Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday Nov 17, 2014 - Gavin's baptism, investigator from Kenya and studying Alma

This week in Leavenmouth area has been good. I am not going to talk too much this week though because we are going to see Falkland and I am not feeling the greatest today.

So the big news is that one of Our friends, Gavin is being baptised this Thursday which is exciting, He is Irish and is so awesome. We have come to love this man and see the changes in his life that he has made, It is a joy for both of us to have this baptism and for my companion it's his first Baptism which is for someone he worked with and gets to witness it. He is so greatful for all that the Lord has done in his life in bringing him to this truth which is amazing to witness and he loves everyone so much. He has come a long way and I am overjoyed to see him at this level. His whole family is said to be here so that will be good for him and he sees himself as the one to be the spiritual example for his family in bringing them back to a knowledge of God, so that is wicked.

The rest of the work is going okay, we found what we thought to be solid potentials and when we went back for our return appointments they weren't there, but we will contact them and they will be interested I know they will. One lady was from Kenya, and when we talked about the Book of Mormon she asked why is it that she had not heard of it yet, and was intrigued because of it. She had traveled to the Holy Land, and has explored where Jesus walked but was disappointed because it's modernized now. She is a potential though which is exciting.
We also were walking down the road doing a program and when we walked by a man called out and asked us how work was, we chatted a bit  then we were about to depart and we saw a man beckoning for us to come in.  He turned out to be a less active he was new to the area and wanted to get his life back in order, we are working with a lot of people who have fallen away and they are making a lot of progress in trusting the Lord again which is amazing to see.

My studies this week were good, I studied the doctrines associated with several of the principles of the Lessons so that in Preach my gospel each subject has a blurb after it I am going through the Blurbs and finding the Doctrine and looking for scriptures that refer to those points of the doctrines. I also studied the Ensign, and it was really good there was a talk on Modesty and talked about the blessings of Modesty being 1. Holy Ghost can dwell with you, 2. Stronger ability to resist temptation and to remain chaste 3. Can be instruments in his hands. The Lord wants us to be there to do his work, He doesn't need us but he gives us the priviledge to be apart of it. 

I studied in Alma this week as well, I am currently in 23: and 18-22 are so great as a missionary they teach you how to teach, how to do everything but also show you the importance of working with the Locals. I have learnt alot from it.
We were in caves last week for P-day which was fun. 

I do apologize there aren't many photos of my companion and I but it's hard to get them with it only being us sometimes doing things. 
Next week you will see photos from Gavin's baptism though.

- Elder James Reece

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