Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Monday Nov 9, 2015

Hey, this week has been amazing. The Lord has poured out blessings upon us. We have been working with Peter and he is doing wonderful, We love him so much. We also Got Jimmy back to teach, so that is absolutely amazing, and we resumed teaching Ray as well. I love these 3 so much and I am greatful to have had the chance to work with them and Love them.  In addition we have been teaching Chris again and he loves the Gospel, it's been incredible. Man The week has been great. And to top it all off we Recieved Moves Call. So it was a crazy one. Now I will describe the things we did. 

So we met with Chris this week and shared with him again the Restoration Dvd, Chris is great as he likes things simple so it helps Elder Peterson and I to be better simplified. It is incredible. He loves the Gospel, he says he wants to be a monk, we can see the Spirit working on him. 

Jimmy is doing great, he had a spillage a while back and fell and injured his ribs, but he is recovering nicely, We talked with him about the blessings of the gospel and he expressed how much his life has changed since he has met us. I love Jimmy so much, and I know the Lord loves him so much as well. He shared how he sees that he has been able to overcome much because of the gospel, and he is now seeing his daughter more frequently as well. He has said he wants to learn about the gospel again and He really does love it. So Awesome. 

We saw Peter today, one of the days we were walking and he walked up behind us and he surprised us so we asked if we could come in and read the Book of Mormon with him, and we did, He loves reading from the Book Of Mormon I love him so much he is so amazing. He asks great questions and he seeks understanding which Helps Elder Peterson and I to know the scriptures better so we can expound them to him. We also met with him on Saturday and had another lesson and watched the Restoration video and he LOVED it. It was great. He is so prepared. 

We also met up with Ray again this week he had us over, and told us that his parents have given him 6 months to decide whether he wants to be apart of this or not. So he is excited because He says he Knows the Church is True, He also has had experiences which teach him the church is true, but he struggles with Word of Wisdom and Law Of Chastity so we will be working with him for that to turn to the LORD for strength. 

We also had met many friends this week, the place we go to get our milkshakes, we chatted with them for abit and they are great. We also went to the Murphy's for dinner this week and had a great visit and to Debbie's as well and had the great craic. 

Oh on Sunday it was crazy, We had a great Sabbath Day, We were talking about Sermon on the Mount and how the principles relate to our relationships and it was amazing, We also talked about the new Area Plan for next year so that is so exciting. Later we had a great class and learnt about Leadership in Priesthood. Such a good lesson, then as we said we went to Debbie's and went out finding. On the way to church it was pouring rain, POURING RAIN . Our trousers were soaked but because I have a great Jacket ( CANADIAN QUALITY) My suit was dry. It was a good day and to top it all off We got MOVES CALL!!!!!

So I had the phone first, and President Donaldson and the Lord have called me to be a District Leader in Dumbarton District( Funny note:  that is the district that OBAN is part of) So I am going back that way and will see some of my OBAN friends on exchanges. And Elder Peterson got called to TRAIN. I am so Proud of him. My son has grown up so much. ( Mission Lingo) so I will now have a grandson(mission lingo again). HE will do amazing. This is anew challenge for Me but I am Excited for the Challenge. :)

The Lord qualifies those he calls. So I trust I will be qualified for this call, I am so nervous but If I wasn't I wouldn't be able to do it. 

I know this church is True, I KNOW that the Book Of Mormon brings solace and peace to the heart of all of God's Children and can help to bring forth a greater understanding and Love for the Lord. It goes hand in hand with the Bible and TOGETHER they are as Ezekial says " the stick of Judah and the stick of Joseph, and they will be one in his hands. EZK 37: 16-17
16 Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stickandwrite upon it, For Judahand for thchildren of Israel hiscompanions: then take another stick, and write upon it,For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions:
 17 And join them one to another into one stick; and theyshall become one in thine hand.
I know that this is True as my knowledge has grown greatly as I have studied both. I know it is the Words of the Lord and I know he continues to speak to us. 

Till the Work is DONE!!!!!!

I love all of you, and am so greatful that the Lord has allowed me to come unto all of you, and meet with you. 

We had a great District Meeting,
Elder James Tom Kirk Reece    Currently Serving In Mullingar Branch, Dublin Stake, Irelandhttps://www.mormon.org/me/9D93/JamesTomKirkReece
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