Monday, 28 July 2014

Monday July 28, 2014 - Incredible week! Very cool miracles!

This week was fun, Alot of things happened, For one we had a baptism, we were on Exchanges, Had some really cool experiences. 

As always begin with Studies. So this week for my studies I have been doing Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel and New Testament, which have really been helping me alot to learn many things, and as I study I have been trying to have questions in mind as to what it is that I want to learn about. So I did that and gained some good valuable insights.

As I was studying Preach My Gospel this week I looked at alot of the Lessons and Highlighted some important things in the Preach my Gospel and learnt alot from it. I was studying the Gospel of Christ and the Plan of Salvation and the thing that stood out most to me was that in alot of the sentences it says "can", or "may"  which shows a commitment on our sides for sure to live those ways which I had found interesting, I also Continued some of my study on Figuring out how to become perfect.

There was an article in July Enisgn, Being Perfect in Christ and it taught me alot abot how perfection is time. Perfection comes in time, and I want to be the best I can be, I don't want to have weaknesses, but it taught me that nothing is perfect if you spend your whole life waiting for the perfect of anything you will just be sad, so I strive to become perfect and make progress but I am learning to not get mad or depressed when I realize I am not perfect.

This Week I studied the Christlike Attribute of Obedience. So as always, I began by first defining what obedience is and obedience is willingly doing something that is aligned with the Lord's work. In Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21 It talks about there is a law irrevocably decreed in Heaven before the foundation of this world upon which all blessings are predecated, and when we obtain any blessing from God it is by Obedience to that law by which it is predecated." So that taught me just how important Obedience is because it is the foundation of blessings however it is also the Way we show LOVE to the Lord by being obedient to his commandments. I don't have too much time to share additional insights I will write more next week but this week was amazing

On Monday we had a family home evening lesson on Trust which was very good for all who attended, Trust fall.

Tuesday we had our first district meeting which was a blast and after I was able to go on exchange with Chinese elders, and teach a few Chinese people, we definitely had some success in finding people to talk to and I was able to understand more about how the Lord talks to us, Because two of the people we met I went to it half-hearted at first not thinking anything of it and judged and they ended up being interested and setting up appointments with us which definitely humbled me. It was a great exchange, learnt alot about service and Love from my companion.

On Wednesday Jonathan was able to have his baptismal interview and everything go well we were also able to have good lessons and feel the spirit strongly.

Usual Thursday,

Friday-  Was a great day, we were super hot and I joked and was like "it would be great if we could have ice cream" and this random lady came up to us and offered us Mars bar ice creams. We were over the moon with it and those small things definitely show little miracles unto us, we were also able to get better at teaching. My companion and I and are improving a lot with our teaching unity and abilities and at the moment focusing a lot on less actives.

On SaturdaySaturday was the big day we had Jonathan get baptised funny story though, hot water heater didn't work and they had to have it in cold water, it was a very spiritual baptism and we watched finding faith in christ and the spirit was so strong, we are both so grateful we got to be a apart of that for Jonathan and there was a great turn out there which was awesome.

On Sunday we had a great day. I loved it. Unfortunately I had to leave twice to bring and help carry and bring back home a member but it was great to see that he was able to make it to church after 9 weeks of being ill. He loved it so much and was so grateful and that experience showed me to be grateful for having the opportunity to go to church to do those basic things that we take for granted and be thankful for them. I was so grateful I could be apart of that for him and grateful to see the love and gratitude in his eyes it taught me a lot. 

Well that was my week, I will write my letter home earlier next week, so I can record more 
Love you all

Live Long and Prosper

"Peace Be Still "

- Elder James Reece

Thursday, 24 July 2014

July 21, 2014 - Teaching, playing Pictionary, Brazilian night and training for Edinburgh!

So this week was fun. We had alot of things going on which caused for some good times and enjoyed all of it. Some of the highlights of the week were "Brazilian Night" which was loads of fun, the East Scotland Zone Conference which was powerful and the Exchange with he Zone Leaders.

This week in my study it has been interesting, I have been studying in the scriptures, reading some of preach my gospel, but mostly focusing on talks and Ensign articles.

Apparently I didn't record much of what it was I studied, :( but I do remember some of what it was. I studied general conference 2012 October the conference that made me decide to serve the Lord and read through the first few talks.

I read through Elder Cook's talk Can ye feel so now and focused alot on the spirit of the Lord. I learnt alot from it, I was reading about how we have spriritual droughts and as we are in these spiritual droughts we can't feel his influence as much in our lives. So I kind of reflected on it and thought about how we can get out of spiritual drought, and one of those ways is to be able to not stand Idly by, We are to be wise servants and act in diligence, in the things we do.

I also read through sister Dibbs talk as well called I know it I live it and I love it, and it had a strong effect on me and I thought to myself, when are times I am afraid to share the gospel, and realized some days we are afraid to share the gospel, even as missionaries, it is because maybe you want someone to like you, you try to please other people, you don't be the way you should because you want attention. But the thing is at the end of the day the only person you should care and worry about viewing you is the LORD. I know for me I would rather be good in the Lord's eyes instead of others eyes , and as we serve faithfully and are well in his eyes, then people see us as his disciples.

So that is the jist of my studies will talk more in a moment.

So this week has been full of fun,

On Monday we did family home evening at the church and taught a message about the Armour of God and found a little video from seminary on which was a good video, there were alot of none members and also alot of investigators there and members so it was a good turn out, we were able to talk about how to put on that armour and also why the armour is important. We then played pictionary and then as always the girls beat the boys :P Typical :)

On Tuesday, we had a good day we started off the day going to pass by a less actives house but on the way we called  him and had the wrong address and the Lord led us out that way, It was magnificient. As Elder Patterson and I were out there we met alot of nice people and then as we were waiting at Tesco's a man approached us and started chatting with us about marriage and stuff and it was really cool, he was talking about religion and actually interested in talking to us, we knew then that the Lord put us there purposely. We then had an Exchange I was on Exchange with the zone leader with my focus being on recognizing the holy ghost and acting upon his promptings. We then went to Dundee and visited a few people, later  we both went to the city centre and contacted a few people we were supposed to meet a less active later but he didn't show up and because of that we were able to run with a man and teach and testify and set up a return appointment. It was such a cool experience, we also talked to another guy who was an Athiest but he was open to listen and he agreed with alot of the things we had said which was really cool. So we were able to teach them both and have a good time.

On Wednesday it was hectic, so we started off that morning  with studies and throughout studies I studied the ensign, but in companionship study it was nice because we read the section on the Holy Ghost in Preach My gospel and gained valuable insights together, we then had the priviledge to clean up the park from trash. Then we switched back and were able to go see a man who is not able to leave his home and aid him ito being able to leave the house to come to church, we were doing a practice to make sure it was possible and it was a success after being inside for 7 weeks he loved the sun and the fresh air. That was a lovely experience to be apart of and to feel the spirit he brings with him. We then later had to take a train for training in Edinburgh, So we got in and stayed the night at the Morningside Elders flat and had an interesting night :P Missionaries are crazy at sleep overs just so you know. I tried sleeping and couldn't sleep so laid in bed for 2 hours :P It was fun though,

On Thursday we have the Conference and it was a very uplifting expeirence, we recieved very good instruction at it from Elder and Sister Dyches and President and Sister Brown. One of the Messages that was shared was about Diligence and what it is and we also talked about the power and authority of our calling which is very powerful. He told us stories from his mission and was very inspiring. I understand more of the Power we have but we can only use the power as we live Strictly Obedient to all that is asked of us. We recieved a cool way to study, President told us how he studies using a dictionary and thesaurus to understand the words used and to understand what the words mean.

On Friday, we were able to see our investigators and have strong lessons, where the spirit was strong and strengthened me which is so nice, We then had the opportunity to clean the Faunt it was fun to clean because I needed to scrub it so I was in water on my feet which felt really nice and the faunt is all prepared now for Saturday so that is exciting.

On Saturday we were able to have a good lesson with Amiee she is doing awesome and does homework on the things she reads and we were able to help him see that she feels of the spirit and recognizes it which was nice, she glows and the spirit is so strong with her and I can;t even wait to see the great things she does here as she is baptised one day. We then had a brazilian night, and the turn out was phenomaenal it was a fun night, had brazilian food, a treasure hunt, a few silly games and a lot of socializing , we were able to build and strengthen many great relationships we have with the members which was nice.

On Sunday we recieved word that we are doing a group fast which is exciting for missionary work and it will be great I know it will, I also thought I would be talking but luckily didn't but I now have a talk prepared in case :P


I Testify that this is the true church, that Thomas S . Monso is the prophet and that Joseph Smith restored the church, I testify that way we live is ordained of God and as we follow the commandments we are spiritually and physically stronger in every way and our closeness to the spirit increases,

I love you all and say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I want you all to know that you are all always in my prayers and I love you all, Keep persevering and be diligent and if you are commanded to do something or advised to make changes DO IT, you will feel a greater purpose as YOU allow the Lord to refine you into a spiritual man/ women and put off the natural man.

Live long and Prosper and never Falter from the Straight and Narrow Path

- Elder James Reece

July 14, 2014 - James is growing!

Hello Everybody,

So this week has been a good week, the work here in Perth is progressin and starting to pick up, It is absolutely stunning and beautiful and after a week with my new companion, we are both getting used to each other and actually get along quite well so it is quite nice, on a personal and work level, he talks with me, shares stories and is awesome.

I just got a new hair style, I wonder how it looks, I will show pictures at a later date.

So this week was rather busy, we have two solid people we are working with a lot and are progressing quite nicely, so it was nice to see them all.

In my studies this week they have been on making Choices. One thing that I have always struggled with is making choices in the spare of the moment. As I have been studying I have come across a similar theme as I have mentioned in the past about Choosing to be angry. None Shall Offend Them- Elder Bednar, and School thy feelings my Brother- President Monson.  They have both focused on the fact that being angry or getting offended or annoyed is a choice, none can make us become mad or angry, it is a choice, and that is my main focus right now as I work, as many of you know I speak and react quite quickly and sometimes without thinking, and then correct myself afterwards, so I want to be able to slow down my actions and work on them so I can remain calm in group settings. That has been the main part of my studies this week and I have read a few other talks and heard a few.  There was one about Flaxxen Chords, and how Satan ties us up slowly but as the binds are strengthened then we are driven slightly back to hell.

I love all of you and have focused on Patience and being greatful for things, and I am so greatful for all of you that have impacted my life and been there for me. You are amazing and LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE and help others recieve that truth.
You all have the potential to be great and don't let anything stop or hinder that. Don't forget that we are all toiling in this vineyard together and the LORD NEEDS all of us. Not just Me not just You, but we need to ALL be engaged in this cause and only then will we bring souls unto the Kingdom of God.

Now for this week Activities and cool ideas.
So this week started on Monday, Obviously :P And as we shopped and hung out last week that is what we did. There isn't too much to do out here but next week we are going to Scone Palace, Which is the coronation site for the Scottish Kings and we might be going to St. Andrews at one point as well so Alot of fun, there is beautiful scenery here and this week it is raining again but on a nice day I will take loads of photos.  Monday evenings here, we do family home evening and it was loads of fun, we taught about the holy ghost and did an obstacle course to go through with everyone loud and the spirit being small still voice. That was cool

Tuesday, we had Zone meeting, which was very uplifting and spiritual, It was nice to remember our purpose and understand how to try different finding ideas, TALK WITH EVERYONE.

Wednesday We had a good time. I started off with reading the FOURTH MISSIONARY, which I forgot to mention before. It was awesome, ave me a new light, new drive.  Wednesday we had a really good day and we were able to help our investigator prepare to give up smoking and we are so proud of him. He has the will of an ox and is going strong.

So I don't feel like going day by day so this week we found some new people to teach had a few mini miracles, with one of our investigators being able to get to YSA as well as when we were coming back from Newburgh one of the members saw us and ave us a lift home. I got to see a newborn baby of 2 weeks and Lillie was so cute, and meet alot of amazing people

We just launched a Single Adults sunday school so I am excited to see how that goes with the people and their friends coming and that part of the ward growing. Well i don't have any time left I love you all that was my week plus church was great.

Live long and prosper

- Elder James Reece

July 7, 2014 - Doing the work in Perth!

So this week was interesting, Unfortunately we couldn't get too much done, but it was fun.
So my companion is the district leader and it is his first time being one so we had to go to training on Thursday and then they had District Leader Council on Saturday as well, which as interesting.

Well this week in my study, It has been very hectic with moves and all, but I was able to study my Patriarchal blessing and did it in a way where I was looking for the blessings. and the requirements where the blessings are predecated. It was really cool. Unfortunately I had to be up super early 4 times this week I didn't study too much but this week was awesome.

This week when travelling to Perth I was able to meet a girl and teach her part of the gospel and she told me to stop by the Blend which is a cafe in Perth and was actually there, unfortunately we missed her by a few hours but her friends were told we were supposed to come by so they were expecting us which is really cool.

I am sad that I had to leave Dublin but super excited to do work here in Perth and there is a lot of potential going on here and I am excited to see what the future has. On sunday we had a good meeting in Priesthood where we talked about our convrsions so that was cool and very uplifting.

I also was in Edinburgh on Thursday while my companion was recieving training and we had a cool experience happen to us, we walked by and stopped to think about where we want to go, and as we were standing there a man walked by, his tag from work fell off so I picked it up and gave it to him then started to walk back and Ponder on what the Lord wanted us to do and as we did that I looked over at the man and just walked straight across the parking area to him, to engage him in a gospel conversation which was really cool he was interested and he was working here and studying and initially was from France so i spoke a little french with him.

I do miss all of you and this week has been filled with new beginnings.
I got my new companion so the travelling was a pain in the butt but was fun.

So Wednesday I woke up at 5am got ready walked to the bus stop with all my fellow missionaries, we then got on the bus at 7am, from there we took the bus to Belfast, where we waited for our next bus to come, we took it to the ferry, rode the ferry all the way across then busse all the way to Edinburgh, and from there took a train to Dundee, since it was too late to go back to Perth we stayed the night and then at 7am we travelled to Edinburgh again and all my lugage was still with me, and then we were heading home and the train was full so we had to sit around for 2 hours. However this time is so great and Elder Patterson is doing an excellent job. Very Inspiring.

I love you all, sorry my e-mail isn't the longest but I was going through my photos and videos on my hard drive and spent more time then I wanted to.

I love you all and I know that this church is true. I know that the Lord calls me to this place as part of his plan and I am called to Perth to find someone he needs to enter his kingdom.

I love you all

- Elder James Reece

July 1, 2014 - Quick but full of love!

So this Week is interesting,

Another week of falling through appointments. This week has been interesting. I recieved my moves call and I am heading To Scotland. Heading to Perth in Dundee zone. My companion is named Elder Patterson, no clue anything about him. All I know is he has been out about a year. More to tell in the future.

So this week has been hectic and don't have much time to write about.

My studies have been fairly good. I have been reading in the Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel and New Testament.

As I study my scriptures I am finding more and more stuff and I am trying to do all that we can. I have learnt alot in studying Mosiah and studying the rule book but nothing jumped out too much or I just can't remember I seem to draw a blank when I e-mail.

But ALWAYS Serve, everything in our lives is given to us as an opportunity to serve.

This week was fun, had cool experiences, and an awkward one.

I will definately write more next week this week's letter I don't have much time for, everything is so busy and crazy with Moves I can't think straight love you though.

- Elder James Reece

June 23, 2014 - A week full of MINI MIRACLES!!!

This week has been full of mini miracles.

First of all I will begin with my studies as usual,

So my main focus has been on Becoming Consecrated just as was stated last week. So this week I studied alot just in the Scriptures, I was able to study in Book Of Mormon and finish Jacob, as well as Enos, Jarom, Omni, and those ones and gain some valuable stuff. In Enos we learn that as we pray and focus strictly on others, that is how we can help them and recieve answers to our prayers and as he prayed to preserve the scriptures for a later time when the Lamanites would be willing to learn more about The Lord and be willing to not destroy the Nephites and at that time will things happen.

I love that alot throughout this week, I have understood that abit more because I have been stressed abit for some who have felt the spirit but won't act on their specific feelings because they are afraid and I have learnt that all people will come to find God at different times and the Lord is the only one that knows exactly when the time is right. He knows all of us and loves us all.
One other thing I have learnt alot is based on that same thing and it is that alot of people are stuck in the traditions of their fathers, and because of that reject the Gospel and live their lives certain ways.

This gospel brings joy and love to all people and WILL strengthen your family relationships. Since I have joined the church and learnt the Lord's will for me my relationships with people have increased ten fold, I have showed more Love, I have showed more respect, I have made changes, and I have seen forgiveness work in the Lives of those around me. This gospel is a miraculous thing that is of God and just as is stated," All good things come of God." and I can testify of that.

Unfortunately, I forgot my study Journal at home, so I don't have too many things to talk about however I did study about how to recieve revelation, It was a talk in the Ensign from a few months ago and it talk about some great things. One thing I liked alot is that it talks about when Jesus Christ goes out to Fast for 40 days and 40 nights that he went out to commune with his father, He did not go out looking to be tempted of Satan, and after we ENDURE temptations and our trials angels will minister unto us just like what happened with  Jesus Christ. I was also studying a few talks on Morality and talked about many of the different things that Satan uses against us. There was something really good I read but I can't remember it at this moment. Read the talk though. Very good stuff.

My brain is drawing blanks Right now.

However My week was good.

Monday was fun for P-day we went to the beach however we couldn't find it so we went exploring through trees and stuff. It was a very fun time.

Okay so I can't remember what stuff happened each day but this week was good.

Unfortunately alot of dropped appointments again which was unfortunate but we definately learnt about trusting the Holy Ghost and knowing the Lord guides our steps.

Sometime this week we were out and we were going to an Area and both teams were going into the same area because we had a joint dinner appointment for Mid Summer, and we went to a place and as we were tracting the area, we knocked into a man, and he let us in, however usually he doesn't open the door ever but he had people try to break in several days prior so he answered the door to us and let us in. So it's interesting how things work out, As well as one of the people we were teaching, had decided to stop meeting with us to figure some things out and yesterday she called us and was wondering if we could come by again.

Another mini miracle for me was that I was able to give a lady a blessing, a few days after I had given her mother a blessing, and I was able to strengthen her for his trials. I definately know without a shadow of a doubt that the PRIESTHOOD I hold is God's power.

I was able to know the Lord's will for both of them at that time specifically and help them both prepare themselves for what was coming next. I am so greatful to be worthy to be able to do these kind of things.

As well as today my companion was praying to run into a girl he taught when he was here the first time a year ago because there were some difficulties and as we were on the bus to do service this morning we saw her and found out she is going to be moving into our area as well, that is amazing,

Well I love all of you

I know that this is Christ's church. It has been restored on the earth, I know that this generation is so controlled by Satan and I am here to tear away those chains from the people and invite them to follow Christ and to take upon his yoke, because his yoke is easy and his burden is light.
I know that Joseph smith was a prophet of God and that our family relationships are given to us from God

He loves all of you and those of you who have not yet embraced the embrace of the Savior his arms are always wide open to recieve you in.

And these things I leave with you, to ponder upon and to see if there is anything in your life you would like to change, because with Christ you can do all things.

- Elder James Reece

June 16, 2014 - Beautiful and much needed insight!

Oh my Goodness this week was so good.

The work is going great, and I am able to see more and more each and every day the Lord's hand in my life and the blessings that come from aligning our lives with his.

So this week in my studies, I focused on alot of different things, I continued my study on Consecration, continued my studies on Book of Mormon and New testament and as a companionship we read Doctrine and Covenants everyday. I have come to know alot this week and grown alot.

Some of my insights that I have had include my focus on being consecrated. There is a great talk called Consecrated Missionary by Tad R. Callister at an MTC devotional that was done and in this talk he talks about consecrating all of your soul on the altar and laying it down, this week I have truly began to understand what that means. We are not here to socialize and to build friendships, we are out here to Focus on the Lord's work, We are called and chosen to be representatives of Christ to show forth LOVE for all and to teach all about the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. I really like that a lot. We are here to build relationships with others, to help them with their duties in their wards and to build up the Lord's kingdom in our designated areas. I love that so much that we are here to do the LORD's WORK among his children to go out after the one lost sheep and to gather his fold together that are out there in the world. To prepare them for when the shepherd comes again that we can help them realize that they already recognize his voice and know him.

One of my focuses was to understand more about the fact that we are called. As it says is the Lord calls us and chooses us but we are chosen based on our unique talents, abilities, strengths, and even our weaknesses. I was wondering for myself how I am to use my talents I have been given to help this work progress, and was studying my Patriarchal Blessing, and if those of you who have patriarchal blessings and don't read them, I would advise you to read them Weekly if not Bi Weekly, because it is personal scripture and the Lord will provide you with revelation on YOU, and I think that is absolutely amazing. One thing while studying it is to be pondering a question that you want to know and the Lord with his greatness and Love for each of us will help you understand what is being told.

He Loves all of You, He Loves Me, he loves all those who Love him , and even he Loves those that hate him. We must follow his example in our lives. Each day in the news and in the world things get worse, Satan's power is throughout the whole world and destroys families, destroys relationships, destroys respect and destroys LOVE. As we love everyone around us it means that we FORGIVE them when they hurt us, Show love for All, Are ACCEPTING of all and Respect one another. One thing I love so much is Charity, without charity we are nothing, if we have not charity we have not love for others we have not love for ourselves. As we learn and pray to the Lord for Charity he will bless us with it because Charity is a Christlike Attribute and with all Christlike attributes as we ask for charity it will be given to us from our father in heaven. He Loves us and wants us to ask him for things to help us, he knows our desires of our hearts but to get anything in righteousness all we need to do is ASK. "ask and ye shall recieve, knock and it shall be opened unto you." It is that easy, the Lord constantly has his hand extended with his mercy, and as we accept his mercy and live according to his commandments we then are able to gain access of his grace which comes only after we have done all that we can on our own. I testify that Christ's grace is sufficient to all, I know that through Christ all things are possible and it is absolutely magnificient.

The Lord Needs each and everyone of us to do our duties, to use the Talents that he has blessed us with to build up his Kingdom here on the earth, One Thing I love is that the Lord WILL NOT bless us with more until we first take care of those we have already, Brothers and Sisters do your home teaching, do your visiting teaching, Reach out and invite all that you know to partake of the glory and Eternal power and Cleansing power of the Saviors Atonement, there is nothing else in this world that could even compare to it and the happiness and love it brings to us.  And these things I earnestly testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

This week was absolutely Amazing, We have done so much this week, it has been abit slow to get new people to teach but I can definately see the Lord's hand providing us with those people. as you know each week we do city finding activities as groups of missionaries, and we go out into the city centre and share this gospel with all, and from this approach it brings alot of Potentials.

So on Monday, We were able to relax and hang out with the other missionaries as well as see Gustavo and Eva, We had two family home evenings one with Gustavo who was recentally baptised a week ago before he went home to his country, and one for Eva, who entered into the waters of Baptism yesterday, I am so excited for both of them and greatful for the examples they have been to me.

On Tuesday, I learnt alot, we had all our lessons fall through, all of them but because this happened we had the opportunity to help out a new Member, he had been a member for a year and was from Brazil, and was having difficulties since he arrived the day previous, ~He knew noone and was alone and scared and the Lord directed us to him to help him out and we brought him to YSA and he Loved it, he absolutely loved it and is doing much better, I am just so greatful for Tuesday and for the lord to direct us and guide us to him to help him feel like he belongs and to be here with us, I am greatful that the Lord works through us to help others know of his love.

On Wednesday,
As we were visiting Less actives we ran into members from Utah, It is so cool when members see us and just stop us. It is one aspect of being a missionary I love, every once in a while we will be stopped on the street and uplifted by them. Today was a good day we were able to go through with the baptismal interview for Eva which went amazing and were able to see Gustavo for the Last time seeing as he went back to Mexico on Friday.

On Thursday, It was so uplifting and spiritual for our Zone Interview training, we talked about the importance of Rememberance and remembering our Purpose as missionaries and how remembering can help us on those days when we are constantly bombarded by rejection but just knowing that this message WILL bless the lives of those who accept it, fuel me to go out there and preach EVERYDAY. I love it so much, We also learnt about how our purpose is TO INVITE others to learn, One thing I love is that as long as we invite everyone we are successful it doesn't matter about how many baptisms we have or how many people we have, but it's measured by invitation, and this month is the month of invitation so EVERYONE invite your friends to church and if not then I invite all of you to check out the church to go to a sunday service and pay attention to the feelings you feel in your heart and to record them and if you don't know where to go go to, click on visit, and click on find a meeting house and that will set you up.

On Friday,
This was a good day,I saw the Lord's hand in our life we were running late and would've missed the train but the train was delayed 10 minutes which aloud us to make our appointment. It was great.

On Saturday, it was a great day. O my goodness, this day was busy and very Spiritual I grew alot on Saturday, we started off where one of the new members, her mother is not a member but is not doing the greatest and is in the hospital, so the member asked her mom if she'd be willing to recieve a blessing and none of us knew her, she agreed to receiving it and we gave her a blessing. I was asked o do it and afterwards I knew without a doubt that the priesthood I hold is the priesthood from God. I knew of the Love that God has for all of us even those who aren't of our faith and was so greatful I could be apart of it for her, she also was so greatful to her daughter for offering it for her and was greatful to us to be there to help her, This was the time I have felt the spirit the strongest, I almost couldn't stand, the words that i said were not my words they were the Lord's and everything is according to his will. Afterwards we were able to go to help with parking cars for Child Vision they had an open day and we all got to direct traffic which was a great experience. I love serving others so much, and it is true what is said in Mosiah 2:17 in the book of mormon, that when ye are in the service to your fellow men you are only in service to your God and i am so greatful for the example that Ammon had on me and for his example of serving King Lamoni and keeping his commandments and desiring to dwell with them. I am learning that more and more and love the people here so much.

On Sunday, it was another busy day, we were able to help Eva enter into baptism and take upon her the covenants and enter into these covenants with the Lord, She was so happy and just radiant all day and felt amazing afterwards, i love seeing that look and feeling the spirit of those who enter into the ordinance of Baptism, I was blessed that I was asked to do it for her as well and I am greatful for her. " Afterwards she told me that i mean alot to her and I am her teacher and have played a large role in her life and I am so greatful for that experience and know that the LORD has allowed us to have this happen. I know that everything I do is with the Lord and it is through him that we can touch the hearts of those we teach but " If ye are not one, you are not mine" I love that so much as we are one and as we follow the instruction in Doctrine and Covenants 50 :22 We are able to strengthen and edify all of us as ONE.

So that was my week this week, Full of spiritual excitement and some difficulties with several dropped lessons but I know the Lord directs his work and everything Happens because of some reason so I am excited to see what the future holds for us.

I love you all,

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, might , mind and strength and if you do so you will be amazed with what the Lord blesses your life with, I love you so much

- Elder James Reece