Monday, 3 November 2014

Monday Oct 20, 2014

So this week has been Wonderful,
I can't explain it but the Lord has seen fit to bless us immensely this week, no words can explain all that he has done for us. We have been lead to people, our investigators have had problems with Work for sunday and got it changed easily, We had someone at church and he saw people glowing just like I did my first time. He also looked at us and said so when can I get baptised, We went tracting and finding on Saturday and found 8 potentials all to do with change and family. We were tracting and found a man, as we knocked on a house having a party, he was wasted but he came to us and said he wants to change his life he told us to come to his house on Sunday at 6pm and show him how he can change , unfortunately he wasn't there but I am confident we will see him again. The Lord is so full of wonders and miracles and performs them on everyone. 
I don't have much time to talk we are going to a place called Ruby Beach, but it's been a good week

My studies this week focused mainly on OBEDIENCE. I also studied the talk the fourth missionary, and came to realize the main difference between being a third and fourth missionary is Love. If you love the work and love the people you do it because god needs you to and you align your will with the Lords. It is absolutely magnificient. I studied a few talks by Neil A. Maxwell as well on the topics of obedience and doing the right things. 

However I love all of you

I love you <3

Live Long and Prosper
Elder Reece Out 

P.S I will write much more next week I love you all, don't have much time, but I couldn't explain the miracles the Lord has given unto us and the way we have been able to be led and put our full trust in him. It is incomparable

I  KNOW THAT GOD IS THERE, I know that he hears your prayers, I Know his desires are fulfilled as we willingly obey. I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE, I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

- Elder James Reece

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