Thursday, 24 July 2014

July 1, 2014 - Quick but full of love!

So this Week is interesting,

Another week of falling through appointments. This week has been interesting. I recieved my moves call and I am heading To Scotland. Heading to Perth in Dundee zone. My companion is named Elder Patterson, no clue anything about him. All I know is he has been out about a year. More to tell in the future.

So this week has been hectic and don't have much time to write about.

My studies have been fairly good. I have been reading in the Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel and New Testament.

As I study my scriptures I am finding more and more stuff and I am trying to do all that we can. I have learnt alot in studying Mosiah and studying the rule book but nothing jumped out too much or I just can't remember I seem to draw a blank when I e-mail.

But ALWAYS Serve, everything in our lives is given to us as an opportunity to serve.

This week was fun, had cool experiences, and an awkward one.

I will definately write more next week this week's letter I don't have much time for, everything is so busy and crazy with Moves I can't think straight love you though.

- Elder James Reece

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