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Monday July 20, 2015

This week has been Crazy. I have had some of the most Spiritual moments of my mission on Saturday, On Tuesday was wild we met a bunch of Other religious people in the Park, so Talked about Doctrines, then went away and ran into someone else, Was on Exchange with Elder Walters, Visited with Many of our families here, We went to a funeral, I got asked to give a training at Zone interview training this coming week and we have learnt alot. 

I don't have enough time to do this week justice in here. :( Sad face. 
But what I can say Is the LORD definately is aware of each of us and he KNOWS us. We were directed on Saturday to this street, I won't go into detail of all that happened but I will share abit. So we got to this street as we set an appointment with a lady when I was in Athlone on Tuesday, we were on exchanges so Elder Walters and I, met this lady named Martina and she wasn't too interested but we came anyways while there we were on the other end to the estate and we prayed about it and felt to go down the road, and go to a different location on that estate. We then chapped a series of 20 doors, and Spoke to MANY people, we got 6 return appointments and we were able to be there and bring the Spirit to help to comfort them. Two quotes we recieved were " You two have been sent from Heaven" and the other was a conversation. He: " You are very good at what you do." Us: We aren't doing anything we are just sharing what we KNOW to be True. He:  I know that these things are right, I believe it." The Spirit was so powerful and we could feel the Lord Work through us in reaching out to all of these people to strengthen them in these times of difficulty.  This isn't even a portion of what we felt but I don't have the words to explain it. 

On the Exchange though, we walked in a park and there was a big reach out there that we didn't know about and a couple of members of a different faith came up to us to talk, they wanted to know what our beliefs are as they heard about Mormons but didn't know the beliefs, they then proceeded to try and contradict each statement of our beliefs with referring to the Bible, We didn't know what to do So we testified of what we know to be true, The Book Of Mormon is TRUE. The thing that is the hardest for me to get is that so many people try and discredit the Book Of Mormon, but nothing in the Book Of Mormon contradicts, distorts or takes away from any of the teachings in the bible, The book of Mormon is here to reveal to us the PLAIN and PRECIOUS truths that have been removed and it is her to SOLIDIFY and CONFIRM the Words of The BIBLE.  But they don't even give it a chance. My Belief is that you can't discredit something until you have read it, For myself all of my Beliefs are Mine and they have come through earnest prayer to my father in Heaven as to what is true. 

I Know That this  Church is Christ's Church, I know It And NOTHING can change what I Know because it was given to me by the Holy Ghost, If it was given to me by any other force it could be altered and lose credibility but because I have felt the Spirit burn within me as I have witnessed about these things and each time I bear witness I feel the spirit I KNOW THE THINGS WHICH I HAVE SAID TO BE TRUE. 

I don't want anyone to doubt whether or not I know this to be true, I align myself with all representatives of Christ and bear solemn witness that Jesus is the Christ, that this is his church on the earth, and he is the cornerstone of all, I bear witness that He Lives and he works through a living Prophet on the Earth and that Thomas S. Monson is that Prophet. For All of you who have not yet investigated and read the glorious words of the Savior illustrated in the Book of Mormon I exhort you with every ounce of my being to do so, as I have read from the pages and pondered and Prayed I have come to know that Jesus Christ is my savior and I know what he has done for me and this has helped me to desire to be more like him. 

The Lord is in this work and as we clean the inner vessel we will feel the power of the Holy Ghost more powerfully in our lives, 

Oh yeah in district meeting this past week we learnt about awkward moments on our missions and how many things can be awkward but we were encouraged to go for it. :) 

I love all of you and I am greatful to have met each of you. The Lord is aware of you and loves you. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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