Thursday, 5 February 2015

Monday February 2, 2015

This area is booming right now it is so cool, there are so many people we have been meeting who need and show a desire to learn more of this word it is incredible.

I have already learnt so much from my new companion and I am very greatful to have the priviledge to serve with him, He is showing me to be myself but to be the best version of myself for the Lord called me here to serve these people, but he sent me here for Me ( characteristics and Attributes) and all. To be able to interact and relate to these people. 

I have lots to do today so I won't write much but I will tell you things I've learnt this week and a few other things.

This week  I learnt a few things, One was to be more bold in Proclaiming this gospel, and With that I have realized how scared I have been to preach the good word and Declare it, but I have decided to no longer be afraid, THIS IS THE GREATEST MESSAGE anyone could ever hear, I know how much it has blessed my life, so why not be persistent to people and Speak Boldly. 

I also Learned how we must trust the Lord with everything and be humble more in proclaiming the Gospel.
and third that if the Lord calls you to something he will back you up. 

Yesterday, I was asked with my companion to give instruction on how the members can help us in this work, Teach Gospel Principles. We had been together for 4 days and we were able to instruct apparently pretty well, and were able to take care of one another. This was my first time giving that specific kind of instruction and I was scared, but it went well, the Role Play went well and most importantly the SPIRIT was there. 

Well My brain is fried right now so next week I will be better for this week I will continue to share my miracles I witness but I can't think right now

- Elder James Reece

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