Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Monday Nov 16, 2015

This week has been very busy, I am very greatful for the miracles I have seen this week. 
2 of our friends from Mullingar chose to continue to meet with us, which brought me so much joy as I have great love for them. I am very greatful that David has come back as I know he has felt the spirit and it will bring more joy and peace into his life then anything else. I am very greatful for that. We were able to meet him pon exchange as well it was me and Elder Barton and we shared about the Holy Spirit and asked how he felt about it and if he wanted that more in his life, As you may recall David had lost his friend a few months back, which caused him to question but when we saw him he told us that his friend knew what he was getting into and that it wasn't God's fault that his friend was gone. It was a powerful lesson and I even got to see many of my friends from Dublin as we were there for Tuesday night. The work is going swimmingly, we had the chance also to go and see Favour and she told us it is still hard as she is still looking for a home, we felt prompted again to tell her that if she was willing to make sacrifices for the lord he would provide for her and her family. It was incredible. We then offered to give her a blessing and she accepted, and it was a powerful blessing. It was a very good day for us. We also had the chance to see Almost everyone we work with and say goodbye. Man I miss Mullingar, but now I have a new challenge and that is to be in Dumbarton. 
So on the Wednesday was travels, and on the way I talked to a few people, Then we were all on the bus and Sister Pennock and I were able to teach a lady together. We were all sharing about what caused us to come on our missions and this lady named Donna came over and asked if we were Mormons, we could tell she needed comfort and we turned our attention to her, Just a few days previous she had lost her mom, and it was really hard for her. She heard my LOUD voice and felt prompted to come and talk to us, sister Pennock gave her a hug and we both just listened as she expressed her feelings, then sister Pennock bore testimony of the Savior's strength and how he has suffered all that we do and he can comfort us and it was powerful, then we shared Alma 7 with her and showed how in the Book Of Mormon it illustrates that direct principle, as we talked, she apologized many times, and we told her it was alright, then at the end, We said a prayer with her and after the prayer she looked at me and told me " you will be a great leader", I had been worried about how I would do with being a new district Leader and she answered my prayer, we hadn't even talked about being a leader or anything, then I was able to turn to her and say, " thank you for coming over here, and acting on the promptin of the spirit because you allowed us to comfort you and you also helped me know a message from Heavenly Father." She then agreed to meet up so we got her contact details, we also were on a bus, and I got on the bus and sat beside a lady, and I had to use the bathroom, right outside the bathroom, I saw a guy watching something so I asked what it was, he was actually watching a sermon, I thought that was so cool as he was only 18. He was a real inspiration to me. When I was 18 that's when my dedication to the Lord started to begin as well. his name was Johnstone and he was awesome. I wish I lived in Edinburgh so I could meet up and teach him more and learn much from him. 
I then had a meeting for New Leadership Training the following day, and saw many of my good friends amongst the new Leaders. I was so happy. We all had a really cool spiritual experience which I can't quite talk about but It was so neat, the scriptures became alive to us and it strengthened all of us. On the train ride back as well we met some interesting people, One was 17 and she was super open about everything and the other was a new mother. They were really cool, I also met some new friends on the train One was from Manchester, one was studying marketing Internationally. I met a nice lady from Dumbarton as well and it was just awesome. I LOVE everyone that I meet as we are all God's children. I just love it so much. 
Friday we had West Scotland conference and that was another spiritually uplifting meeting and afterwards we were getting on a train and it was packed so I started talking to EVERYONE. It was fun, then it transistioned to a gospel discussion and it was so awesome, the spirit was so strong and me and my companion could see a change in several of the people who were listening, I have always wanted to be able to go out and preach to whole groups of people and I got a chance and the spirit was so strong. I love this Gospel, When you LOVE people you aren't afraid to share this with them because you want them to know the blessings of the gospel in their lives. 

We also in Dumbarton taught a man named David, He and his two girls are learning and they really like it. He lost his wife 4 years ago and his daughters Katie and Courtney are 8 and 10. He has began reading in the Book Of Mormon and believes that this is the church he has been looking for. He also brought both his daughters to church this week and last week and He loved it so much. We taught him the Restoration this week and he helped teach it to his girls and He and his older daughter both said a prayer in the Lesson, it was a true miracle. 

I know that tis church is true, I know the Gospel is the source of freedom in this world and that nothing else can give you the freedom the gospel can bring. I love this work, I love being a missionary, there is nothing greater then meeting EVERYONE, and sharing truth and greater happiness with them. 

I know that these things are true and I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

I love all of you and keep you all in my prayers, thanks for being apart of these great miracles. Thank you

Elder James Tom Kirk Reece    Currently Serving In Mullingar Branch, Dublin Stake, Irelandhttps://www.mormon.org/me/9D93/JamesTomKirkReece
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Favour and her family

The Coles

This is Elder Reece


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