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Monday Nov 24, 2014

Hey Everyone, so as you know from last week's post, this week we had a baptism, It was such a wonderful experience and our friend Gavin was extremely excited, which is nice to see. He is such a stellar example to all of us and he teaches us so much.
I am so greatful to be able to learn from not only our leaders, companions, but also to learn from those we teach and those we meet on a daily basis. I am so greatful for the love of these people I have been priviledged to gain throughout my Mission. 
I also felt like stating guess what, this week marks 9 Months on my mission :) It is so exciting. However this time has just flown by way too fast, I have seen many miracles and have been able to feel sad many times because of those who don't accept the gospel but I know that the Lord has a great work for ALL of us to do, together. I am greatful for that knowledge and greatful for all of the experiences I have they have all brought me closer to me heavely father and showed forth his love for me and showed me his love for all of you and all of them who are yet to join his one TRUE church.
On Thursday, everything went as planned for the Baptism, and there was a great turnout, It was interesting, because on Thursday we didn't have much success, and got some harsh rejections when out talking to people but the Baptism made everything worth while. I know this church is true and I know that you will find more happiness then you have ever before known if you but heed the promptings and teachings of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

My studies this week as District Meeting was focused on the use of Preach My gospel, I used Preach my gospel much more in my studies.
This week I have been studying in Preach my gospel and doing some of the different application things at the end of the chapters. And since that I have really realized how much benefit they give unto us. I have also come to realize better on how to use companionship study to be Effective, I find my studies to be decent but companionship studies usually not the greatest. We will be implementing alot more role plays though which have been doing alot of good, 

I am not writing a whole ton this week because I am so busy but Just wanted to talk about abit of things. So the baptism was great Elder Parry Baptised him and I confirmed him, which was a neat experience. I am so greatful to be worthy to hold the Priesthood and participate and initiate these ordinances. I am greatful that the Lord has allowed me this priviledge to help others and greatful for the chances I have to make a difference.
We met some cool people, Will be following up this week, Oh on Saturday we were chapping and we were invited in to teach about the Book of mormon so that was exciting, We have been getting fed nicely. and have alot of appointments and the work is progressing, It was funny yesterday
We chapped this street, rejection after rejection, then a man talked with us and he was super excited. The Lord is with us he just makes us work for our blessings I am greatful for that to teach us endurance and to have faith in him. 

Well that's all that is being written this week.

Wait I just forgot I had 2 cool experiences yesterday. One of them I looked everywhere for my keys and couldn't find them for 3 days, and during sacrament meeting I prayed to find them and instantly a picture Of the chair at the house that holds my other suit jacket showed me where they were. I went home and behold they were there. Also That morning in companionship study I looked at my companion and said I feel we need to prepare a lesson, I was thinking it was for Gospel Principles, but low and behold we get to church and no priesthood teacher, Therefore because I had a copy of the ensign I got assigned to teach which was really fun, My companion then looked at me ad said I guess it was the other lesson you needed to prepare. 
It was a neat experience.
And shows me how much Heavenly Father cares about all aspects of our lives, whether it be instructing us we are to prepare to be called upon or finding our keys.

I love all of you, 

Live Long and Prosper.

Elder Reece OUT.

Also just before I go I just wanted everyone to know, that if there is ever a time when things aren't going great or I am struggling, I will not lie to you all and tell you things are fine. I am greatful that I can be completely honest about things and I don't want anyone thinking that this is a cake walk it isn't you are tried more then anything, you experience spiritual highs and spiritual lows, but IT IS WORTH IT.

Love you, keep your head up high and I would love to hear from all of you about your lives and about how things are going. 
E-mail me.

Attached will be photos of the baptism and companionship photos.

Love you

- Elder James Reece

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