Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday March 2, 2015

Just for fun I like to switch up the names of the Weekly letter each week :P It also helps me to see things Easier if you all respond to me.

I don't have too much to talk about Right now as I am not feeling the greatest, However This coming Sunday is Moves Calls. I am quite Scared for it as I have been here in Kirkcaldy for 6 months and have been the longest out of all the missionaries in this area. So ...... But we will see.
The Work is going well, As I said last week It is a rollercoaster Ride,
This week has been hard, A lot of fall through appointments and such again. But Yesterday was one of the BEST SUNDAYS I have had on my mission.
The rest of this past week was interesting though,
Last Monday as You saw from me posting emails on the Tuesday is we had Zone Development as a zone and was good, but for myself I don't like Zone Development because I feel like I didn't work as much.
But It was well, Met some new friends, and Learnt More about playing Guitar abit. It is quite Grand Like.

Oh I forgot to tell you all, So interesting thing is in our Ward actually we have a bunch of investigators, ( who the sisters are working with) that are Deaf, so we are all learning British Sign Language which is amazing, My companion and I talk with it alot and really enjoy Learning, And one of the Deaf people named Lilly was baptised this past week, It was such a miraculous outpouring of the Spirit, and anyone there was overwhelmed by the spirit, then Yesterday she Was confirmed and she asked me and my companion to be apart of it as well, As the blessings was being said, then Interpreted the Spirit was so strong, and Right after it we had testimony meeting and The spirit there the whole time was immaculate. It was absolutely amazing. There wasn't even A Pause the whole hour during Testimonies, and many who I have never heard share their testimonies in front of the Ward got up and bore testimony, It was awesome, As we went throughout the rest of the Day we headed to see our pal John, and as we were there we were able to help him feel heavenly fathers love for him which was amazing, and We went to try by a potential named Herald, When I found him he seemed like a basher, So I was quite hesitant in talking to him but We went by and knocked on his door he invited us right in and as we were talking to him and Establishing expectations with us he stated he got fed up with the Baptist church not knowing the Scriptures very well, So He stopped going and when we asked him what he intended to get out of these meetings he said maybe you guys can share things that I do not know yet. It was incredible he said he is completely Open to reading and learning about the Book Of Mormon and The Prophet Joseph Smith. It was so Cool. His house was super decorated with Indian style things as well and Gold Plated Ceilings and walls which was so neat, His career was doing steel work so he did all of it himself. Maybe he will let me take photos and I will show you next week. We then were going to see Investigators of ours but they had to cancel so We went back with a friend of ours to theirs and they dried our coats and gave us soup then We tried by another potential who didn't seem to be interested at all but, In his home he had his Brother and his brother's girlfriend with him and they were interested the Spirit was so strong throughout it, eventhoough the Boys were both stoned, they Felt the spirit and when They were talking the spirit told us what they needed and the questions and statements that we said were EXACTLY what they were thinking, They were abit taken back but, They said that if they could feel the spirit in their Lives It would be absolutely amazing. And I was able to share my personal experiences from my life, on My search and the feelings I had as other faiths, with the absence of the Spirit and could relate alot with the guy. It was incredible.

A few days previous as well we met a lady again named Debbie, She allowed us to come in, and She was talking about how she wouldn't feel comfortablecoming out to things with having done things that others haven't done, I was able to use my experiences again to comfort and help her, As I joined  the church only a few years ago, I was able to share i was afraid as well, but that People won't judge her and she will feel the Love and support she is missing in her life. She reminded me alot like myself when I wasn't a member of the church and it was quite neat to See all these resemblances.

I know the Lord has called me and ordained me to be a missionary and to have the experiences that I have to help his children as recently I have been able to share many things About myself which have helped others, I also know that each of YOU have specific Experiences, Strengths, Talents, and Skills that will attract specific people and will be needed from you specifically to build this kingdom. The Lord loves you and he loves me . I Know it to be true ( Signed in BSL ) :P :)

I Love you all and ask heavenly father to bless you each day in my prayers, I know he will protect all of you.

My Heart be filled with gladness, Even when 1 small thing goes right, and everything else goes Wrong, 1 small miracle makes all the suffering and Pain worth it.
Trials are sent to try us and if we are  BEING GIVEN these Trials, The LORD Knows we CAN handle it, For the lord God giveth no commandment unto the children of men, save he prepare a way for it to be accomplished. He giveth no Trial, or affliction in which we can't bear, So the next time we feel Pained or anguished about trials that are in our lives, I implore all of you to think about how much God must believe and trust in you to KNOW you can HANDLE it.

He Loves You and so Do I.

And I say all of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

- Elder James Reece

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