Monday, 14 September 2015

August 31st, 2015

So again I don't have much time, We are going to visit Birr Castle today and that should be quite exciting, The week was Great. 

First off, We were able to give Azaria, our friend a blessing, so that was a neat experience to see the faith she had in recieving a blessing and in knowing what the blessing said as well, That was neat, I won't share anything about it though as that is personal.  We then later had dinner at their home on thursday and again saw Lee, one of Azaria's friends. We shared the Mormon Message Hope Of God's Light. And it was great. At church they came up to us to tell us that Lee is reading the Book of Mormon so we will be going over to answer any of his Questions

Jimmy is doing grand like, He called us Monday to tell us he has decided to read the whole Book Of Mormon in a Month, and as of Yesterday afternoon he was at page 104, and he is absolutely loving it. The Lord is really working well with him , and he is seeing miracles happen in his life. He also offers the closing prayer in our meetings. 

David is doing great as well, he has began reading the Book Of Mormon and Loves it, It has been neat to see the changes happening within him. He told us he feels he wants to give up Alcohol and drinking and we haven't taught him about Word Of Wisdom yet, and he has also began to be comfortable with us. He said the closing prayer on Wednesday and it was amazing. Oh and Debbie and Azaria came to teach him with us. And it was a great lesson. 

Ray is doing well as well, He has read everything we invite him to read, and offered the closing prayer this week and it was incredibly powerful, such a neat experience. He told us he wants to come to church this coming week with us so that is exciting. 

The week has been great, we have done alot of finding as well and this coming week we have an ALL- Ireland Conference, so that will be nice to have on Wednesday and Exchanges tomorrow. I am excited. 

Oh and one funny moment, Elder Peterson hit me with the car :P 

Till the Work is done Love you

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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