Thursday, 13 November 2014

November 10, 2014 - A real 40-day fast, investigators, castle visits and a super strong testimony

So as you can see this week has been great. It has been a trial and has been hard, alot of self reflecting, discipline, and changing but it has been great.
The work here is going forward very strong, and last week was just one of those weeks, and even though the darkness is over alot of people, people are coming to see the Light, and are being brought forth. 
I wanted to talk about one of the people we found this week. He was walking down the street and my companion felt prompted to talk to him we found out he used to be an atheist. 2 months ago, he was going about trying to prove that GOD sis not exist and during this search he found God. This happened two months ago, he had started reading the bible but didn't understand it but he recognized that God sent us to him and even more interesting is he lives in a scatter flat right, and as We were going through our former investigators I found the address he lives at, we had a former from 4 years ago living there, and we had planned to contact them but hadn't had the opportunity to do so, the Lord really does GUIDE my footsteps and lead us to do his work when we are willing to sacrifice everything for him and be Exactly obedient. It was a testimony builder for me for sure that the Lord Prepares people always. The miracles and purposes of God are endless and I have witnessed so many miracles and had so many experiences, NOBODY can convince me he isn't there. I know GOD LIVES I know he is there with every FIBRE of my being, with all my heart  I Know that I have a heavenly father and that he is in control. I love this gospel so much and am so greatful for the priviledges the Lord has seen fit to give unto me in these days.

During my studies this week, I continued to focus on Sacrifice and for the fifth time I read a consecrated missionary- Tad R. Callister, MTC devotional. It is such an amazing talk and I have focused largely on purifying myself, consecrating my performance and becoming sanctified and along with that there is a BYU devotional called " Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" and combined these two talks showed me and my companion ALOT.
Becoming a consecrated missionary is illustrated in D&C4:2 
see that you serve god will ALL of your heart, might, mind and strength, 
That is exactly what is needed to become your full potential we must seek first the kingdom of God then shall everything else fall into place.

I can't really talk to much of what I have learnt but, I have been doing a 40 day fast of all things that could detract from the spirit, and since we both started doing this it has only brought forth miracles, Sacrifice shows the Lord what you are willing to do for the things thou desirest.

I also went through Preach My gospel and took a principle and focused in on it and Found the Doctrines to explain each point straight from the Scriptures.As I have done that it has strengthened I feel my teaching.

This week we had many Spirit led lessons, and they were incredible, the Spirit was very strong and me and my companion have been able to truly see how we are nothing, it is the Lord who speaks to people through us, we just have to act in righteousness and be strictly obedient and Miracles come.

We have had many lessons this week, and had 2 investigators attend church which was big for us and all together this week we were able to achieve 5 investigators at church with three teams. The work in the Kirkcaldy ward are going great the Lord is hastening his work and the field is white already to harvest and if you are willing to thrust in your sickle ye shall reap your rewards :)

On Thursday, which was our P-day we went to Aberdour, and attached will be some photos it was beautiful. throughout the week we had great lessons and those who were struggling are beginning to progress so the work is going strong. I Love you all, 

I love you

Live Long and Prosper,

Elder Reece Out- :)

- Elder James Reece

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