Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Monday February 24, 2015 - A rough but spiritual week!

Hey Everyone, 

So this week Was A ROLLERCOASTER :( So it was hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It Was So Hard, but amongst the hardships Lessons were Learned and we recieved Blessings. Recently It has been getting to me as in this Area as soon as the area begins to Build up and get rolling it Hits A wall this is the 4th or 5th Time this has happened. So It was able to get to me Abit. 

This week though Colin the man we were teaching told us he wanted to take a step back from the Gospel. We were devastated but Afterwards he  called us and said Come over, So we were confused why that was and as we were on the phone we expressed we would rather talk in person and at first he wasnt having it then he allowed us to come over and teach him and talk with Him. As we talked, we felt prompted to Read Enos with him and talked about wrestling with God in Mighty prayer and through repentance and In the end he said he believes the reason he needs to Take a step back is to Repent fully with God and then come with a humble heart, so that Was actually pretty cool. 

We also met this amazing lady named Danielle this past week, We were heading to a member's house for Supper and we showed up 15 minutes late as we ran into Danielle, We talked for a while and Invited her to learn she seemed Okay to learn at first, then On Sunday We went by to visit her and we were talking outside and she Began to get more and more Excited the More we talked. As we talked she asked how Do I get a book of Mormon, and my companion said well, " You stick out your right Hand" and she was like okay, And she was so excited she said she would read tons for our next visit with her, She is so excited she Also expressed to us how she had never been exciting for this kind of thing in the past but she is so Excited to learn right now. So that was cool. 

My studies this week were interesting the other day I was looking at Alma 37: 6-7 And they talked all about the Foolish things confounding the Wise, So I thought it was interesting and began to follow the treasure trail all around in the scriptures and Learnt about what the Weak things represented, I realized that the Weak Things are us, Those of us who are unlearned, or who are Despised, or cast out, All of these things constitute the weak but the Weak are most importantly TEACHABLE therefore the Weak( Who  are instructed from God) will be humble and listen to God which will allow them to be able to confound those who are wise in the Lwas of the world

It was a good week and much more to come, I Love all of you :)

Have a great Week, the Lord is preparing Souls to recieve even if EVERYTHING COMES AGAINST YOU THe Worth of Bringing one SOUL unto God is Great in his EYEs. And I have learnt that sometimes the Lord has specific things happen so that as you endure you appreciate the simple things more.

- Elder James Reece

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