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Jan 5, 2015 - New Years

So this week was good. Not alot of things happened numbers wise but it was a good week. We were really able to strengthen the members alot and were able to see many miracles. Nothing attributed to our key indicators though.

This week has been slow and have been doing alot of chapping of Doors which is good, One miracle of the week while knocking a street we had been directed to knock we found a less active member who didn't have his address updated and has been going to other churches and has been wanting to come back but Hasn't known how to, so he let us in and told us he wants to come back to church and not drink or smoke anymore again and learn about the Book of Mormon again and come back, That was super amazing especially because that day was such a rubbish day outside and we were cold. As we continued chapping on that same street on the next day we found a man who let us in, His name was Bill and he used to have a blether with the missionaries many years back and talk about the Book of Mormon. This is the second family where this happened and it's so cool.

The other family that had this happen we felt prompted to knock this little place of 5 houses and they told us to come in a few weeks ago, and it was great but this week the subject of the Book of Mormon came up and they said hey I used to have one of those and I said would you like another and they took one and want to have discussions about it. So that was amazing as well. 

On New Years day once again, we had the priviledge of going to member's houses to drop off cookies, we were well recieved at each house we went to and everyone was home which was neat, we were able to have some nice visits and really strengthen our relationships with the members which TRULY is key in missionary work. ABSOLUTELY #1 KEY thing. 

Oh yeah almost forgot, Tuesday I saw a miracle that I never would have been able to do months ago. But It was cool We were knocking this street and as we were knocking it we met this man and said hi We are sharing a message about the Love of God, and he told us he didn't believe in God, but looked perplexed as he did, and then he shut the door, we continued on to the next door, and I felt as we walked away the reason he didn't believe, but was afraid to go, so we continued several doors down then when the urge became strong I spun around and told my companion, hey we are going back to that man's door, We knocked his door again and apologized for coming back but we felt prompted we needed to come back to talk to him, and he said"I told you, I am not interested, and as he said that I proceeded to ask him, "Have you by any chance lost someone so dear to you which has caused you to not believe, He looked for a moment and said Yes I have lost many, so we began to ask him If he would want to know how he could see them again, As we extended the invitation, you could see in his eyes it is something he longed for, but he chose to not accept the invitation, however as we left three teenagers came up to us and asked us about hockey, and at this time I was filled with the spirit and I turned to them and asked them about if they have ever wondered what the purpose was of being here, Whilst almost tears coming to my eyes I bore testimony on what knowing my purpose has done for me, and one of the three expressed how it was something they would be interested in and the other boys seemed to be confused about it as well, so we left them with the Plan of Salvation and told them we would see them again, since we see them all the time. Walking away we felt the spirit testify to us that we just did what God wanted us to do it was a unique and amazing feeling, and from that moment, I decreed I won't let my fear of man overcome my love for the Lord and if I felt even a little push to be more persistent with specific people or to talk to specific people whether they are in a group or not I was going to do it. and from then I have been focusing on Praying for experiences to show my courage and exhibit patience in the Lord's plan. 
I want you to know That I know that from knowing God's Plan for YOU, you can ultimately find happiness and peace in your life and the lives of those who you impact. Since discovering my purpose I have never thought of not being worth anything, since finding this I have never questioned if I am meant to be here, I KNOW GOD has a plan for me and I know that he has aplan for all of US if you let him he will shape you into a masterpiece, he has begun that process within me and countless others I have been priviledged to meet and work with.


We had the priviledge Tuesday as well to spend it with two families who have children who have either strayed away from the gospel or who have never chosen that path, which was nice because It is a good contact with the church and a nice way to Show the Love of the Lord. 

The next day was the same, I am so greatful for the examples all the members are to all of their family especially those that have strayed or who have never decided to join with us it is by their examples that one day the Lord will be able to soften the hearts and that together they will be able to be joined together with their families. 

But other then that New Years Eve and New Years were great many strong relationships strengthened and got to spend it with some more awesome families.

Friday was a good day we met a man named Lee, who is excited and wants to return to going to church, we invited him to learn about the Church and come to church he agreed, He hasn't yet came to church but he accepted the invitation and said he would try to get in contact with us. We have been trying to get back in contact with Lewis as well, and haven't been able to in several days we tried by and found him in and set a return appointment, found out he had some difficulties but we helped him with it and even got to meet his mother so that was awesome.

One interesting thing I did on New Year's day is I got to learn how to play 4 chords on a guitar so that was exciting. 
Today on the way here, We met a young lady named Nathalie, and she was talking about how she is super open about learning things and said if people were to come by her house and ask if she wanted to learn she would sit down take out a notebook and write these things so that was neat. We invited her to learn and she was excited for it. She was so happy so that was nice to see. 

Well week of miracles and many more on the Horizon I love all of you and oh wait I have one more thing to share. 

On Sunday I got up and shared my testimony and it was weird I felt the spirit so strong as I was reflecting back on how much I've changed since Joining this Church, the happiness I have seen and blessings that are apparent within it. I cried twice on the pulpit that doesn't usually happen.

Well I love you all
Keep Trusting in the Lord and Think of him as your friend, always

Sincerely, yours truly, love, 

- Elder James Reece

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