Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday April 20, 2015

So as most of you probably know, Moves week was upon us. And we are staying together. Which means that this coming move I will be gone most likely because Edler starr has 2 transfers left and after this one He will have one left. 

There is alot of stuff happening in the mission, The whole Landscape is about to change And the change is beginning Now. There are 4 massive groups that had came out and the first just left, then next transfer Many more will leave will not enough coming in and so forth till the end of August. It is pretty crazy, Also our Mission President switches in July as well, as well as most of the mission Home people as well. So there will be alot of new breath in the mission and some areas being closed down due to not enough missionaries in the coming months, so STAY tuned. 

I had a good week this week, We were out in a place called Kinlochleven to contact a friend there and he was in and we made contact,  he told us we could come back another Time. His name is David. While we were there we met several others throughout the trip there including people all over Great Britain. 

The work is starting to pick up here, the challenge is finding new people which is the challenge all over the world. This area is heavy tourism population at this time of year so it is quite busy and we find many People just noone that we can actually teach because they don't Live here. 

We did get back in contact with a former named Sofia though, she is cool, she is almost 18 and has investigated in the past but she shows a desire to grow closer to her heavenly father so that is a blessing to see. She has had some struggles in her life but Is doing well now so that is exciting, 

We also met a man named Robin this week we chapped his door as we had found him near the beginning of the transfer but we chapped his door and he let us in, It was an interesting lesson because he was flip flopping between his thoughts but He was receptive, So we have no clue what is going on, We have recieved good texts from him thanking us for coming to see him and help him with learning but also recieving texts saying our doctrines are corrupt and tainted and that he hates us so We have no clue What to do,

We are seriously just trusting the Spirit on this one and being very careful, because We aren't sure what could happen, And that is a joy from a mission We don't know the people, but the Lord can heal anyone from anything. 

I am slow at typing recently and I apologize for that but Elder Starr and I have had a good week this week, As a companionship we are growing and strengthening one another and we have recently been able to generate stronger spirit led lessons but also conversations so when something is bothering us we can share about it there. 

My personal study recently I am in Helaman in the book of mormon, and Studying the preparations we need to make to be safe but also seeing the things that cause the destruction, and I have focused largely on the pride of the members individually. It is interesting, because that is what happens. Offense, or attack, or discrimination is shown at someone and it causes a not good reaction, 

In my personal progression I am starting to do a christlike attribute per month, and my first one that I NEED to work on is Patience so stay tuned, because when you pray for patience you get tested and I look forward to see the strength added to my own that I recieve in those instances. 

I love all of you, 

Look to God in all your thoughts, fear not doubt not. :)

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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