Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday Sept 15, 2014 - A short but good one, with 4 pictures!!

This week has been incredible, To Start it off We were able to hit 11 joint teaches with a branch of about 30-40 active members so that is absolutely incredible to see the work that can happen.

As usual let's talk about the studies, all of a sudden my brain went blank, so bear with me.

I think I started off studying about prayer and revelation. Yeah I am quite sure that is what happened.
I was using True To the Faith, and looked at prayer and revelation and how to receive these things from the Lord so that was good. I received a lot of things I have received in the past but it is always good to know how to receive revelation and the different forms in which it can come.

Next I was reading the Book of Moses in Pearl of Great Price for zone interview training. We were asked to prepare a 10 minute talk without notes on how the fall created the need for the atonement. As I studied Moses, I found out more about the atonement, more about the fall and was able to understand better the stories of Moses.

I can't remember what else happened. My week though was fun

This week we had 11 joint teaches and had great lessons with all we taught, had a good time met some new people and saw some people we haven't seen much.

My brain is fried I apologize.
Next week will be better.
We are going into Dundee for P-day also so can't write too much

- Elder James Reece

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