Monday, 26 January 2015

Monday January 26, 2015

So Moves Week is upon us and after careful consideration..... I have found out I am..................... STAYING :) YAY!!!!!! After 4 and a half months though Me and Elder Parry are seperating, We are both super Excited for our Moves!!!!!!!!! I Am getting Elder Boehme he is from ARIZONA!!!!
Still keeping my streak going 5 companions so far and all five from Different places :)
I am super excited to work with him, I hear he is an AMAZING missionary So I can't wait to see him again

This Week Has been AWESOME, I have grown so so much, So much Difficulty but so much Progression, Our friends have gone through so many things this week and it has been hard our two Investigators have been off the radar which is hard. 
Lewis has decided that he wants to Look at it on his own for a time without any outside intereference to find out if this is what he wants, He is still reading the Book of mormon but doesn't want to meet with us per say at the moment, Also Thomas has gone off the radar this week, have no clue how he is doing or what is going on, Haven't been able to catch him in or get him by calling, which is hard but the Lord has his purposes and his purposes are ALWAYS fulfilled. 
We have alot of potential this week coming and in the Coming weeks. 
This week we met a man named Colin and began teaching him, he is so cool, He Had a rough past but has been recovering from drugs for some time now. When we met with him Thursday, we talked to him about him and listened and he shared with us how He is recovering from Drugs and several years back He went to a rehabilitation place about God and Felt the Spirit really strong and as we were talking we asked him if he would want to feel that spirit again and He expressed that he would and we gave him  the mormon message "Hope Of God's Light" to watch on and He said he would watch it we know it will relate well with him and resignate with him, The Lord has reached out to him in Love at this time and he expressed how he was looking for direction and when we began teaching him he said that he believes the Lord caused us to meet that day. 
It was so Powerful to see that the Lord loves all of his children No matter what.

My studies this week have really focused on trying to meet the needs of those I have been teaching and it has been neat to see the difference in the amount you learn when focusing it trying to help your specific Investigators. 

I can't share most of the stuff that has happened this week because its confidential about people but It has been a great week of GROWTH That is all I can say.

I love all of you And I am here and keep you all in my prayers EVERYDAY. 

I am currently looking through Preach My gospel and Watching the District videos to figure out how to use PMG better and One thing I have been looking for specifically has been PRAYER, and what are the things the Lord asks us to pray for as Missionaries, the List is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

I know That this work is true and that it is always for our Benefit, This week I have come to deeper know that  HEAVENLY FATHER gives us trials to help us to grow, I know that my trials have shaped me and Deepened my desire to change to be better and as well become more patient and more loving. It is absolutely amazing To even try to fathom the Fact that in a month I have been out a year and with that I have been pondering alot on WHAT can I do to Give more of myself to the Lord, How can I be more Effective and Efficient in all that I Do? How can I become a better Instrument for the Lord? How can I share the Love the Lord has for his children if they aren't willing to listen to the Message? How can I serve when People are prideful and won't accept help ? 
If anyone has any ideas to these questions I would love to hear them.

As well I would love to hear all about all of you, How goes your Studies what Have you learned? How can you apply it in your life? Please share these things I love all of you and know the Lord is always here for us. 

Remember PROVERBS 3:5-6 

I love you more than anything, You all mean the world to me and I would give anything for you, I miss you and pray for you everyday. 

Hope all is well, Hope you stay safe and Know that I know 

My favourite Mormon message which helps me-

Also go to my Profile if you want to know Why I am a Mormon

- Elder James Reece 

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