Monday, 29 September 2014

Monday Sept 29, 2014 - Studying, packing for Kirkcaldy, sports and having tea!

Hi Everybody as you all know I moved to Kirkcaldy Ward this week. My companion and I opened up in Leavenmouth this week and it has been several days of chaos, and Stress, But that is expected when Entering an area that none of you know anything about, Buses, opening a new flat, figuring out everything. It has been trying but it has been a learning experience none the least. This Work is Non- existent at the very moment right now but, As we get our barrings in order and Begin with our plan for our area Things are looking up for the Coming Week.

My studies this week, I focused on studying more in the Book Of Mormon, and Learning and application sections in Preach My Gospel, and have been trying to recall alot of my training area and what we did to further the work in Dublin.

I have been studying in Mosiah 16- 22, and have gained some valuable insights, one Of them was just how much we truly to covenant with Baptism and how we are held accountable to it. Also it showed me how much difficulties they went through when being in bondage to the Lamanites and the tactics and strength that had to occur For Limhi and his followers, and how instead of fighting all the time they used their brains and Once they had the lamanites coming against them again, They went forth among them with no weapons and the lamanites were pacified towards them and chose to return back to their land with their king. It also taught me to never judge, As the Lamanite King judged Limhi and his forces and went against them to war because he believed Limhi's people abducted their daughters, he attacked, and many of his forces were slain since the Nephites were protected and knew of the attacks. As we watch and Keep our armour and our defenses strong we will not fall to anything.
I also learned of the bondage and afflictions that had to be over King Limhi's people and because they were in bondage they turned to the Lord and he was slow to hear their prayers because of their iniquities but he did Begin to soften the hearts of the Lamanites to ease their burdens but the Lord did not see fit to deliver them. As we are in iniquity we fall short, but through the mercy of the Lord we can be forgiven and be aided but God is not used as a repairman, As we Maintain that relationship with him we strengthen us and everyone with us, and are closer to his help.

I was also studying Thessalonians 1-5: I learnt that we should be giving thanks continually in our prayers for everything that is given to us whether it be difficult or not.  We are also to strengthen our brethren who have fallen and have strayed or that have less faith then us. When we teach his word we are supposed to teach in a holy manner, we never want to decieve, or command others to do the things we want them to be doing.

In Preach My gospel I studied Chapter 9 and 13:  I learnt about just how important it is to use the members and strengthen them in this work. As we tract it isn't very effective because I know in my own life I wouldn't answer the door to someone knocking on my door, However as we build relationships with them and strengthen one another we become powerful.

My week this week was crazy, 

Monday we cleaned the flat and packed, Then had a family home evening which was really fun. Played some extreme table Tennis and hung out.

On Tuesday said goodbye to lots of people and had alot of appointments. Got to see some of the people I haven't seen in a while and got to say goodbye to alot of the members I have gotten really close with. Had a book of Mormon class and got to say bye to them as well. 

On Wednesday, We had P-day, I was in Dundee and we played Football, Basketball, and did some service there, We then Went out on Splits with Chinatown and came together to meet our companions. I picked up my companion at 8:30 and headed to the Zone Leader Flat. We Spent the night in Dundee and then Thursday we headed to open our new area

Thursday we had alot of things to do with trying to start up the area, Clean the flat, get food, Get all of our things, and get to know the bussing and the area. 
Friday We had coordination meeting and met everyone and did finding and organizing of our ideas and then we had a Ward activity where the members were learning a Scottish Dance called Strip the Willow, I took notes :P 
Saturday was a day of finding, and tried setting up appointments.

Sunday was a good day, We met alot of people, and got invited to a few places for Tea. Which is nice. We then went finding later in the day and Tried by a less active they werent in but 20 minutes later we got called to come for our Tea, which was nice. They were really nice. We also were invited for Dinner and got to know some of the members near us. It was a good Day.

Look forward to a busy week of finding and Relationship building love you all

Elder Reece Out
Live Long and prosper

- Elder James Reece

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