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June 23, 2014 - A week full of MINI MIRACLES!!!

This week has been full of mini miracles.

First of all I will begin with my studies as usual,

So my main focus has been on Becoming Consecrated just as was stated last week. So this week I studied alot just in the Scriptures, I was able to study in Book Of Mormon and finish Jacob, as well as Enos, Jarom, Omni, and those ones and gain some valuable stuff. In Enos we learn that as we pray and focus strictly on others, that is how we can help them and recieve answers to our prayers and as he prayed to preserve the scriptures for a later time when the Lamanites would be willing to learn more about The Lord and be willing to not destroy the Nephites and at that time will things happen.

I love that alot throughout this week, I have understood that abit more because I have been stressed abit for some who have felt the spirit but won't act on their specific feelings because they are afraid and I have learnt that all people will come to find God at different times and the Lord is the only one that knows exactly when the time is right. He knows all of us and loves us all.
One other thing I have learnt alot is based on that same thing and it is that alot of people are stuck in the traditions of their fathers, and because of that reject the Gospel and live their lives certain ways.

This gospel brings joy and love to all people and WILL strengthen your family relationships. Since I have joined the church and learnt the Lord's will for me my relationships with people have increased ten fold, I have showed more Love, I have showed more respect, I have made changes, and I have seen forgiveness work in the Lives of those around me. This gospel is a miraculous thing that is of God and just as is stated," All good things come of God." and I can testify of that.

Unfortunately, I forgot my study Journal at home, so I don't have too many things to talk about however I did study about how to recieve revelation, It was a talk in the Ensign from a few months ago and it talk about some great things. One thing I liked alot is that it talks about when Jesus Christ goes out to Fast for 40 days and 40 nights that he went out to commune with his father, He did not go out looking to be tempted of Satan, and after we ENDURE temptations and our trials angels will minister unto us just like what happened with  Jesus Christ. I was also studying a few talks on Morality and talked about many of the different things that Satan uses against us. There was something really good I read but I can't remember it at this moment. Read the talk though. Very good stuff.

My brain is drawing blanks Right now.

However My week was good.

Monday was fun for P-day we went to the beach however we couldn't find it so we went exploring through trees and stuff. It was a very fun time.

Okay so I can't remember what stuff happened each day but this week was good.

Unfortunately alot of dropped appointments again which was unfortunate but we definately learnt about trusting the Holy Ghost and knowing the Lord guides our steps.

Sometime this week we were out and we were going to an Area and both teams were going into the same area because we had a joint dinner appointment for Mid Summer, and we went to a place and as we were tracting the area, we knocked into a man, and he let us in, however usually he doesn't open the door ever but he had people try to break in several days prior so he answered the door to us and let us in. So it's interesting how things work out, As well as one of the people we were teaching, had decided to stop meeting with us to figure some things out and yesterday she called us and was wondering if we could come by again.

Another mini miracle for me was that I was able to give a lady a blessing, a few days after I had given her mother a blessing, and I was able to strengthen her for his trials. I definately know without a shadow of a doubt that the PRIESTHOOD I hold is God's power.

I was able to know the Lord's will for both of them at that time specifically and help them both prepare themselves for what was coming next. I am so greatful to be worthy to be able to do these kind of things.

As well as today my companion was praying to run into a girl he taught when he was here the first time a year ago because there were some difficulties and as we were on the bus to do service this morning we saw her and found out she is going to be moving into our area as well, that is amazing,

Well I love all of you

I know that this is Christ's church. It has been restored on the earth, I know that this generation is so controlled by Satan and I am here to tear away those chains from the people and invite them to follow Christ and to take upon his yoke, because his yoke is easy and his burden is light.
I know that Joseph smith was a prophet of God and that our family relationships are given to us from God

He loves all of you and those of you who have not yet embraced the embrace of the Savior his arms are always wide open to recieve you in.

And these things I leave with you, to ponder upon and to see if there is anything in your life you would like to change, because with Christ you can do all things.

- Elder James Reece

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