Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday Sept 22, 2014 - Whitewashing in Kirkcaldy! District meeting/lunch, castle visit and investigators

Hiya Everybody, As the title says I am moving to..... Kirkcaldy Ward

I will be quite sad to see Perth going, but it was for the best, The work is going well and I am excited to see what continues at this point in time. So apparently my new Companion according to my recent companion is from Ohio and has been out about 15-16 Months so that is exciting. We will be Whitewashing the area because we are opening it, so that is exciting. The Lord must see something in me that I don't see. 

Well So this week in Studies Read over more talks again,

I read Consecrated Missionary once again my Tad. R. Callister, since lately I've been slipping up a bit so to refocus my mind on obedience. 
There was a part talking about how you must be obedient in ALL that you do, which really hit me. If you want to be obedient, you have to be willing to obey all the rules, and as I was writing that the quote from Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration, came into my head. "Laws are meant to protect us, if you want to be free you need to be willing to live all of them, I'm sorry but you have to pay the fine"

This morning as well I was studying Becoming a Preach My Gospel missionary by David A Bednar- mission presidents seminar And in this talk it spoke alot about How we must listen and allow the spirit to take control. Listening is a crucial part in all we do, and in the talk it says that if we try to show off ourself and our abilities when teaching the gospel, it is as if we are in a form of priestcraft.

I did however get to prepare instruction Which Was Fun, to be able to instruct on Listening and how important it is when Teaching. I was feeling down for some reason early in the week but I am good now.

So this week was a good week, good instruction good studies.

I am going to be better at recording what I study in future posts okay.

So this week was fun
Monday we went into Dundee for Sister McKerry's last P-day, we ended up going to Broughty Ferry Beach and it had a castle as well which was loads of fun, played games on the beach walked in the ocean found a jellyfish, had a blast. Afterwards I wa son exchange with Elder shubin in dundee and we met some kool people, We talked to several people and good all around city centre and met a few chinese people which was Nice. It was a good exchange, 

Tuesday, We went to District Meeting, as I said earlier we all gave instruction to each other on our teaching skill we were assigned by Elder Patterson and me and him did Listening, It was good instruction. After that I was on exchange with Elder Liao, and because we had appointments we had to go fast to Lunch. We had a district Lunch at a place called City Harbour 6. 50 For all you can eat buffet, plus it was sister McKerry's last District meeting so we celebrated. After that Elder Liao and I came back to perth, and  had some good lessons with our investigators, Overall was good , we taught Ashleigh the Plan of Salvation, and she was excited about it and we read the Book of Mormon with Beth, Members. We signed each other's T- Books and chatted. 

Wednesday was our last day at British Heart, Well mine at least. I said goodbye to them all  not knowing I was leaving, we will be stopping in again to say bye today. Afterwards we met up for a teach but it didn't happen, then went out to Newburgh it was fun, we climbed a hill for our lunch break, then went to a less actives, there was no man available so we called bishop and he showed up which was amazing. Then got to have dinner with a cool family. We then had choir Practice and that was funny. Overall good day.

Thursday, we had a good lesson with William which was nice,  then we went out to McDonald's for lunch, Elder Patterson's card wasn't working so because their machine wouldn't accept his card he got free Lunch :P Talk about miracles. It was fun then for once we actually completed Weekly Planning on a Thursday :) Wahoo

Then We had a few more good lessons, and a young man came to teach with us which was fun then we were treated to dinner at a nepalese restaurant, It was delicious.

Friday Was a great day,
We had some Finding in the morning then went to see Eleanor and her friend was there so we shared Abide with me which was nice, got to say goodbye, Then went to see Beth and that was good as well, abit of confusion, but she is understanding
We then got to meet with Sam and have a testimony meeting, unfortunately he had to go back to Glasgow :( But he was awesome. We then got a lift out with friends  to our dinner appointment so we wouldn't have to bus it, and had a fun expeirence with the sat nav taking us the wrong way but it was fun, Then we went and brought Sam with us to see a musical created by People in dundee and it was a church musical called Catch the Vision, it was excellent, one of the members in our branch was in it so it was nice to support them. However we had to stay the night in Dundee with little money, but it was good.

The next day Aimee had a coffee Morning (No Cofffee) For cancer fundraising so we went to support her and alot of people form the church came, we ate cake, chatted, and strengthened relationships. It was a good day  We then had a day of finding, tracting and street contacting which was nice unfortunately no potentials yet but takes time :) 

Then yesterday, we got photos with the members in anticipation to moves calls, and I was the last one to recieve my moves call, which came at like 9:40.

And as you know I am whitewash opening a new area in Kirkcaldy, so that is exciting.

Love you All

Live Long and Prosper 

Elder Reece Out.

- Elder James Reece

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