Tuesday, 13 October 2015

October 5th, 2015

So this week Was a Major Rollercoaster Ride.
We were able to teach our friend Peter this week and we had our friend Colin with us, it went really well and he also Desired to come to conference. He came to conference with us on Sunday and Loved it. He thought it was so cool. 
I was so greatful to hear conference this week it totally gave me strength at this time of rollercoaster emotions. Many messages were very Great and the Message that came through over all things to share with those in the World is that We Must Stand Strong in our Faith and not allow the World to mould us but to allow the Savior to mold us into the beautiful piece of Art we are to become. I loved also the focus on Righteous Women and the impact they have on those they Nurture and Teach. I am so greatful for the Righteous Women in my life and the impact they have had on me. I love you, and am greatful for that impact that I was able to recieve on my soul in my Spiritual and Temporal growth.  Thank You. 

Oh yeah, We worked in the bog this week with our friend Jimmy, and we were distracted and drove into the ditch Elder Peterson called out stop and we all then realized we were off the ground. The Bog is a swamp that sinks away and is like a bunch of Quick Sand, So at first I anchored myself on the bank of the ditch under the Car to Try to lift it and It budged not and I fell into the Swamp. I learnt a great lesson of the gospel from this. 
1. Never put yourself in danger to try to overcome a challenge. ( Stand ye in holy Places and Be steadfast) We will not reach out to help someone that has become alcoholic by Going into a pub and letting ourselves be tempted by it, but Instead the Light we have will bless them. 
2. When You strive to do things on your own you can cause difficulty for yourself. ( As I was Standing there the bank started to move away and thus I fell into the Swamp. I budged the car not even a millimeter and almost messed up my knee. 
3. When you do things alone your strength is less. ( I didn't think of what to do I jumped in and went for it. I forgot to Ask the Lord for strength before acting ) 
4. When we are united our strength is more then anything( When it was just I, I failed, then Elder Peterson and I both tried and failed, then all three of us tried and failed but it budged abit more. 
5. Turn to the Lord in times of trial. ( the Spirit brought thoughts to the three of us, I thought of putting the car in Neutral, Elder Peterson thought about turning around and planting our feet on a sure foundation, Jimmy thought to look around the car and analyse the situation. Then all together we  tried it. And the car moved slightly, but then we called upon God and recieved Strength. we were able to all push together and rescue us all from danger. 
I learnt too other lessons from this.
1. If you are going and you allow yourself to be distracted, before you know it you could be dangling off a cliff. 
2. NEVER travel close to the Edge, If you stay as far back as you can you will always be safe. 

It's crazy how simple experiences can showcase many great principles, that is why the Lord taught in Parables when teaching others. 

The Work is going abit Slower, and The Adversary is fighting harder, but what that means for us, is WE MUST FIGHT STRONGER, and WE KNOW WE WILL SUCCEED because we have JESUS CHRIST on our side. 

I know that the Lord can give us all strength to overcome all things. The Lord has legions of angels and chariots of Fire to protect us and bear us up to overcome the Evil of the adversary, and THEY THAT BE WITH US, Are more then they with be with them. 

The Lord really is The Light to the World , and I KNOW he Lives, I know that he can make weak things become strong because I am weak and he has strengthened me, I have alot to learn still and lots to do, but he continues to work little by little. I know this Gospel is the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and I Invite all of you to repent and to come unto him. That is his invitation to all of us and as his representative I am to invite all to come unto him as well. 

I know these things to be true, and I bear my Solemn witness in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

I love all of you, and I know God has a plan, TRUST his Plan and Happiness will be brought to you. 

See you soon, 
Till the Work is Done. 

Elder James Tom Kirk Reece    Currently Serving In Mullingar Branch, Dublin Stake, Irelandhttps://www.mormon.org/me/9D93/JamesTomKirkReece
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 Peter in the middle

 Gospel Principles class

 Crazy Swans

 Me at the Beginning of my mission

 Me now

 My son again
 The Planner my son made me

 The back of it

 My son

Favour and her family

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