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Monday March 30, 2015

This week has been Crazy, Since the Mission was doing Choir Concerts, My companion Elder Starr, was in it and We were not in Oban all week accept for 3 hours other then church. This Week has been full of interesting things. 

So 1. We had Zone Development, It was alot of fun, Both Zones got together and had a battle of the zones, With Glasgow Winning. WOO!!!  It was alot of fun I met some new Friends and as always I got annoyed with the fact we were playing sports and games instead of Teaching and Finding, but I am starting to realize how important Rest and relaxation can be sometimes. It was also weird to see how This is probably one of the last times I see alot of my friends. We had the Easter Choirs this week as well and I got to attend the one in Glasgow, and alot of my friends are in the Choir but most go home in the next 2/3 transfers and they are spread out all throughout the mission so the likelihood of seeing them all again is very Low, It is the weirdest being at this point in my mission for these people were all out when I got here and now they are ALL going home, It is going by way too fast. 

2. There was a baptism in Dumbarton for a girl named Lauren, she is so cool, Her and her husband got married on the Saturday then she got baptised on the Wednesday. We had the priviledge of helping them to move and got to serve them. It was funny, they thanked us for helping them, then I turned and said "No, thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you", and the Husband responded saying " Aren't you a Peter Priesthood", It was quite Funny, especially because that statement Helped me realize how much I have changed. It's miraculous to see.  

Oh for the Baptism as well, The BOILER didn't Work!!!!! So me and the two elders lended up Boiling pots of water on the stove using the kettles and using the hot water in the sink. It was a neat experience. The water lended up being lukewarm, but It wasn't FREEZING, and that's really good. 
The Baptism was a miraculous spiritual experience for all who attended and ever her mother came and felt the spirit strongly. Elder Taylor went up to her and asked Lauren how it feels to be perfect, and she responded saying, It's Emotional, ( without a tear in her Eye) It was an honour to be there. 

Through most of the rest of the Week my companions were sick, But as they were sick I was able to catch up on some much needed rest and Eventhough I was out of the Area we were able to keep contact with our friends, and On Sunday I was in Oban for church and there for 3 hours and Margaux again attended Church, The meeting really spoke to her and we had invited her to take the lessons and learn about God and she accepted. 

The Lesson with her was so powerful, The spirit brought Sensitive information to our knowledge and we were able to answer many of the questions she has had since she was young, We talked about Families and about the purpose of them and they spoke to her Quite strongly I am so greatful for these sacred experiences that The Lord provides to us as well as to those we help to come unto him. 

It was crazy this Morning in my studies I was able to have a spiritual experience and felt the spirit strongly. It was strange, the church has a movie called On the way Home, and since My companions are sick we have it to be able to watch, As I was watching it it is a story of a family who have come to know God, and it shows snips from Before this knowledge and after and It was miraculous how close the gospel brought them, It was so powerful for me. Then I was reading in the Ensign about a famile in West Korea mission, Who the children accepted the teachings very quick and then abit later the parents did, but The person returned to the area several years later and the family's son had died but because of the Knowledge they were taught and the Truths the spirit whispered unto them, they KNEW they would see their son again. It is incredible the Way the Lord puts us in people's lives, and at times causes certain things/ people to come into your life to help you get through the Hard things coming up. 

I know that we will all see our family members who have passed on, the reason I know this is because the Holy Spirit has witnessed these things to my soul, I know that God has a plan, and that That plan can only partially be understood, There is so much to it we can't comprehend yet but we will be able to, and I know that heavenly father LOVES us. 
I love you all, I know our Father in Heaven loves you all as well 

This gospel is the truth it brings families together and gives us an eternal perspective I love you. 
I miss you and I know the LORD takes care of all his children, IF we let him help us, so reach out and ask for his help and he will always help.

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

1.  My last 2 Companions in the Choir

2. There is another Elder Reece coming into the mission :O

3. Standing in front of the Walking clock in Glasgow.

4. A while back there was snow.

5. I thought this was a neat advertisement

6. Scottish Talk 

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