Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday March 31, 2014

Hello from Dublin

This past week was very interesting,

On Monday for P-day, we went to the old part of Dublin and learnt a little bit about the history and culture. There was a cool exhibit called Dublinia. Dublinia showed a history of the vikings as well as Medieval Dublin. We got to learn and try on viking clothing and see where they lived, artifacts of the area, learn more of the history and take lots of pictures. It was nice because a few of the different companionships got to see each other. Me and my friend Elder Boswell, took lots of pictures and  read everything. He is my canadian splits companion. After we went to Dublinia, we went to visit a hungarian potential and when we went to his house we taught 10 Romanians and they kept asking us for money and food and shelter. I was terrified but remembered the importance of teaching the poor. Here in Dublin there are a lot of people from Brazil, Romanian, Hungary, Mexico and Venezuelan. It was nice experience but fairly frightening.

On Tuesday, we had district meeting and spoke about recognizing the holy ghost, and acting on it's promptings, which was really cool because I have been focusing on it lately. We had lots of lessons throughout this day, and were focusing on trying to build relationships more with the members to get them to offer referrals.

On Wednesday I was given the chance to plan for the day to practice planning and planning things. As usual we went up north to about Balbriggan. We got to meet with one less active and I was able to really help him by reading 2 Nephi 4 with him which he seemed to get alot from and gave me experience teaching.

On Friday, one of the members was having a difficult time with things so we went over to his house for dinner and the message Elder McCarthy prepared for him, helped him out so much. He was so greatful, for us being there with him that evening. It is great as well because everybody who invites us for dinner wants me to eat as much as I can, and as everyone knows, I love to eat.

This Saturday we got a new investigator from Brazil, she speaks portuguese and has very strong faith and is willing to come to watch some of conference it is always great to see people willing to try but also one of our investigators was reading online, and found some information about the church, which threw her off and it is really hard because she has limited english. But we will work on it. 

Here there is no YSA ward but twice a year they have a YSA Sunday and they go all out for it. They have dinner and parties , all the time and the YSA all know eachother. They do a very good job eventhough they aren't a ward or branch yet but they had about 60 + people yesterday which was nice. At church I was asked to speak on The work of salvation and then my companion and I taught part of the lesson with our ward mission leader in priesthood. One cool experience we had was in the evening a member called us to ask us how she can become more involved in this work. Last night while heading to our dinner appointment, I was talking to a lady about mothers day and mentioning how my mother was far away and the lady in front had bright pink lipstick on and tried to kiss me and say she'd be my seregate mother for the day. I recoiled so fast and offered a handshake it was hilarious according to my companion.

One thing that I have come to know is the Lord is hastening his work in this day, but one thing also is that the adversary is hastening his work as well and it is our duties as latter day saints to strengthen, empower and build each other up. do not allow for destruction in our words, they should be all righteous and to build all others up even those who aren't of our faith.

We have been called at this time to build the kingdom of God on the earth. 

Today we are going to see Glendalock.

Comasatatu :)

- Elder James Reece

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