Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Monday January 19, 2015

This week Was another Great Week, I think I am just going to stop saying that so We can all assume that it was a great week anyway :p

My Studies went Well, I continued to be studying the lessons from Preach My gospel to become a better teacher, I am currently studying in Lesson 2 : Plan of Salvation.

We have began working alot more with members as well, And we have discussed and contemplated ways to help strengthen all those we work with in their missionary efforts as we have done so we see the members getting more excited and we are able to see the miracles pour out here. 

Unfortunately I can't seem to type much today, but I will share some experiences I have had.
I am doing my 40 day fast from things that are not edifying or focused on the Lord and I started it again this week but this time, I have fasted more during it to truly show the Lord how dependent I am on him, It seems to be going well and the sacrifices aren't as hard to resist so that is pretty cool to see, I know that to be fully effective as a missionary I must consecrate myself to the Lord, why would anyone not give 100% it doesn't make sense to me why someone wouldn't search for changing throughout their missions. This is the GREATEST opportunity for anyone. if anyone is not sure if they should serve a mission I plead with you to come out, You learn so much about who you are, who the Savior is and you become so interweaven in the gospel it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

We were able to get and get food at this place our investigator and our friends have recommended and the man recognized us as Mormon Missionaries and asked us if we had any pamphlets with us, we said yeah, he then gave us permission to leave some in his Store he was so nice and his food was AMAZING, We also found out that two of our investigators are planning on being married this summer so that is exciting to see, especially as the World goes farther and farther from the Church and God's stance on all of that. One cool Experience that happened for Barry is that he was there and we said a prayer, and after we said Amen he recieved a text from his dad saying that he would be working on getting off the day of their wedding so that was sweet. Oh AND IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We also were able to visit some potentials and they expressed how interested they were in the gospel, so We will be seeing them this coming weeks hopefully.  Also this week we contacted this man 2 months ago we have returned several times to visit and follow up with him and we got him in and he expressed that Mosiah 24 really helped him so much that he gave it to his friend as well and it helped her and now they both want to learn more about the gospel and come unto Christ so that was AMAZING.

When we were teaching Thomas this week we were able to be Bold with him in declaring the truth of the gospel as we watched the Restoration we invited him to be baptized he responded how he had already been baptised then with authority and power we were able to Teach about Authority and boldly testify how the Authority to act in God's name was lost after the death of the Apostles and that The CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS is the only CURCH that has that authority and is Gods kingdom once again on the Earth. The spirit was so strong and It resignated with him. 
We also saw John this Week and when we saw him, we were able to share exactly what he needed which was really cool, I love him so much he is amazing, and As we brought him with us to a lesson he was able to recieve answers to his questions Through SERVING with us which was really neat to see. We met nice people all week and were able to visit many Great people. It was great. 
 We got many Potentials this week but couldn't get exact times so will be doing alot of calling this week. 

I love all of you 
And I just want you all to know  
I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and my redeemer, I know that I am out here serving for some purpose that only God Knows Truly, I know That God is there and that he is my heavenly Father, I know Who I am because of that knowledge and I know That there is greater potential and possibilities for all of us as we are literally his children and as such are of a noble birthright. I know that Jesus Christ Lives and through the Atonement We can ALL be saved in his kingdom and have everlasting happiness, these things I earnestly testify in his sacred name, the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

 Keep Swimming :)

- Elder James Reece

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