Monday, 14 September 2015

September 14, 2015

This past week has been a good week, We have seen several miracles, Unfortunately I cant share too much of the experiences with you because they are sacred. However the work is pressing on. The week has been abit slower then past weeks but the work is moving forward none the less. 

So updates. 

Jimmy is progressing well this week, we taught him the Law of Tithing and it went very well, we had one of our friends there with us and she shared very good insights about it, and even some of her personal experiences. Jimmy understood it and agreed to follow it, so all is going well, at the moment he is just working on Word Of Wisdom so keep him in your prayers, but he has read up to 420 in the Book Of Mormon within 3 weeks, he expects to be completed it by Saturday this week, he says. So that is absolutely incredible so it is. 

Ray is doing great, He has committed to Live the Word of Wisdom, which is neat as a few weeks back he said he doesn't want to give up these things because he enjoys them, but as he is feeling these things are true, he is being changed by it. It's absolutely incredible. He told us that he has given up all of it all at once, and that from help from the sacrament, he feels a cleansing within him that protects him from those desires. He told us he knows the church is true and that "after 30 years of searching I think I have found the true church." When he told us about the Word of Wisdom he told us that it is hard to give up and withdrawals are difficult but that he has a very strong desire to be baptised as soon as possible. He also came to church this week and our friend also picked him up for us which was awesome. But Ray loved it. 

With David and Michelle we haven't heard from them all week as David's best friend had some things happen to him, which I can't discuss, so we haven't heard from Him this week. But he is in our prayers and I have felt like he is alright from the Spirit. 

Our Friend Lee, is doing very well, he has begun reading in the Book Of Mormon and has read 5 chapters, and he is retaining the things we share so that is incredible. He is doing very well and we will see him this week again. When we saw him last night we shared the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was so strong in the room. Everyone there said so. He felt something but he wasn't sure what it was, so the next time we will focus on recognizing the Holy Ghost and sharing the Holy Ghost principle. 

Damian and Lynn are progressing well, they both told us after the Restoration lesson that they know it's true, Which was both good and bad, becuase they said they don't need to ask God if it's true because they say they know it's true already, based on Joseph's experiences. So that was neat. 

We have had many others that are coming out of the wood work as well it is incredible and we have a few people we are seeingtonight, Both are families so Fingers crossed. That would be so incredible. 

The work is going well, all the members are feeling the spirit of the Lord and it is incredible.

I personally want to thank all of you for all of your contributions to the work and the Love that you have for all of the people and The love you have for me . It means alot to feel your prayers and to know that you are all safe

I want to share with you that I know this church is true. And I want to specifically testify about the Lord's plan this week. I have had experiences in the past week to show me how important it is to submit to his will for us, and I know that TRIALS are given to make us stronger, I know that the Lord has many trials for each of us which are designed to strengthen and empower us, and to Help us to come to him more fully. I know the Lord is with us in all that we do and that he loves us and all his work Is incredible. I know that I don't Like trials but I am very very very grateful for him loving me enough to give them to me as I have become who I am today because of them. I know heavenly Father knows Best and if you always give your will over to him, he will do what is best FOR you. Remember that. 
Mosiah 3:19 We must become as a little child willing to submit to all things which the father seeth fit to inflict upon us, even as a child doth submit to his father. 
That is the greatest thing the saviour did when he was living, he submitted fully to his Father and that's what allowed and enabled him to go through the pain of the Garden of Gethsemne and to die on the Cross. He knew the Father knew best and he was willing to always yield to him, Let us also always be willing to yield to the will of the father and to pray to recieve his guidance for us because as we align our will with his we achieve the true meaning of what prayer is for. 

I know that the things that I have written are true and this is my testimony to ALL. JESUS CHRIST and HEAVENLY FATHER LIVE!!!!!!!!!! They are there just waiting to bless us help us but we must be willing to submit to His will. 
I love all of you and pray that heavenly father will keep you safe and I know this will happen. 
And I say these things in his holy name, that of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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