Thursday, 24 July 2014

July 14, 2014 - James is growing!

Hello Everybody,

So this week has been a good week, the work here in Perth is progressin and starting to pick up, It is absolutely stunning and beautiful and after a week with my new companion, we are both getting used to each other and actually get along quite well so it is quite nice, on a personal and work level, he talks with me, shares stories and is awesome.

I just got a new hair style, I wonder how it looks, I will show pictures at a later date.

So this week was rather busy, we have two solid people we are working with a lot and are progressing quite nicely, so it was nice to see them all.

In my studies this week they have been on making Choices. One thing that I have always struggled with is making choices in the spare of the moment. As I have been studying I have come across a similar theme as I have mentioned in the past about Choosing to be angry. None Shall Offend Them- Elder Bednar, and School thy feelings my Brother- President Monson.  They have both focused on the fact that being angry or getting offended or annoyed is a choice, none can make us become mad or angry, it is a choice, and that is my main focus right now as I work, as many of you know I speak and react quite quickly and sometimes without thinking, and then correct myself afterwards, so I want to be able to slow down my actions and work on them so I can remain calm in group settings. That has been the main part of my studies this week and I have read a few other talks and heard a few.  There was one about Flaxxen Chords, and how Satan ties us up slowly but as the binds are strengthened then we are driven slightly back to hell.

I love all of you and have focused on Patience and being greatful for things, and I am so greatful for all of you that have impacted my life and been there for me. You are amazing and LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE and help others recieve that truth.
You all have the potential to be great and don't let anything stop or hinder that. Don't forget that we are all toiling in this vineyard together and the LORD NEEDS all of us. Not just Me not just You, but we need to ALL be engaged in this cause and only then will we bring souls unto the Kingdom of God.

Now for this week Activities and cool ideas.
So this week started on Monday, Obviously :P And as we shopped and hung out last week that is what we did. There isn't too much to do out here but next week we are going to Scone Palace, Which is the coronation site for the Scottish Kings and we might be going to St. Andrews at one point as well so Alot of fun, there is beautiful scenery here and this week it is raining again but on a nice day I will take loads of photos.  Monday evenings here, we do family home evening and it was loads of fun, we taught about the holy ghost and did an obstacle course to go through with everyone loud and the spirit being small still voice. That was cool

Tuesday, we had Zone meeting, which was very uplifting and spiritual, It was nice to remember our purpose and understand how to try different finding ideas, TALK WITH EVERYONE.

Wednesday We had a good time. I started off with reading the FOURTH MISSIONARY, which I forgot to mention before. It was awesome, ave me a new light, new drive.  Wednesday we had a really good day and we were able to help our investigator prepare to give up smoking and we are so proud of him. He has the will of an ox and is going strong.

So I don't feel like going day by day so this week we found some new people to teach had a few mini miracles, with one of our investigators being able to get to YSA as well as when we were coming back from Newburgh one of the members saw us and ave us a lift home. I got to see a newborn baby of 2 weeks and Lillie was so cute, and meet alot of amazing people

We just launched a Single Adults sunday school so I am excited to see how that goes with the people and their friends coming and that part of the ward growing. Well i don't have any time left I love you all that was my week plus church was great.

Live long and prosper

- Elder James Reece

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