Monday, 13 October 2014

Monday Oct 6, 2014 - Knee injury, studying Alma, zone conference and James says "rubbish" :)

Hello Everybody,

So this week leading up to conference was really good, We have began working with the members and determining the needs and desires of us and the ward, as it pertains to missionary work. It has been an interesting week. So to start off the week, I once again hurt myself. It isn't as bad as it could've been though which is magnificient. I ended up just stressing a ligament in my knee, however as we were all playing Chair Football on Monday for P-day, I felt an excrutiating pain that I had only once before felt and it was several years back when I dislocated my knee. As the pain riveted through my leg, and my knee popped, instantly I grabbed my knee and held it, thus stabilizing it in it's socket to prevent damage. I had to go to A and E and get it checked out but the Doctor said I did what I should've done and prevented more injury. My knee was majorly inflamed Monday and Tuesday so I couldn't do too much, but with a big limp the next few days I went to work. It was difficult but I was not going to let the work not go forth. My knee is now still abit inflamed so it is swollen but I can walk almost as good as normal, however the Doctor told me it would take more then a few days, less then a few months to heal, So I have to lay off of it and can't join in on the activities.
That will be nice though because I am so far behind in my letters and journal writing and will give me a chance to catch up in them but also give me extra time for studies, I have had the desire to read Jesus The Christ but I am a terribly slow reader.

My studies have been focused in The Book of Mormon but also a lot of personal reflection and evaluations.

In the Book of Mormon I have focused largely on Mosiah and in the ending chapters of Mosiah, it showcases so much Faith and knowledge that gives unto us Power and Strength from God in our Afflictions. I have also come to see that we are given these challenges for reasons that benefit us and turn into strengths. As I see the potential that Alma had when he came from a wicked life and his son and the sons of Mosiah are actively persecuting the Church , they have an angel/spiritual experience happen and they all became very powerful servants of the Lord. It is so incredible the principle we are taught to not judge others, and to look at the potential that they all have based on what they come from. It is such an inspiration to me to see the potential of all those that we teach and meet and the potential they have to be great members of the Lord's church and to be able to become great representatives of truth in this life and the one to come in the Past.

Along with studies in the Book of Mormon we had Zone Conference and General Conference studies this week which have showed me things I need to change and how we are all working together. That if one of those we know do something contrary to the calling of a missionary hat we all suffer, so to Look after those around us and strengthen all those and not just worry about ourselves. As we all work together then the Lord promises us blessings and strength over the wicked. But if one of us put our thoughts on the things of the World then all of Israel will perish, so it shows alot about how united we all are.

I unfortunately don't have much time anymore as the Library only allows for just over an hour, So Can't say much more.

We did have exchanges and zone conference this week alongside General Conference and throughout this week I have recommitted myself and made changes to try and become better as I have slacked a bit lately in some areas, and allowed myself to be a bit lazy with my journal, and my diet. But the week went well as I said my leg was sore this week because of my knee so the first few days were slightly rubbish but the work is starting to pick up now.

Love you all, and will try to write more next week,
I do miss all of you, and for those who are in Perth I am sad I didn't get to see you all in Bingham this weekend, but we had a satellite in Kirkcaldy so we didn't come down to Bingham :( But Stake conference is coming shortly and I will see you all there.

I love everyone

Trust in God, and trust in the council he gives unto all of you.

Live Long and Prosper

Elder Reece Out


- Elder James Reece

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