Tuesday, 13 October 2015

October 12th, 2015

As far as lessons go this week it was pretty slow but we had some neat finding experiences and even met a nice new guy to start teaching.
So Elder Peterson and I had many appointments this week cancel on us, and it was frustrating so He and I went out and found more people to teach. I have realised recently that I try to complicate the gospel somewhat so Elder Uchtdorf's talk from conference really changed my perspective and I share only the Plain Simple Truths when Finding now, where as before I would try to do all I could to get people interested right on the Spot, Be like, This is a message that will make you happier then everything else, and stuff like that, Stay Simple when teaching the gospel. 
I love this work, We found tons of people this week, We had exchanges this week with Sligo and I got to go on exchange with Elder Forward, he is a new missionary, He is good, he is abit shy but he is getting better. We had crazy things happen this week, one of which was. 
We were on exchanges and we came out of our house to go talk to people on the street and I smelt something burning, I look up and there was black smoke, we ran up to the road and this car was on fire and blew up. It was so crazy, I can honestly say I have never seen something like that before. Apparently the people that owned the car were associated with the people who did the same thing to a different car the week before. From what we heard.  While on exchanges we talked to many people but it didn't seem to be anyone stopping. But We persevered, We met some nice people as we chapped some of the doors and had some nice conversations. 
Elder Peterson and Christensen were on fire, They found 10 people on the Tuesday. We have appointments set with all of them. They rocked. 
We also had Zone Interview Training on Wednesday and it was great we learnt so much, and in my interview with President I felt the spirit so strongly that I Balled my eyes out. Elder Peterson also gave a talk on how we are servants of God. It was so nice. 
Then the Sligo elders misplaced the keys and we were all stranded in Dublin all day. It was wild. We eventually got another car and got home. But Elders needed to stay the night with us. 
We also on Thursday, had many lessons and they fell through and we felt we should try by a potential we got a while back and while in his area we called our friend Jerry. He said we could see him, and We met him and taught him. 
Jerry is so cool, he told us of the major demonic influence in Africa where Evil spirits are very concentrated and revealed alot of these things, He asked us about how we tell if it is God or Satan reaching out to influence us and we taught him about the Holy Ghost. It was a crazy awesome lesson. It went long but he could tell we were there for him.

We were able to lay a foundation in Bro. Williams house with him on Friday and we also locked ourselves out of our own house, We showed up at brother Williams house at 7 am knocking his door, he came and broke into our house with no damage done, except a change of lock. So that was neat. Note to self " When leaders tell you to do something, DO IT!!!!!!!! ( We were told 2 weeks ago to have a spare key to one of the members and we didn't listen. Because we each have a key so we thought Hey I always have mine , and he always has his so its fine. But nope. 

I also got to run into Daniela who I worked with and she was baptized shortly after I left Finglas so I saw her on the street and it was great, then Stake Conference on Sunday was great with a MAJOR focus of keeping the SABBATH DAY HOLY. As we keep the sabbath day we will be so much more strengthened by the Lord. It's so important to all of us. I saw alot of friends from Finglas and YSA as well it was incredible. 
That was the Week. :) See you next week

till the work is done. I love all of you and I know this Church is True, The Lord teaches us lessons at all times IF we are willing to listen and watch continually. 

Elder James Tom Kirk Reece    Currently Serving In Mullingar Branch, Dublin Stake, Irelandhttps://www.mormon.org/me/9D93/JamesTomKirkReece
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Oh yeah we also met a Deaf man, He is so cool his name is Michael and he is teaching us some Irish Sign Language, and when I met him I talked with him in British Sign Language as I learnt it in Kirkcaldy ward. We will be seeing him tomorrow, and he will teach us more and we will teach SIMPLY about the Church, it should be fun. Wish us luck. I need the gift of hands :)

 Just after laying the Foundation

 Dinner appointment in Caravan. 

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