Monday, 27 April 2015

Monday April 27, 2015

The work here in the area is Picking up, The sun was out all week and Many people are coming to truly know us. It's pretty Neat.
Really weird because Monday was officially me being out on my mission for 14 months, It's scary how fast time goes by, From what others in my Group said is we will be going home February 3rd. So it's so scary I will have a week less then I thought. 

Well this week was quite interesting, and As usual was a rollercoaster of a week,
So remember our friend Robin, So we taught him a great lesson On Monday, He told us he read the Book of Mormon he loves it and that after we left he would read more of it, He had many questions and is definately interested and looking for actual answers which was amazing. So the lesson of the Plan of Salvation Went great, everything was all good, then randomly on Wednesday we got a text from him saying, " Your faith worries me , therefore I want nothing to do with your Ministry,I am too much of an individual to accept your beliefs. Sorry but it's true, Please do not contact me again. "
It was quite strange since we were supposed to see him on Thursday however this happened, but On Monday when we were there, He told us how much he admired our faith, The book of Mormon made sense and he loves reading it. We were so confused. But that's the life of a missionary. 

We also saw our friend Sofia, she is amazing, We went with her to the Miles home (the church) and taught about Faith, It was a good lesson as we determined to ourselves our desires. We used a four by four activity for us to show to ourselves what our desires were. She then shared a really cool experience with us that she had, The first time she was learning from the missionaries she was having trouble understanding the scriptures she read a chapter 6 times then prayed to understand and after that she understood the Chapter. It is really cool. 

We also saw Margaux, again this week, she has been so busy with work recently with her labs but now is writing a 20 page report for it, but we saw her Saturday, and taught her the Plan of Salvation, Elder starr and I have realized that our teaching has gotten slacked abit as we haven't taught many lessons yet together, so We will be working on increasing role plays in Companionship study. As we taught her about the Plan of Salvation it went really well as well, we were finally able to give her a book of mormon in French so that was amazing. Sadly she returns to france shortly but, All is well the Lord has a plan for her I know it. 

Throughout this week as well we had a cool P-day, We went all over the place with the senior couple that we have. If we bussed to the place here it would've been hard, but since we drove we could stop at the places along the way. I have lots of photos. The P-day was to go to the Eileen Donan castle which is part of Elder Starr's heritage. So we got to go to his family's castle which was super neat to see. we stopped in Loch Ness, Loch Lochy which was still, saw waterfalls and many other things. Saw Castle Stalker as well. It's incredible. 

On the Thursday I wasn't feeling very well, I have an issue with Waiting at times and when things don't go how I desire them too I sometimes over stress and allow my depression to get to me, So as I was relaxing on Thursday, I began making a summary book of my journal to see the different people I have helped and the things I have actually done on my mission, Sometimes when I get like this I forget the blessings, So I am making a rememberance book so I can always remember the blessings. The Lord has poured out many blessings, upon me, upon all of you and mostly my Family, and I need to always keep that in mind. 

It has been incredible. We met many new people this week as we were tracting we found a few amazing People all will cool experiences of their own, we look forward to going back to see them. Guess what, One of them was RUSSIAN, How cool would it be to teach a russian, he is absolutely amazing, his name is Vladimir, and he is so cool. We will be seeing him on Friday so we lookforward to seeing what happens, We met a nother guy named Christopher who has MS and is interested in having us come over, he said he would love to learn about these things and to know some of the reasons as to why things happen, so We look forward to seeing him as well, We had a friend named Natasha as well that we went by and she told us her and her friend would love to learn she just needs to set it up with her friend. :)

The work is going ladies and gentleman and It's about to Take off. 
We have a focus this transfer to try to bring in a family whether bring a family back into the church or a new family in, The branch is really small and needs priesthood and Excitement and it is so cool, We had the opportunity to fast as a companionship yesterday for this purpose and It is going well. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and all of your comments and words. I love all of you, and I am greatful to have all of you in my life. 
I would not be here without YOU. 

Thank you and have a great week. 

The Lord is in control, Trust in him, Determine his will and all will work out, I bear witness that the Savior lives, he is the means in which all mankind may be saved and may come to know deeper their true potential, it is through the atonement that we may change and we may truly BECOME Marvelous creatures of our God. I know these things to be true. I testify to this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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