Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Monday, June 22nd

Hey Everyone, 

I wanted to first report I am feeling alot better thanks for all the Love I recieve from all of you. I just want to quickly bear my testimony of the Love that Heavenly Father and his son have for us, and just how much I know this to be true. This Gospel is founded on love and just like President Monson says, " Love is the Essence of the Gospel" the savior teaches us " what greater love is this, then a man lay down his life for his friends." That exactly what The savior did for us he LAID down his life for YOU, I know that God Loves us and that this gospel is all about the Love. Charity is a precious gift given to us by the father to be able to taste a portion, Probably not even an hundredth part of his love, but It is so incredible, I want to bear witness that God's love is around us everyday and HE loves and knows each of us. I know this to be true through the power of the Holy Ghost He has manifested these things to me.

Now onto the week, I hit a very Great milestone this week on my mission. I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time on my mission, now time to begin it again, at the moment in my studies I am using the Study manual for the Book of Mormon to understand deeper the things the Lord means and understand greater those things. I also have started to feel to go through Preach My gospel again, but not in Studies, but during Lunch time. I have also Felt that I need to be always doing things, Before I would Sleep during Lunch but that is important time to recieve revelation and develop myself as a missionary. It has sunk in that I only have 8 months left and I intend to get the very most out of all that I do out here. I absolutely love this work and I am so greatful to be granted priviledge to be apart of this work. 

This past week was a great week. Many Miracles have come forth this week. 
So on Tuesday we Taught Esther and her son Steven was there which was amazing, He is so awesome I love them both, we taught about the Plan Of salvation and there were great questions asked about these things. We then asked if we could come back this week they said yes, and wehen we came back the next time Esther had taught partially her other son about the Plan Of Salvation, She is doing missionary work it's incredible. The Younger son and his girlfriend then sat in on the lesson and were intrigued and both accepted books of Mormon. We were able to have many members out to appointments with us this week and it was great, We had a great lesson with our friend Michael as well, we taught the Plan of Salvation and he was very receptive then invited him to be baptized and he accepted. The Lord definately has his hand in this work it is great to be a part of it. I am so priviledged to be one of the 200 missionaries called to labour here in Scotland and Ireland mission. It is absolutely incredible, IT IS CHALLENGING, don't get me wrong but looking back and seeing all that I have learnt and seen I wouldn't change it for the world. I love this work with all of my heart, I want you all to know how much this means to me. 
As we taught Michael the three of us taught and bore witness of this plan and it went very well, we had our friend Colin with us he is a returned missionary and he is a powerhouse. We then went to Athlone to see our friend Larry, Unfortunately he wasn't home but we were able to try by many of our friends and Find their intentions this week. The Lord is in control I bear witness and I feel his spirit so abundantly upon me this week and at the moment. I am so greatful to feel his spirit work through me it really is something you can't describe and is more powerful then anything else in the world. We met our friend Danny, It was an interesting visit to say the Least, but he invited us back to sit down and discuss these things so that is great. 
We also felt to go out FAR to a referral we contacted, we hadn't gotten in contact with him in weeks as he wasn't answering his phone but we felt we should go to him, so we drove 1 hour 15 minutes. And we met with him, he told us he just got back the day before, as he was away, and he invited us in, We taught him the plan of Salvation and it was able to answer a few of his questions which was incredible. He wondered what his purpose was and now he is beginning to find it, his story is so cool. I will keep you updated on everyone. 
We also started teaching the son of one of the Families in our branch the missionary lessons as he is 8 and his parents asked us to, so he is desiring to be baptised which is so exciting. 

The Lord is truly blessing us right now, As YOU WORK HARD you see blessings. The members are great, the area is great and it is a great time to be here. 

Oh yeah, one other thing we going by friends and we were trying by and we went to this area we were planning to go to our friend but as we were sitting in the car we felt we should talk to this man, We decided to talk to him and he had many questions and was open to learn, we taught him the Restoration while he was fixing his car. So cool. 
Man this week has been such a spiritually fulfilling week, church was amazing as always and recently I have been gaining alot from church which is cool to see. 

I want you all to know I KNOW this church is True, Jesus Christ Leads us. I know it and I bear witness that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those who follow him and believe in him.  I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

I love you all my fellow brothers and sisters. Thank you for all you have done for me and you continue to do. I love you more then I can explain. 

I will send home pictures this week

Elder James T Kirk Reece
Scotland/ Ireland Mission

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