Wednesday, 25 March 2015

TUESDAY March 24, 2015

By the Way bonny means Beautiful, Bra means nice. Just FYI 

So this past week in Oban has been miraculous.For our first full week in the area, we were able to set some great finding in and get a lot done, Unfortunately I will only be in my area for 3 hours this coming week other than church but It will be nice. We have a plan of Finding one new Friend and Getting 2 appointments in three Hours it can be done, and I know that it will if All works out. 

This week was grand, we had an appointment with this lady named Ami, She is awesome, she was brought up Catholic, and her Husband was brought up Church of Scotland, her kids aren't too religious but she has one wee boy who is looking to choose a religion for himself. We talked to her about what we share and she invited us back, We then had our meeting with her and talked briefly about our purpose in being there and some of the things we share about, and she was intrigued. She had told us that she looked through the Pamphlet of the Restoration we gave her, she didn't have the time to read it but she looked through it however, her son took the pamphlet up to his bed to read, so that is awesome, she then shared a desire to come to attend church and to get the feel for it. It was incredible. 

Throughout the week we met lots of nice new people, they were incredible. 
So on Tuesday we met a girl named Margaux, She was a little confused at first but as we talked we invited her to church, she didn't commit to coming but said she will try and see if she can make it. Then On Sunday while I was preparing my talk that I gave, we recieved a text from her( By the way we didn't have her phone number) and she asked where she could meet us as she had biked into connel that morning, We were excited by this text and we told her we would meet her in Connel, then as we were going to pick her up we talked to many people on the bus, but Also when we got to church She enjoyed it. I Gave a talk on trusting in the Lord, It was fun and that was most of our meeting, but afterwards we told her she could stay if she wanted to for the meeting or could head out, and she lended up staying for the WHOLE time. It was so cool, We spoke to her later and she really enjoyed it, Oh and by the way I forgot to mention, She is from FRANCE, It was so awesome. I got to speak in french abit with her, which hasn't happened too much throughout my mission but I realized I can still speak it. :) So that was a positive thing to do. 

On Saturday as well We were talking to people along the pier as it was a bra day in Bonnie Oban,  and as we were walking we talked to this girl named Corinna, She had met missionaries briefly in the past as they were at her work , but didn't have much time the first time to talk to them. So she acknowledged us and said, So the mormons are back in town, and we replied yep, so We are guessing you know who we are, Turns out she Goes to HOPE and what it is is a christian outreach program for youth and young adults, where ALL faiths are welcome to it.  She told us that we could come to it sometime and talk to people about our beliefs, we then asked if the man running it would be okay if we came by and she responded by giving us his phone number and saying yep. So I look forward to seeing what comes of that. We then Invited corinna to come to Church as a few weeks back with their youth group they did a Church crawl where they went to many different faiths looking at the different ways they all are done. I told her I would actually be giving a talk on trusting in God and said you are welcome to come, but please don't analyze my talk. She commited to come as well and She will be meeting with us again in the future to learn more. 

This week was full of miracles I cant count them all and Don't have enough time to write them all either, but this much is that the LORD is Hastening his work in OBAn and we get to be apart of the harvest. 

Oh and we are getting bikes next week :) I am excited for that however my calves are going to kill for the first few days but eventually it'll be amazing. 

I am currently in Dumbarton with other missionaries for the week as Elder Starr is in the Easter Choir which are touring all over Scotland, but I will be in my area for 3 hours other then church on Sunday and we have a goal of teaching two lessons and seeing our friends at church, so it will be amazing, I look forward to reporting back to you all about it. 

My studies this past week are getting good, I am in Alma 48 as of this morning, and I am noticing the different tactics that satan uses on us, It is so good to read the war chapters as they Prepare and Protect us from danger. 

Love all of you, 

I know that this work is the work of the Lord, there is nothing I could ever compare to this work. 

Be Safe, Be Careful and watch continually to escape the snares of the adversary. 

I love you

- Elder James Reece

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