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Monday April 7, 2014

As I write to you today, a message from general conference comes to mind. As I write I was told to write home explaining what my studies are and have been on. So because this is the focus I will start off with that. So this past week I have been focused alot on change and changing things about me. You know what I am talking about, my social mishaps that I do. Well I have began to hearken more to the words of my Trainer and ask more for advice, that is hard for me because asking for help takes alot of trust and humility and I am just starting to be okay with asking for help. Alot of interesting thoughts and things came from conference, My favourite talk was Elder Bednar and President Monson. Elder Bednar talked about a truck and how it got stuck in deep snow, and after the guy tried he couldn't get out of the snow so he went to work, and then eventually made it through the snow, and back to safety and it truly made me think. The truck become stuck when the load it was carrying was too light. It didn't allow for him to go anywhere until the load was heavier, and for me especially at the beginning of my mission, as I am in right now I feel like that and have had struggles, but this talk just helped me so much. It tells us that we need heavy loads at times to advance in our journey and it showed me that the things that are most difficult will give us that traction needed to continue on our path and to grow. Sometimes we need a heavier load and as it tries us, and is difficult that load is needed to advance. In my early months of my mission I am getting alot of correction for alot of things, plus learning all the things necessary to teach, to study, and to be. But these heavy loads are going to shape me and mold me to become the missionary and the servant of the Lord I am to become. I also loved President Thomas S. Monson's talk about Love, and it showed me more of how I need to approach all things. One other talk that really helped me was the one of the lady who jumped from the truck and her husband wondered why she did, and made me think of taking into account other's point of views in situations when they arise. And alot of the past few weeks I've been getting upset when I have been corrected or situations arise and I don't think of why they may be telling me these things but focus more on thinking they are breaking me down. But one thing that is said by Joseph Smith was, Sometimes the Lord brings us Low, so he can bring us up.

Well now onto the week, the week was interesting, surprisingly almost every appointment cancelled on us. It was a little disappointing but we stayed positive each time. As we work with the members, the finding is slow but we are gaining the trust and working well to help them. The members here are lovely, I love them all and I love all of you. like I said last week on Monday I went to Glendalough with my ward, it was us and Finglas elders and a member named Stephen who went to Glendalough. It is a provincial park, which is absolutely stunning and luscious green as far as the eye can see. It was so beautiful. We saw old buildings and cemetaries. Today we are seeing an original Book of Mormon at Trinity College. That will be a cool experience. so this week went interestingly. I have been quite busy finding and haven't seen great results but won't give up. We went to meet with a lot of members to help strengthen them through Preach My Gospel. I have been given more opportunities to set up appointments and run the phone which is nice. 

I will try to send some photos home. But General conference this weekend was awesome. We have a few finding ideas, we are planning a street chalking to do in city centre and an easter egg hunt type thing. We are striving to be there for all members. One of the ideas a member gave last week was a neighbourhood walk around, and he began it and what it is is the members are to go to their neighbours and ask if they have any service that we can do. We have one bite so far and will be looking for more service opportunities to help the community. It is working well. 




Elder Starr has been serving for 9 months and has served in Cork and just west from Edinburgh.
He is from Arizona, and he is 19 years of age.

Attached hopefully are pictures from Glendalough.

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