Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Monday December 22, 2014

So, This week I have only an hour of e-mailing with it being Christmas and out of that time I have 15 minutes left So I will write as much as I can.

So this week has been I think the best week we have had since being here in LeavenMouth area, so many miracles and so much of the Lord's hand in all the work. I don't have too much time so I won't write about my studies but I will next week as I am focusing on Doing a massive Study on Christs life this week and his teachings, But this week in general has been amazing.

So this week started off on Monday, Monday was great, We went to visit a friend named John and as we went to see him he had two of his friends there and his friends asked what we did, and He was courageous enough to tell his friends that we were Mormons and so was he, and he invited them to Learn the lessons and meet with us and they accepted, On the first Visit they asked about Opposition and why it is necessary, so we shared 2Nephi2 with them, and it was able to encourage that discovery. So we taught them again later in the week, about the Book of Mormon and why we have it and the lesson was recieved very well. It was a strong lesson. We then were able to celebrate  us staying together with the Bakers and It was a fun night, All centered on Christ which was awesome.

Tuesday we were able to Teach Thomas again and the lesson went really , He is starting to understand that God the Father and Jesus Christ are seperate but are one in purpose. There was a strong spirit there. We then taught Lewis, It was an incredible lesson, He was able to share some personal experiences with us that really helped us know about him, and he is at the point in his conversion where he knows the BOM is true and that God is there and Loves him, It is so exciting to see people come to this realization and to see the change that begins to happen as we are able to Allow the Spirit to strengthen them in their lives. He is now preparing for Baptism and it is something he desires, which is so cool seeing how 3 months ago he was a stern Atheist, It just goes to show how the Lord can soften anyone's hearts and has been a light in the darkness, because as we go finding we meet so many Atheists and If it is possible for an Atheist to come to know God it shows so much more hope for all the other Atheists around. 
Lewis was also able to attend church for the first time this week, and had a great time, He wants to come back.
Well Time is up but This week has definately been a very strong spiritual Week. I wish I could write more but Have to go. I will follow up from this week next week.

Love you all

Merry Christmas


Love you, 

Keep always in Remembrance the Savior of the World and the Gift he has given to all of us

Thank you for all who support and love me :) 
Stay Safe

- Elder James Reece

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