Sunday, 16 August 2015

Monday August 3rd, 2015

The work is beginning to hasten here in Mullingar, the field is white already to harvest. Many people coming out now are Being prepared, they believe that there is much corruption in many of the churches so when we share our beliefs they seem to correspond well with them. It is so incredible, I absolutely love it here, My companion Elder Peterson and I are rocking it, I am still learning how to be a senior companion. So That is fun, and Doing a 40 day Fast for purification again, and I feel amazing. This work is amazing. Recently it just feels like the Lord is pouring out answers upon me, and it's so neat to see. I have been listening with my heart and studying and Pondering upon my studies and I feel I am getting many answers,. and being able to recognize more the still small voice and listen to it. Oh My Goodness it is so neat.

So this week we had so many set appointments, unfortunately not too many held but that was okay, Our Commission is to invite all people to come unto Christ but everyone has their agency. 
But we did start teaching three people this week, The first is a man named Mich and we met him a few weeks back and when we met him he was the one that told us the things we taught were true. We went back to his and taught him parts of the Plan Of Salvation, and He enjoys when we are there and feels the spirit so much, it is incredible he is quite old though.  

Next is a lady named Clodaugh, she is a single mom, but she is amazing, she wants to try learning about God and told us she felt good while we were there we taught about the blessings of the Family and bore witness of the blessings the Gospel gives us. 

We also started teaching a man named Ray, He is looking to get his life back in order and so much more, but he Is catholic, eventhough he believes the catholic church is corrupt so that is interesting but I know how much this message will help him. 

I love this gospel, I have just met all of these people and I already Love them and care so much about them and feel I am a part of their life and it matters to me. 

Well got to go. Love you all, Just a short One this week but this next week should be longer, We are going to visit the City of Kells today, which is where the Book Of Kells was written. 


Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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