Monday, 28 July 2014

Monday July 28, 2014 - Incredible week! Very cool miracles!

This week was fun, Alot of things happened, For one we had a baptism, we were on Exchanges, Had some really cool experiences. 

As always begin with Studies. So this week for my studies I have been doing Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel and New Testament, which have really been helping me alot to learn many things, and as I study I have been trying to have questions in mind as to what it is that I want to learn about. So I did that and gained some good valuable insights.

As I was studying Preach My Gospel this week I looked at alot of the Lessons and Highlighted some important things in the Preach my Gospel and learnt alot from it. I was studying the Gospel of Christ and the Plan of Salvation and the thing that stood out most to me was that in alot of the sentences it says "can", or "may"  which shows a commitment on our sides for sure to live those ways which I had found interesting, I also Continued some of my study on Figuring out how to become perfect.

There was an article in July Enisgn, Being Perfect in Christ and it taught me alot abot how perfection is time. Perfection comes in time, and I want to be the best I can be, I don't want to have weaknesses, but it taught me that nothing is perfect if you spend your whole life waiting for the perfect of anything you will just be sad, so I strive to become perfect and make progress but I am learning to not get mad or depressed when I realize I am not perfect.

This Week I studied the Christlike Attribute of Obedience. So as always, I began by first defining what obedience is and obedience is willingly doing something that is aligned with the Lord's work. In Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21 It talks about there is a law irrevocably decreed in Heaven before the foundation of this world upon which all blessings are predecated, and when we obtain any blessing from God it is by Obedience to that law by which it is predecated." So that taught me just how important Obedience is because it is the foundation of blessings however it is also the Way we show LOVE to the Lord by being obedient to his commandments. I don't have too much time to share additional insights I will write more next week but this week was amazing

On Monday we had a family home evening lesson on Trust which was very good for all who attended, Trust fall.

Tuesday we had our first district meeting which was a blast and after I was able to go on exchange with Chinese elders, and teach a few Chinese people, we definitely had some success in finding people to talk to and I was able to understand more about how the Lord talks to us, Because two of the people we met I went to it half-hearted at first not thinking anything of it and judged and they ended up being interested and setting up appointments with us which definitely humbled me. It was a great exchange, learnt alot about service and Love from my companion.

On Wednesday Jonathan was able to have his baptismal interview and everything go well we were also able to have good lessons and feel the spirit strongly.

Usual Thursday,

Friday-  Was a great day, we were super hot and I joked and was like "it would be great if we could have ice cream" and this random lady came up to us and offered us Mars bar ice creams. We were over the moon with it and those small things definitely show little miracles unto us, we were also able to get better at teaching. My companion and I and are improving a lot with our teaching unity and abilities and at the moment focusing a lot on less actives.

On SaturdaySaturday was the big day we had Jonathan get baptised funny story though, hot water heater didn't work and they had to have it in cold water, it was a very spiritual baptism and we watched finding faith in christ and the spirit was so strong, we are both so grateful we got to be a apart of that for Jonathan and there was a great turn out there which was awesome.

On Sunday we had a great day. I loved it. Unfortunately I had to leave twice to bring and help carry and bring back home a member but it was great to see that he was able to make it to church after 9 weeks of being ill. He loved it so much and was so grateful and that experience showed me to be grateful for having the opportunity to go to church to do those basic things that we take for granted and be thankful for them. I was so grateful I could be apart of that for him and grateful to see the love and gratitude in his eyes it taught me a lot. 

Well that was my week, I will write my letter home earlier next week, so I can record more 
Love you all

Live Long and Prosper

"Peace Be Still "

- Elder James Reece

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