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July 21, 2014 - Teaching, playing Pictionary, Brazilian night and training for Edinburgh!

So this week was fun. We had alot of things going on which caused for some good times and enjoyed all of it. Some of the highlights of the week were "Brazilian Night" which was loads of fun, the East Scotland Zone Conference which was powerful and the Exchange with he Zone Leaders.

This week in my study it has been interesting, I have been studying in the scriptures, reading some of preach my gospel, but mostly focusing on talks and Ensign articles.

Apparently I didn't record much of what it was I studied, :( but I do remember some of what it was. I studied general conference 2012 October the conference that made me decide to serve the Lord and read through the first few talks.

I read through Elder Cook's talk Can ye feel so now and focused alot on the spirit of the Lord. I learnt alot from it, I was reading about how we have spriritual droughts and as we are in these spiritual droughts we can't feel his influence as much in our lives. So I kind of reflected on it and thought about how we can get out of spiritual drought, and one of those ways is to be able to not stand Idly by, We are to be wise servants and act in diligence, in the things we do.

I also read through sister Dibbs talk as well called I know it I live it and I love it, and it had a strong effect on me and I thought to myself, when are times I am afraid to share the gospel, and realized some days we are afraid to share the gospel, even as missionaries, it is because maybe you want someone to like you, you try to please other people, you don't be the way you should because you want attention. But the thing is at the end of the day the only person you should care and worry about viewing you is the LORD. I know for me I would rather be good in the Lord's eyes instead of others eyes , and as we serve faithfully and are well in his eyes, then people see us as his disciples.

So that is the jist of my studies will talk more in a moment.

So this week has been full of fun,

On Monday we did family home evening at the church and taught a message about the Armour of God and found a little video from seminary on which was a good video, there were alot of none members and also alot of investigators there and members so it was a good turn out, we were able to talk about how to put on that armour and also why the armour is important. We then played pictionary and then as always the girls beat the boys :P Typical :)

On Tuesday, we had a good day we started off the day going to pass by a less actives house but on the way we called  him and had the wrong address and the Lord led us out that way, It was magnificient. As Elder Patterson and I were out there we met alot of nice people and then as we were waiting at Tesco's a man approached us and started chatting with us about marriage and stuff and it was really cool, he was talking about religion and actually interested in talking to us, we knew then that the Lord put us there purposely. We then had an Exchange I was on Exchange with the zone leader with my focus being on recognizing the holy ghost and acting upon his promptings. We then went to Dundee and visited a few people, later  we both went to the city centre and contacted a few people we were supposed to meet a less active later but he didn't show up and because of that we were able to run with a man and teach and testify and set up a return appointment. It was such a cool experience, we also talked to another guy who was an Athiest but he was open to listen and he agreed with alot of the things we had said which was really cool. So we were able to teach them both and have a good time.

On Wednesday it was hectic, so we started off that morning  with studies and throughout studies I studied the ensign, but in companionship study it was nice because we read the section on the Holy Ghost in Preach My gospel and gained valuable insights together, we then had the priviledge to clean up the park from trash. Then we switched back and were able to go see a man who is not able to leave his home and aid him ito being able to leave the house to come to church, we were doing a practice to make sure it was possible and it was a success after being inside for 7 weeks he loved the sun and the fresh air. That was a lovely experience to be apart of and to feel the spirit he brings with him. We then later had to take a train for training in Edinburgh, So we got in and stayed the night at the Morningside Elders flat and had an interesting night :P Missionaries are crazy at sleep overs just so you know. I tried sleeping and couldn't sleep so laid in bed for 2 hours :P It was fun though,

On Thursday we have the Conference and it was a very uplifting expeirence, we recieved very good instruction at it from Elder and Sister Dyches and President and Sister Brown. One of the Messages that was shared was about Diligence and what it is and we also talked about the power and authority of our calling which is very powerful. He told us stories from his mission and was very inspiring. I understand more of the Power we have but we can only use the power as we live Strictly Obedient to all that is asked of us. We recieved a cool way to study, President told us how he studies using a dictionary and thesaurus to understand the words used and to understand what the words mean.

On Friday, we were able to see our investigators and have strong lessons, where the spirit was strong and strengthened me which is so nice, We then had the opportunity to clean the Faunt it was fun to clean because I needed to scrub it so I was in water on my feet which felt really nice and the faunt is all prepared now for Saturday so that is exciting.

On Saturday we were able to have a good lesson with Amiee she is doing awesome and does homework on the things she reads and we were able to help him see that she feels of the spirit and recognizes it which was nice, she glows and the spirit is so strong with her and I can;t even wait to see the great things she does here as she is baptised one day. We then had a brazilian night, and the turn out was phenomaenal it was a fun night, had brazilian food, a treasure hunt, a few silly games and a lot of socializing , we were able to build and strengthen many great relationships we have with the members which was nice.

On Sunday we recieved word that we are doing a group fast which is exciting for missionary work and it will be great I know it will, I also thought I would be talking but luckily didn't but I now have a talk prepared in case :P


I Testify that this is the true church, that Thomas S . Monso is the prophet and that Joseph Smith restored the church, I testify that way we live is ordained of God and as we follow the commandments we are spiritually and physically stronger in every way and our closeness to the spirit increases,

I love you all and say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I want you all to know that you are all always in my prayers and I love you all, Keep persevering and be diligent and if you are commanded to do something or advised to make changes DO IT, you will feel a greater purpose as YOU allow the Lord to refine you into a spiritual man/ women and put off the natural man.

Live long and Prosper and never Falter from the Straight and Narrow Path

- Elder James Reece

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