Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday March 9, 2015

Just for fun, I don't feel like sharing where I am moving to until the end of this letter.  But To be nice I'll share it now

So I Am moving to OBAN, Scotland and If you go back to my e-mails in April you will see I was in a trio with Elder Starr when I was in Dublin, and now he is my New Companion. I look forward to serving with him.

Since recieving my Moves call my mind has been racing and many things have gone through it, as I have served here in Kirkcaldy for 6 months, I have reflected on it and Have realized how much I am going to miss it here. I love all of the members, all of the Less-actives, all of the investigators that We are teaching and all the ones the other teams are teaching as well, I love this Stake and After 9 months of being apart of the Dundee Stake, I am off to Glasgow Stake. I have seen many miracles in this area and I look forward to keeping in touch on the things in this area, many cool things have occured and Especially with the member involvement it is getting really good, Heavenly Father has a plan for this area and For this past week in Levenmouth, has been my Best week in teaching people and helping them since I was called to open this area 6 months Ago. I have experienced so much and Changed alot it is unbelieveable how much.

This has been the hardest area For me in terms of finding Prepared people, of course we have seen so many miracles and found people Who have gained witnesses from the Spirit and Feel it so strong, but Thus they have turned away to learning, and it is so hard.  As many of you know my focus on my mission is to come to love as the Savior did, and that is so Hard to do, Especially when these things happen because you love the people and it hurts you so much in all ways when they turn away from the Truth and there is nothing you can do.

Another such incident occured this week actually, But Unlike the past ones, I knew the Lord has his purposes and they will always be fulfilled, I know that so when one of the people who was GOLDEN invited us back to learn , she told us she would read the book of mormon and she would pray about it, she was so excited to learn and the gospel was causing an excitement in her life it was amazing, but When we came for our appointment She Said, Well I have looked into "mormonism" and it's not for me, It was devastating for us, and as we were talking with her just to gain an understanding to know what happened her Dad came out and Got involved which stopped us from being able to communicate with her about these things. The father treated us like we were bad people and it made me and my companion feel uneasy, because we know the desires of our hearts were to help her fill the void she was feeling, but We will be returning at another time, as they were busy that day but she said we could try by another time.

However this week has also Been great,
We had the best Week we have had in this area, we were able to teach 11 lessons with people who are looking for more, which was absolutely amazing, and we were able to work with members and build those friendships with our friends who are learning about the Truth from the Lord. We met this one man Named Herald, and it taught me something. Several weeks back I met him on the street and He came off as if he was trying to bash us, but he Invited us to come by, I was hesitant to go and teach him , but as we taught and listened to the spirit we realised that their were things he was looking for that He couldn't find, He is indeed A Christian, but he has had quarrels over doctrine and the knowledge of scriptures so he left his past church, as we have met it was so cool especially yesterday.  We were teaching him the Plan of Salvation, and we taught about how We Lived with God before we lived here on the earth and as we taught about these things he told us he had always believed those things, and no other faith teaches that Doctrine, he also said that when Learning it seems familiar, and we helped explain to him the reason these things feel familiar are because We were taught the Gospel in the Pre-Earth Life and it was amazing. He is looking for truth and it shows how we can never judge people of who will accept the message or not. We have had so many experiences with the spirit and Been able to deepen our testimonies.

I am so greatful for this priviledge I have to serve this mission for the Lord I have no  clue what the results will be I have no clue If I will be harmed at one point of not, but I love
Acts 5:41 It is so great in essence it says, " They rejoiced for being counted worthy to suffer for the name of the Savior" and that is exactly what we do each day but if it weren't for these sufferings I wouldn't know my savior, I know him much better now because Of what I have had to bear I know more of the feelings he felt when he did all he did,

I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and my redeemer, I know his sacrifice was Done out of LOVE, I know that every sight he saw, Hurt him when he was Preaching and teaching his gospel to the World. I know that He weeped over his Brethren many a time, and was drawn out in prayer for their welfare, day after day and I know He Loves Me.

The book of Mormon has helped me to understand these things, My experiences have helped me to Know these things and to feel these things, and The spirit has revealed the truth of these things to me and I say all of these things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I Love all of you, And I pray that Heavenly Father will take you all into his bosom and keep you Protected.

- Elder James Reece

The caves where Picts lived

Macduff Castle

Part of the castle.

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