Monday, 3 November 2014

Monday October 27, 2014

This week has been ups and downs as with everything.

I have started doing something in my studies and have began to try and focus my studies on my investigators more, I noticed I focused alot on myself but I haven't understood it well. But right now my study room is now up and running and I am first trying to memorize quotes, scriptures, Have inspiring words on my walls so I have written alot out and stuck it on my wall. It has really been able to help me and I plan to put sticky notes all over the house. :) Hopefully my companion likes Scriptures :)

So my main part of my studies recently has focused as the rest have on Obedience alot. I am currently trying to do the best I can with all things, I am currently going through this week the white handbook to see the blessings that come from obedience as we read through why these things are given unto us. This study has helped me better understand why we are given each of these rules. I plan this week to go through and look at what we are REQUIRED to do as missionaries and see all that is expected of us.

I have also focused largely on asking Questions. Each day I take Preach My gospel and go through one principle in the lessons and look for all the questions both inspired questions I want to ask those I teach or questions that could arise, and at the moment I am just going through and thinking of them, once I finish through all the principles I will be going through and looking for SCRIPTUREs to answer each question. This has really helped me understand the way to teach and this week I landed in Alma 5 in my studies and just reaffirmed the need and the power that asking questions does and is. It is necessary, to truly teach people we must listen, we must ask for confirmation, check understanding, apply it i their lives and apply it to our own lives, only then will it happen like that. 

I have been also studying in Alma right now in the book of Mormon. And there were some things that stood out to me. 1. The thing that stops growth the most is when we as members of the church become prideful, it is not outside people who break down the church but it is us as we become prideful. 2. We are to labour among our people those who are our coworkers, neighbours and whatever else. 3. If we are not living the principles we profess to Live it will prevent others from partaking of his goodness. 4. You mus too dedicate yourself Wholly to our High God to be able to bear powerful testimony.
5. Be bold and ask questions on accountability. 6. Teach plainly so NOONE can misunderstand you.

These are just a few of the insights ~I gained but thought they were significant at this time.
One last comment from my studies.
In Alma 7, it talks about how God cannot change his paths he cannot differ from good to evil. God's words are eternal and binding, if he says one thing he cannot do something else. All good things come from God, never has he produced anything that was wicked, but he who is the devil acts in wicked ways.

If it is good it is of God. 
I bear witness that your feelings will not lead you astray and if YOU listen to your mind and your heart you will never be decieved, If you have not yet prayed to know if these things are true I invite you to do so, and if you have come to know of the truthfulness of these things and have strayed I urge you to come back and remember those feelings the lord has brought forth on each of you. 

This week has been interesting, It has been a fairly good week, alot of reflection and alot of forward planning has amounted in the space in my head. As I have pondered the ideas on how to become better, I have began to create plans for implementation. 

We have been using our companionship study time more effectively trying to use it wholly for the practice and increasing of knowledge between the two of us.

So on Monday:
We had P-day, we went to a place called Ruby Beach, we were told you could find ruby pieces there all along the beach we searched and found none, however it was a beautiful day and it was in a place called Elie. we than had a dinner appointment but because of busses we had to go to it in P-day clothes which was fun :P showing up in Trousers and a t shirt. It was a good evening, spent family home evening wit this family near by us.

Tuesday was interesting, So we began our day with district Meeting and the zone leaders were there, however the district leader and zone leaders were late so that was funny, It was a good day of instruction and we focused largely on the FAITH to Find. we talked about faith and looked at how to study christlike attributes. It was a good meeting we then went to Methil Library to meet our investigator however he is homeless and was living at one hostel and now lives at another hostel , well we went to the Previous hostel and they told us he had been switched to another hostel, he doesn't have a phone and google doesn't know where this place was. We then headed to another appointment which was good we talked about the Plan of Salvation and how we all lived with God before we came here to get our bodies, it was recieved well, we later went into Kirkcaldy, one of Elder parry's last area member's took us out for tea which was delicious, we then had a scripture study class which went very well, oh yeah we also found out that there was going to be a baptism tomorrow night.

Wednesday, we had several appointments and they ALL fell through all with potential investigators as well, so that was challenging, we went knocking and street contacting and lended up doing alright, We then had been invited for Tea by a member who's family are not members and it went very well, I met some of them previously in Perth. With us going to their home it was hard to make it to the baptism we got there 20 minutes late, but were there and when we got in, we saw both of our 2 investigators there. 
With our homeless friend I prayed the night before and in the morning pleading with heavenly father that He would be there and he was, I started to cry from the blessings of the Lord, and our other one is so great, he is IRISH and he felt the spirit immensely and he is so excited for his baptism on November 19th. He loved it so much. That made my whole day of fall throughs worth every moment of it.

Thursday, we taught a potential and his friend lended up being there as well so we taught him too, they were very big ito science proof so it was good, they didn't allow us to talk too much but we bore testimony and invited which was good,
We then had bishop come to see our investigator from Ireland, and Our investigator expressed his desires to be baptised which was so neat. Great day then we met with our homeless friend again and i this hostel he was able to have us in this time. It was a nice place. With him he needs to know that we can be forgive of all, I know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ all of our sis and all of our guilt and mistakes can be blotted out. and the Lord will remember them no more, I love that promise.

Friday was a day of finding, then we had an activity in the evening where the members are teaching everyone how to do a Kaeli ( scottish dancing) it was hilarious.but fun, not too many people showed up though unfortunately but our friend did. 

Saturday was an interesting day for us, We taught our main guy again and he was so prepared and it was great however our homeless guy wasn't at his meeting which was hard because we have no other way to get a hold of him. we then chapped several doors and did alot of finding and went to stop in at a member's house to use their toilet. And talked with them for abit then went back some formers and potentials and no answers and felt abit scary in one area we were in. So we left.

Sunday was great, He came to church for the first time today and was inviting everyone to his baptism, he is so awesome, he loved church and had input in alll 2 classes. We had the primary presentation today and I started to cry and my investigator asked me if I was okay and I was like shh don't say it too loud :P. 
The theme was on families can be together forever and closing hymn was 300 families can be together forever. It talks alot about the family that is ideal for raising children, and I know my immediate family was hard, and it was difficult but the spirit was whispering to me all meeting that I will have the chance to do it all when we have a family of our own. So that was comforting for me. We then had a munch and mingle and I saw one of the teachers that was at the MTC when I was there she happens to be the sister of one of the ladies in my ward, interestingly enough. 
After we had potentials to go by and they weren't there but we chapped and heard a loud argument of two people which was hard to hear but, a few doors after we got let in, his name is so close to my name and he had actually joined the church 14 years previous moved alot and didn't know where to find it, he is currently in the gospel hall, but he let us come in and teach him the restoration, he was so nice and generous to us all, But the festivities of the night didn't end there.    We also went to a baptist church meeting, friends of ours we have met in Buckhaven had invited us so we went. We invite people to come and ask them to come to our church so we need to be willing to learn of others. I was asked how I came to join the Mormon church, and I answered, I grew up going to catholic and went to other churches and always felt something missing, so of course she said did you try baptist, and I said yeah, and she asked what happened, I answered I had the same feeling there as the other ones, (there wasn't the holy Ghost) she then replied you must not have been at the right baptist church. That was interesting then as the night went on two of them began to try to get confrontational with us, to debate doctrines, and with us being at their service we couldn't retaliate it wouldn't have been respectful. There was this one lady who was trying to conflict with my companion, she was asking if we believe we are saved. We said well we hope so, because their doctrine is based on just the belief of Christ which saves u and they don't believe they need to do any works, so we just told them what we know and left it at that. She was trying to contend but that is not of God so we left it, ad even one of their own members could tell she was trying to contend with us we ran into our friend today and she noticed it. So it was interesting.

I know that this church is the only church with the restored keys and thee ordinances necessary for salvation within it. It has been restored through Joseph Smith and is on the Earth Today. The Holy Ghost bears witness to all who are humble seekers of this truth and if any of you haven't gained this truth and would like to read the Book of Mormon and ask God the eternal father in the name of his beloved son Jesus Christ if these things are not true and if you ask with real intent, having faith in Christ he will manifest the truth of it unto you by the Power of the holy Ghost. and you will know this by the fruits of the spirit, Calmness, gentleness, love, compassion and so forth

You will know and you will not be able to deny it just like I know and the Spirit causes me to bear witness of these things because I know they will change YOUR life and change the lives of all who are humble seekers of truth.

The book of Mormon has the fullness of God's teachings and a complete knowledge of Christ being the son of God and redeemer and savior of all,. 

I love all of you and invite you to visit if you have any questions, concerns, or would like a copy of the book of mormon.

I Promise you it will change your life if you let it. <3

Live long and Prosper

I love you and think of you every day and my heart and mind ponder upon your well being and desire you to all be safe.

Elder Reece Out 

Trust in God and he will lift you on the wings of angels.

- Elder James Reece

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