Monday, 5 January 2015

Mon Dec 29, 2014 - Christmas

I first wanted to thank everyone for all the gifts I was able to recieve from all of you, Also I recieved one gift from someone that had no name or way of knowing but it was a red Coxxer tie so whoever sent that thank you so much, Also thank you to all those who sent me gifts, I lended up needing everything I recieved so that was amazing. 

So This week was Christmas it was pretty Good, I didn't like the fact that we couldn't go out and teach and proselyte some of the days but It was okay. 

Mission Christmases are pretty cool though, we had a Christmas Truce Caroling commemoration service Christmas Eve and then the other elders slept over at ours and the next day we made Brownies and peppermint bark for members and others around us so That was really cool. I can't remember much from this past week though, the days off fried my brain from remembering

Christmas Eve though was a great day for us, saw many miracles. For one we were told initially we would need to be in the flat from 8am-1pm for the Gas man to come by and switch over our pay as you go meters to normal meters with a bill so we anticipated staying in the whole day, however he showed up at 830 Which was amazing. The installation took 30 minutes all together so we were out of the flat at the usual time. As we went forth we went to leave our flat and we prayed that we could see a miracle today and than went out to work. We travelled about 10 Metres from our driveway and we found a man named Andrew, He was Atheist in the past and is looking at religion right now, He has never believed in God or Jesus Christ but is looking at it from every angle at the Moment so that is exciting, My companion than looked at me and said I didn't expect to have him answer our prayer that fast. 
Then as we were walking to continue our work we ran into a man named Gerald, He was also looking for truth, He was homeless though and as we talked about Christ he expressed a desire in learning, so we recieved his e-mail address and will be keeping in touch with him. Then as we were walking we met another man named Robert who we contacted at a previous time, he said we could come by and share a message with him sometime when he gets his own place again, We then were able to meet with Lewis and have a good lesson on Spirit world and Kingdoms of Glory, We also were able to hear that he was going to have the opportunity to share Tea with his mom that night so that was amazing for us to see that for him. We also were able to go to recieve our flu shots and then go to the church to set up for the Christmas Truce commemoration Service.  It was interesting it was to remember the Football game that took place in World war 1 which was neat.

The elders then Stayed at ours that night, So we had a nice Christmas eve night all four of us.
The next morning we made goodies to bring to people, We were able to bring treats to Brian and Ann and they were so excited for recieving the goodies, they invited us in but couldn't go in had many more deliveries to make. We were able to make many people happy and surprise many who we haven't seen in a while so it was a great experience.

We were well taken care of and we recieved lots from the Ward thank you to all

I will write more next week, As I will have more opportunities this week.
Love you loads


- Elder James Reece

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