and read and pray to find out if it is true. David is proactive in the setting up of appointments and we told them we wouldn't have the car this week, and they said that is alright we will come to yous. Oh man, The Lord has defiantely blessed us right now, I feel God's love for us so much, and the work is beginning to progress. We met with them last night and they both commited and said " We want to come to church". Man it was so powerful. As we talked we answered their questions and left them to read Alma 32, such an amazing chapter I love it with a passion.
So the neatest thing is that we were supposed to meet David and Michelle on the Monday, however we only had the phone he uses for personal calls and we were told he lived in this place but there wasn't an address, so we went to this area, and We prayed to Heavenly Father and we went around to find them and we saw a man out in his yard and we came and talked to him and he called like 5-6 people to ask them and they didn't know then his wife came out and did the same, we thanked them from their help and then right as we were about to depart, the Wife said, wait a second It has just come to me that there is a rented house just up the road, and they directed us to it, We knocked on the door and it was David's door, but initially noone was home, and later in the evening as we were departing we felt to try it one more time and it was David's house. That was one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed. He had this awesome man Cave that he lived in and he invited us in and told us about himself and set an appointment for the following day, where we met his sister and they are both so prepared. 
Michele and David were found in Dublin by the zone Leaders. But when they speak of the experience they stated " we Never walk around in Dublin" but that day we felt like it and met the missionaries. Michelle is so awesome as well she said she wants to live the straight and narrow path, Man this is so Amazing.  We will see them again this week. and share the plan of Salvation. Oh Ya wicked thing happened too we were talking and Michelle said. I like what I hear here and I feel I will join with it, So We will be working more to help teach them the truths of the RESTORED Gospel.

We also worked at a huge music festival as volunteers up in Sligo this week it was amazing. 

We had a good lesson with Ray this week as well began the Plan Of Salvation with him, and we don't even need to invite him but he recognizes he wants to go to church and even invited his brother to join in in the lesson. He does feel he needs to learn more before he attends church but he loves our visits and he Loves the teachings of the church. He is great, He wants to bring his family up in this and bring them back together. 

Oh yeah at church on Sunday it was the coolest thing I had ever seen as well, The whole congregation was spoken to with such BOLDNESS being told that Satan is resentless and Is fighting to take us down, The days of being a MORMON who sits on the Fence or is going through the Motions is OVER, Today we must choose whom we follow. 
I know for myself I choose the LORD. Just as Joshua and his household did. ONLY through Christ can we be redeemed and transformed, and only through Christ can we be HAPPY. 

I know that this work is HARD, it really is HARD, it tries you in all aspects but if you are not tried you cannot be refined. 
I Know this Is the True Church of Christ and I know that Jesus Christ guides HIS church here on the Earth and we are here to have the opportunity to partake of his goodness, for he could do it all himself but he is gracious enough for us to be able to participate in it all. 

I love you all, Remember that. I keep you in my prayers you are the world to me, Love you

All who recieve this have impacted my life in some way or another, I am so greatful for all of you even those who read this on my blog. 
Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission