Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Monday April 13, 2015

As stated in previous weeks, The work is going quite Slow right now here in Oban,  Okay so I want to be real with you all, I have been struggling Quite abit recently, In my relationship With my companion, we are very similar in things we do, and it has caused some contentions, We are both working hard to overcome it, and recently the past few days seem like everything is getting better. I am learning alot from these things though and I am having to rely so heavily on the Lord, I definately know that the Lord is in control and when he feels is best he will try us to help us grow. I Have noticed that between Elder Starr and I, We are both very nit picky about stupid small things, and As I was studying this past week in both Book of Mormon but Also, Marriage and Family Relations Manual, I learnt the importance of not sweating the small things and I heard from a talk in that manual about  the man's wife had been reading a magazine and it said the way to a healthy marriage is to sit down with one another and say the things that bug you about one another, so she calls her husband over and begins listing 5 things then the husband said "honestly honey, there is nothing about you that I don't Love" That really helped me realize how important it is to only focus on the things that affect the work and the Relationship. 

This past Sunday, we got to watch the Sunday Afternoon Session of Conference it was incredible, So Clear so defined on the messages being shared. I loved all of conference, I can honestly say that conference once again has helped me alot. It is so great to hear the counsel we are given during conference and to have such a pure vehicle in which the spirit of God is so present.

In my studies as well I am in the war chapters in Alma and I think they are so important for us TODAY, they warn us of the dangers and tactics of Satan and Warn us and teach us how to Protect ourselves fully and be fortified.

Our friend Margaux hasn't been able to meet with us at all the past two weeks due to work, We have had many appointments when we do find people that fall through and been out doing finding alot. Chapping Doors, and street contacting. It's been pretty Crazy.
However we are looking to do lots of service in this area, as it is much different then any other area I have served in and the Mission President has suggested to get involved in the community.

So in this regards this week was great.
On Tuesday I was excited because I was given the opportunity to give some instruction in District Meeting, as you saw last week our district meeting is done over Skype so it was a different experience and For some reason I was super nervous. The instruction was on setting Goals, and why we have them. The meeting itself was really good. 

I really need to keep a little Notebook for what to write about in my e-mail, I have been so dead lately on e-mail day it's like my brain shuts off. 

But this week We found some ways to do service, 1. We were able to acquire some garbage picker upper things and bags so we can clear up the beach and coastal area, So that was fun and with it being shorts weather it was great to be in shorts and Mormon helping hands shirts cleaning it up, We also Began volunteering at this place called Hope. It is a soup kitchen but does so much more. It is so cool, They were so inviting and loving and when we talked to the manager lady she said they are always looking for Ideas on what they can Do to get more interaction. So we were thinking of seeing if we can get a group together and get more garbage things and clean up an Area all together. They also have a drop in Session so we have some fun ideas to help them interact with one another. Nothing beats Karaoke. I hope they have fun. 

As we were out we found several new friends to begin teaching we are waiting to find when they are free to meet but Fingers Crossed.

This e-mail isn't very long as I had to e-mail on Wednesday so not much has happened since that.

We did go on exchange though with Dumbarton on Wednesday which was nice, I learnt alot from Elder Taylor. He is a good missionary. 

Coming up this week is Moves Call, Me and Elder Starr both just got here so It'll be weird if we get a phone call.  I don't think we will, but it happens. 

One of my favourite scriptures is " trust in the Lord with all your might and lean not unto thine own understanding, and in all ways acknowledge him" That is paraphrased, but the message is the same. 

The Lord is in all times in the control of everything, Trust him, and do as the profits say PREPARE YE PREPARE YE. 

The Lord's time is coming, we must all be prepared. I know that it will come and if the prophet and his apostles are telling us to prepare I know that I must prepare. 


 Hearken to the words of the Prophets and believe in their words they are here to help us. I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, I know that the Apostles have all been called of God and I know the Lord would not warn us so vigorously unless we needed it. 

Take heed brethren. 

I love all of you.

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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