Monday, 14 September 2015

August 17, 2015

MAn this week has been epic. :) WOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man Mullingar is on fire, the spirit is strong and The Lord is Great. 

This week has been epictacular, Man where do I begin. I have about half an hour so we will see where we get to. 

First off, We had an investigator at CHURCH, WOO!!!!!!! and what adds to our joy is he worked 8pm-8am and then came to church at 11 and stayed for the whole time, he is so dedicated, he is Jimmy who we talked about last week, Man he is so prepared and knows he will get an answer by the 20th of September. We also met twice with him this week, We taught the Restoration on Monday and Gospel of Jesus Christ on Saturday. We invited him for baptism on the 20th of September and he accepted as well. As we met with him we have helped him to recognize the way the Lord speaks to us, Oh what sick story. So we were talking to him and he told us he was reading in the new Testament, this was right before he met for our meeting for Saturday, He was reading in 2 Thessalonians 1: 6-8 and it talked about the laying on of hands and when we met we talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the Laying on of Hands as well. and he was like that was so cool I just opened up to a random scripture in the bible and it happened to coorelate with the Lesson. We were able to have our friend Gene at the Restoration lesson as well and her testimony was one of power and as we were talking to Jimmy she said " there will be many things that try to stop you in following Christ but as you do You won't regret it" and it was so amazing. Jimmy was awesome. 

Second, We met two new people David and Michelle, Man they are so PREPARED, They have been looking without knowing they have and they believe that them meeting the missionaries was intervention from God. They are so willing to act on the message and read and pray to find out if it is true. David is proactive in the setting up of appointments and we told them we wouldn't have the car this week, and they said that is alright we will come to yous. Oh man, The Lord has defiantely blessed us right now, I feel God's love for us so much, and the work is beginning to progress. We met with them last night and they both commited and said " We want to come to church". Man it was so powerful. As we talked we answered their questions and left them to read Alma 32, such an amazing chapter I love it with a passion.
So the neatest thing is that we were supposed to meet David and Michelle on the Monday, however we only had the phone he uses for personal calls and we were told he lived in this place but there wasn't an address, so we went to this area, and We prayed to Heavenly Father and we went around to find them and we saw a man out in his yard and we came and talked to him and he called like 5-6 people to ask them and they didn't know then his wife came out and did the same, we thanked them from their help and then right as we were about to depart, the Wife said, wait a second It has just come to me that there is a rented house just up the road, and they directed us to it, We knocked on the door and it was David's door, but initially noone was home, and later in the evening as we were departing we felt to try it one more time and it was David's house. That was one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed. He had this awesome man Cave that he lived in and he invited us in and told us about himself and set an appointment for the following day, where we met his sister and they are both so prepared. 
Michele and David were found in Dublin by the zone Leaders. But when they speak of the experience they stated " we Never walk around in Dublin" but that day we felt like it and met the missionaries. Michelle is so awesome as well she said she wants to live the straight and narrow path, Man this is so Amazing.  We will see them again this week. and share the plan of Salvation. Oh Ya wicked thing happened too we were talking and Michelle said. I like what I hear here and I feel I will join with it, So We will be working more to help teach them the truths of the RESTORED Gospel.

We also worked at a huge music festival as volunteers up in Sligo this week it was amazing. 

We had a good lesson with Ray this week as well began the Plan Of Salvation with him, and we don't even need to invite him but he recognizes he wants to go to church and even invited his brother to join in in the lesson. He does feel he needs to learn more before he attends church but he loves our visits and he Loves the teachings of the church. He is great, He wants to bring his family up in this and bring them back together. 

Oh yeah at church on Sunday it was the coolest thing I had ever seen as well, The whole congregation was spoken to with such BOLDNESS being told that Satan is resentless and Is fighting to take us down, The days of being a MORMON who sits on the Fence or is going through the Motions is OVER, Today we must choose whom we follow. 
I know for myself I choose the LORD. Just as Joshua and his household did. ONLY through Christ can we be redeemed and transformed, and only through Christ can we be HAPPY. 

I know that this work is HARD, it really is HARD, it tries you in all aspects but if you are not tried you cannot be refined. 
I Know this Is the True Church of Christ and I know that Jesus Christ guides HIS church here on the Earth and we are here to have the opportunity to partake of his goodness, for he could do it all himself but he is gracious enough for us to be able to participate in it all. 

I love you all, Remember that. I keep you in my prayers you are the world to me, Love you

All who recieve this have impacted my life in some way or another, I am so greatful for all of you even those who read this on my blog. 
Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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