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Monday July 27th, 2015

This week has been crazy, We are working our butts off here, man it's crazy. Many appointments fall through but We are working hard and it is just the Agency of others. It seems recently that all the people we meet when they feel the Spirit and are talking to us agree to meet and want it, but then we depart and the spirit does too, and when we come back they say, I don't want to learn anymore, " I'm too old to change, I will stick to my beliefs" or I'm fine with my things I am doing already." But You know I feel like there is something else there. I feel when these answers are given that they still know they should learn but are not willing to make the changes.  As we were going by our friend she told us that she didn't want to change. And others on the same street told us that there were Other faiths knocking in the area this past week, Knowing that we went and spoke to people on the street. 
 In my Studies, I was preparing my instruction for Zone interview Trainings, and it was focused on talking with others and continuing conversation,  I practised a few times and when I got up I was so nervous. 
 We also had an appointment fall through when we had our friend Colin with us, but after we went and street contacted with him and it was a blast we met two people one guy's name was Dean, and he is looking for purpose.  the other was Ceradignum, looking for purpose in Life as well. 

We had a neat experience we felt Prompted to go to a place called Rochfortbridge, And directly to this one street, and as we got there we felt prompted to start at a certain home, we knocked on the Home and we met a great man, he had ran many Marathons and was 89 years old. He had two blown out knees and we shared with him about the Priesthood power and that that power is Restored in the Restored Church. He invited us in and shared with us many things about his life, and showed us his huge collection of Medals. He said we can come back and share more with him :)

We also went on exchanges this week but instead of exchange we Blitzed the area, it was great, we all went around teaching and finding people. We met this man who believed whe had lived in France and America in the 1800s, It was an interesting conversation, We also met a man named John, and went and taught him right there and then abit about the Restoration of the Gospel. That was neat. 
Later in the evening we were doing some tracting, and we saw this lady doing work she was putting away alot of Turf and we offered our assistance. We were able to help, and for an hour we moved turf into the Shed. It was hard work but rewarding. I am greatful she allowed us to serve her. We came away completely  filthy our white shirts but that was alright. 

On Thursday of this week, we Had zone Interview Training and learned great skills. One of the skills I want to share with you is the Holy Ghost Principle, It isn't anything new, but it Is teaching everyone the role of the holy ghost and pointing out it will be there and helping others feel when it is there. It is a miraculous principle we have already applied it and We are beginning to see much change in those we teach. 
I gave an instruction of Speaking with People, and focused on the chart in the february 2014 issue of the ensign. 50% of communication is Personal, 25% is Superficial and 25% is validating, and for a conversation to be a healthy conversation you need all aspects of this communication. 
Elder Peterson also Bore his testimony, so that was exciting to be there to see, and It's been 2 weeks but I have already seen him change dramatically. We aren't teaching people, but none the Less, He isn't discouraged. He is such a good example to me. 
We then later that night were walking down the street and talked to a man about the Book Of Mormon and he asked us how much it was and he asked if he could have one. We shared with him the importance of the Book and told him we would come by and give him one. 
It was a good week. We met another guy on a bench who was Pentecostal so we learnt about that faith abit more and he asked for a book of Mormon.

We were able to teach Lionell this week and lay it all down on the table he said he wants this more and would like the peace that comes through Christ, he felt the spirit and before this he wasn't very interested, but BOLD ness is key. 

It was a good week, We have alot of potential this week if Appointments Keep, We have had 2 fall through so far but that is okay because we are inviting and the Agency of others is a factor as well. 

Love you all, I know this Church is true and it will bless your LIVES. 

He Lives, I know It. 

Until the Work is Done.


Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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